TTWeights New Mega Ring vs Copper Ring

Hello, I recently purchased the new TTWeights Mega Ring for my VPI TNT turntable. I would like to share my results. First, last year I purchased the TTWeights Heavy copper ring. It blew away the VPI outer ring hands down. Big improvement in sound across the whole spectrum. A few week ago I was at the TTWeights website and read about their new outer ring that they had come out with. Sounded very interesting with a new design and new alloy/brass base metal. I received it a few days ago. WOW! Let me say this, I do not have golden ears but the sound difference is amazing! This new alloy ring brings out even more detail than the copper ring and the reduction in background is astounding. All I am hearing now is the music. Anyone else?
Could you tell us which TNT platter you are using? I have a TNT type platter on my Aries I, and want to add a ring but the VPI would not work.
I have the VPI Super Platter for TNT tables. I do understand your problem. VPI cuts a step notch in the top of their newer platters for their outer periphery ring. Their outer periphery ring is designed to only work on their platters. That is why the VPI ring will not work with your platter. You have an original design platter that does not have the notch cut into it. Hey, don't worry, the TTWeights outer ring will work with your platter. It is a universal design and will work with almost any platter.

Your Aries I is a very nice turntable. I have always felt that the Aries tables sounded just as good as the TNT models but with a smaller footprint, which is nice. I think the TTWeights new Mega Ring would be a fantastic upgrade for you. I know it made a huge difference in sound on my turntable. I think you will be very happy with it if you decide to go the way.
i have the new mega ring on my vpi classic and it made a big difference as the background was total silence and very musical.By the way very easy to use also .
I do agree, a big reduction in background noise and the ring is very easy to use. The ring is perfectly centered every time you install it. Very well designed product.
All I can say is that it's Too bad they discontinued the copper outer ring.
The newly developed ALLOY ring is as good and some say better. Read this blog posted regarding the 480 Ring.
This is WITHOUT the brass dampening and please note the brass dampened rings easily outperforms any other ring in all blind tests.


Copper has tripled in price as would the price of the copper ring and we are trying to keep the price affordable by making an alternative and superior product.

I do not think I would pay willing to pay $800.00 plus for a copper outer ring
I was wondering why Bsme85 you feel that way? I own both rings, the heavyweight copper ring and the new Mega Ring. The copper ring is a very good ring, but the new Mega Ring just takes the performance to another level. You are right, the new rings are not made of copper, but whatever this new alloy is that TTWeights is using to make their new line of rings is very impressive. It sounds better than copper.

Hey I look at it this way, TTWeights is just improving on their design to make an even better sounding outer ring. Mission accomplished!
I find that heavy rings can "damp" the record too much. Please try an RSR outer ring or something lighter to compare.
Agree with Dgad....the heavier the ring the more damped the sound on most music. I have the copper ring and have compared it to a heavier ring I have from a guy who used to make them down south. (Can't remember his name but he also came out with his own TT but it never took off). I feel with the heavier ring you might hear more but then you loose the air and transparency of the lighter rings but this is my thoughts only and YMMV.
TTweights discontinued copper rings apparentltly due to cost and unavailabilty. They used to enthusiastically purport the virtues of copper over any other metallic alloy,for good reason, IMO.
I have been thinking about buying a ring for use with my classic. I assume I would need to replace my reflex clamp with a weight. With the centering disc, it looks like it would be pretty easy to install. My only concern is the disc coming in contact with the record surface. It would have to be kept clean. And are you adding static?
I would get rid of the center clamp and go with the weight. I am sure you have noticed that when you screw down the center clamp sometimes the outer edge of the record will raise up off the platter, you don't want that.

As for the ring contacting the record surface, the ring is precision made and will only contact the outer edge of the record. No harm will come to the record. Now for keeping the ring clean, it is just common sense care that you would use with all of your stereo equipment. I have used an outer ring for quite a few years and dirt and dust has never been an issue. And finally, no you are not going to add any static. You will probably remove static because the record is better coupled to the platter. Quieter background.
Does the plastic/acrylic disc used to center the ring contact the surface of the record?
It may ever so slightly touch the record but there is nothing to worry about. The mounting disc is super smooth and will not cause any damage to the record.
The TTWeights centering disc is harmless to records and is remarkable in its functionality yet simplicty.
The centering ring never touches the record, it clears inside by .5 mm, the disk locates on the top face of the ring. The disc has a bored clearance to clear the record.
This was designed from the beginning.

It does center the Outer Ring to the centerline of the turntable which is critical for runout and weight distribution and the accuracy is remarkable.
If you have the vpi classic you need to have the copper mat or one of the other products by tt weights , you need to increase the height i believe to use the med and heavy ring . That said they are both great procts and quality to add to a classic or any other vpi.
I use TTWeights 1080g center weight and 600g copper outer ring for my VPI Classic. These two upgrades noticeably improved sound quality. Didn't need to use a mat nor raise tonearm height.
The new rings have more clearance and thus they now fit ALL VPI Platters.
What a wonderful world !
Good to know the new TTweights rings now have more clearance especially for those who use "low riding" cartridges. I've got a few records where the cartrdge body scrapes the TT weights copper outer-ring during the lead-in track of the record.