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Micro seiki dql 120
From this link below, it looks like the platter can be removed. 
Phoenix Engineering Falcon and Eagle
He closed up shop.  You will find a thread about it on AudioAsylum. 
Need advice on what to look for in a turntable - budget $6K to $10K
Transfi Salvation or PTP Audio.  The latter is an idler drive based on a Lenco drive system.  The former comes with a floating tangential tonearm and is a rim-drive. 
Phono stage for DL103
I use a Jasmine phono stage (previously with DL103R and now with the DLS1).  Read some of the reviews found on this site. 
Outer Platter Rings
Sampsa55,  I encourage you to read the many threads on this very subject (periphery rings).  Consider the physics behind the objective of a stylus attempting to trace the grooves of a record, the resonances (energy) created by the stylus as it per... 
worst sounding great lps
The early Chicago albums, especially the live album. 
Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,
Dragon_vibe,  If you are interested is precise sound reproduction vs an aural experience, send me a private email and I can give you access to a recording of my idler-drive via a Tascam DA-3000 recording. 
Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,
Consider a PTP Audio or Transfi Audio Salvation turntable.  The former is a top notch Lenco rebuild by Peter Reinders.  The latter is a British built direct drive turntable that is all new construction.  It has been favorably reviewed on this foru... 
Tascam DA-3000 vs Benchmark ADC1 USB
Hi Jeff,I have a digital file that you can have access to of a Phillips recording of Mozart's 6 string quartets.  It is recorded on a Tascam DA-3000.  Send me a private message and I can give you the link. 
What Cartridge please?
Consider a Denon DL-S1, LOMC.  There are reviews here and on Audio Asylum.  I do not find any need to upgrade and the price was very reasonable. 
JBL L100 Century Crossover?
Dodger4, You mentioned that Parts Express sells a crossover upgrade from Jantzen for the JBL L100.  I do not find it on their site.  Is it a kit or are you just pricing this out by component based on Troels' crossover? 
What the *#[email protected] happened??
Hi Shawn,  Are you judging based on aural experience or based on sound reproduction?  You stated that with the new plinth you "hear more detail in the music, subtle nuances are more prevalent, better instrument separation, especially in complex ar... 
TTWeights closing their doors
There is really no comparable products on the market for center weights, periphery rings, turntable mats.  Yes, you will find other products.  However, they do not compare in design, craftsmanship, materials, universal fit, and value for price.  I... 
pro-ject tube box 2, vincent pho-8, jasmine LP2mk2
Hi Kombiguy,  I have had my modified Jasmine for over 5 years.  I am completely content with it.  I use a Denon SLS1 LOMC.  The Jasmine has a flat response and reproduces the music with great clarity across the whole sound spectrum.I don't know if... 
Help with Turntable/arm/cart decision
Take a look at PTP Audio (idler drive) and Transfi Audio's site (rim drive). I had a Rega P3, VPI TNT, and currently use a Lenco with a PTP top plate from PTP Audio. My current Lenco is vastly superior to the former (I use a VPI 12.5 tone arm and ...