Speakers you regret selling

I was lucky to own Sonus Faber Extrema, Acoustic Energy AE1 Signature, and Dynaudio Confidence 5 in the past. They are rare in used market and can make any owner happy for the rest of his/her life. So I swore to myself I would never sell my Sonus Faber Amati this time though my wife has heard that a million times. What did you regret selling?
Honestly, none.
I miss my Magnaplanar Tympani 1Ds. I would own them in a sec, (the 20.1s actually) if I had the space. Haven't had the space in 25 years. Miss those babies. Hey, I don't pine away, but given your thread, it brought me back. peace, warren
If you find something that you like but doesn't exactly fit the system that you have, why sell it ? Now you've got another reason to build another system that is better suited to getting the best out of those speakers : ) Sean
I like Timo answer! Ditto...I regret giving equipmemt to "friends" and not getting paid what little I was asking! I do perhaps regret trading in an old pr. of Fisher XP-7's for some stupid spks. in the 70's.
i would find it very difficult to part with my Extremas as my best audiophile friend not only purchased the very fine Amatis but kept his Extremas for his home theater set-up and will never regret that decision!
I would have to agree with you, Ive owned the Acoustic Energy 1 and 2s, and regret getting rid of both...actually the 2s got toasted due to a bad amp.

add to the list, Stax F81s ELS....a midrange to die for.
I'd enjoy having my Acoustat Model 2's back again, provided I had a dedicated listening room for them. They had an incredibly small "sweet spot", no deep bass, and were inefficient as hell, but for a solo listener with the right amp, they could be terrific.
Hales Revelation (Concept?) II's -Looked like Batman's speakers, two-way with a great eight-inch carbon-paper woofer and not-to-shabby aluminum tweeter. Cardas wired and, the best part, concrete front baffle! Sold these so I wouldn't have to move them... Oh well...
I know a number of you will "booo" , but in the late 70's I lived in a 2 family house in Boston. I purchased a set of Altec Model 19's in Oak finish. This was during the "days of the horn." For those of you without grey hair or unfamiliar with these ol' boys, they are "Voice of the Theaters" in a fancy cabinet. My poor landlords. We moved out soon. I had alot of fun blowing out candles for our (drunk) friends. Those were the days when "louder was better." They didn't sound too bad either. Ah.. to be young again!
Sometimes I regret selling my Vandy 1c for its softness and musicality but when I return to my listening room with Totem Forest I forget all about it!
Acoustic Energy AE2 Signature. BTW, sold Extrema's to buy them.
I certainly regret selling my Cabasse Atlantis speakers. They were the ugliest things ever created ( 8ft. tall with a huge eyeball protruding from the pyramidal front) but they were amazing transducers. My wife made me choose between them and our marriage, and I chose poorly.
How about old girlfriends? Well not really...
ADS L810's in walnut -perfect with stands- for $200. Would have been great in my rec room now. My first, and worst, internet trade on my upgrade path.
DCM Time Windows
Linn Tukans
allison 4's
regret the recent sale of my 5 Totem Mani-2's and a Theta Dreadnaught amp- made an awesome home theater setup- just needed the $$...
I feel there is always somthing you remember about the first really good set of speakers/audio equip that even when you move on to equip you know is sonicly superior it just doesnt move you the way the first good system did.
Its like the first time you get a girl friend alone you cant repeat that first time feeling .
And its when you keep trying in both arenas that it can get VERY EXPENSIVE !!
I used to have a pair of JBLs w/marble tops, 15" woofer, and an acoustic lens horn that served as tweeter/mid range. Anyone remember the model name of those speakers?
JBL 4311
Wish I still had them for my office system; they rocked!
Harbeth HL1 Mk1's, my orginal first-owner JBL L100a Century, Spendor BC3 - a mid range on par with my Stax headphones, but a soft bass though. Lentek transmission-line monitors - the orginal Bert webb design, Lecson HL1 with horn mid and top. That's about it.
Shahinian Diapasons, sold em in a cash crunch. Bought some Soundlabs (thinking they would be better)when I had money again. Still longed for the Shahinians. Sold the Soundlabs, bought a brand new pair of Shahinian Diapasons and lived happily ever after.
Un-modded mint DQ-10 with factory stands,bought them at
Beale AFB thrift shop for $75.00 sold to a friend of my
brother who blew them all to hell,just very sad,so sad...
1. The 4way transmission lines I built myself.
2. Stax ELS-F81
Reference 3a De capos.
A set of Vortex Screens , A big mistake. Guess you live and sometimes do not learn
I really regret selling my matched suite of Hales Revelation One's, Two's, and Center in the Saple finish. The One's and Center even had Paul Hales autograph on the back (waaay cool!) Oh wait, that was just a bad dream. Whew! I HATE nightmares! JZ ;-)
I still have my original pair of JBL L65 speakers. I had the bass drivers re-coned several years ago. (foam rot got them) Other than that, they still sound great. Even have the original 'owners manual' and spec. sheet. The grill covers are blue. The cabinets are finished in hand rubbed black walnet. Glass tops on both are still intact!
EFE T-22
Original Harbeth P3s, in special edition wood veneer (the guy I bought it from said it was yew, but it looked like deep rosewood to me). Brilliant stuff, esp. with the Quad 34/306 amps I had at the time.

That was 5 years ago. I have since rectified the mistake by getting a pair a couple of months ago, with Xtenders. In cherry veneer, not as pretty as "the ones that got away".
electo voice interface a's
Dunlavy SC V needed transportation at the time
Martin Logan SL3's... dynamics, bass & such was not their forte, however for this price range speaker paired with a good tube amp made magical music! The vocals, harmonics, timbre, etc. defied the price point of the total system!
Boston A-400's, a wall of sound and a small footprint, would love to still have them for system in the basement, office, etc.
I regret selling my Montana SP2 Sigs to my buddy. BUT......I have remedied that situation. I found another pair on the AA classifieds last week and they will be arriving by freight carrier to me today. I was extremely lucky to get the jump on the others who showed great interest in getting them. SP2s rarely come up for sale on the used market, and there is a reason for that.

None. I don't want any of them back. Had Eosone RFS-600s, then Wharfedale Emerald 97s, then Acoustat Model 3s. I like what I have now much better.
Don't regret selling the Maggies, Ozzy? You were using VSA VR2s last, now?
I had only slight remorse about selling the maggies, didn't last long. I have had the VR2s since March, but they ship out today. A very nice speaker which does a lot of things right, but can't match the magic of the Montanas.

My old AR-12's. I actually gave them away rather than move them with me. Great old speakers that taught me to appreciate accurate bass, rather than "thump".
walnut ads L-810-II's with stands- sold them to a friend at work for $300. he painted them black the next day- got quite a bit of paint on the metal grills too. i had a quiet fit by myself when i got home. incredible speakers (separation of instruments) as long as you didn't push them too hard.
later i picked up a pair of ads L-1590's in rosewood- sold those to get b&w 801's. sure the b&w's were great speakers, but @#$%^&*!!! just the same...
rogers studio 7 pair in perfect condition
was talked out of them for $60.00 after finding altec lansing model 15's
Nothing, just regret to buy something not good at all !
Montana KAS's. I traded them in for the WAS's, which I love even more, but I sure wish I could have kept both -- the KAS's in the bedroom would have been sweet overkill. On second thought, I just remembered Sean's comment above and I'm not sure I could afford to build a second system! One is more than enough to keep me busy. Still ... that sure would have been great. Maybe I'll have to find something more compact.
celestion sl-700........what was i thinking ?????
I regret some room/speaker combinations I've lived in more than the speakers themselves, as they were chosen for a specific living environment i.e..Totem Forest's @ my condo, Totem winds/Wilson 6's/Martin Logan Odyssey's at my previous large house. My first pair of high end speakers were the Dunlavy SC-V's which were great for re-creating a large dynamic and realistic soundtstage..they just didn't quite do it for me on symphonic material, otherwise I may have kept them and never moved!
-Snell Type A's (original version)
-Westlake Audio BBSM 10 VNF's
Both great cone/dynamic speakers, Westlake's have'nt been bettered in my system 5 or 6 speakers later and much additional $$$.
Montana SP2 Sigs, Just the sweetest music makers!!
The only ones I had that I regret letting go of -- well now some 27 years on I guess I would no longer have them -- were a set of Dahlquist DQ10s. They were just magnificent. Along with the stands they matched my system at the time wonderfully. I am also most pleased with what I have today though.