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Audience Au24 with high current SS amps....
blown drivers are a result of underpowered amps / clipping "the majority" of the time... maggies are a notoriously inefficent load and require quite a bit of current regardless of listening levels..i would consider looking at your setup... what am... 
How do I warm up my system?
details about setup:-cables-isolation-listening position-room treatmentas a general rule.. consider a dac or a different source... 
Do you know of small speakers that sound ''BIG'' ?
celsstion sl700 with a high cuurent amp (sonus faber extrema will do the same thing) 
Is AES/EBU digital cable/connection all that?
tried it with same cable (longer length though ) in a completely balanced system-pretty much dual differential all through.the aes/bu was better-more body, better imaging, air etc... i really try to keep the same termination consistant through the... 
Any thoughts on Music Reference RM200
Baranyi you are very lucky to have apogees... they are the finest ribbon speakers that i heard of despite their age...i can understand the difference in opinions when it comes to amplifaction on these... alot will depend on the listening levels, s... 
Your listening chair
can the pillars be filled and spikes added ? 
Any thoughts on Music Reference RM200
rm200 is a really good amp but not for those speakers (though i havent tried that combo)...imo, relability, tube amps and 1 ohm load is questionable (of the three pick 2)apogees need a incredible amount of current to do their magic (800 to 1000 wa... 
Your listening chair
gunbei - too cool !!! 
Marantz SA8260
it is a pretty good play for the money that responds well to tweeks (isolation, platform, pc - btw which almost cost as much as the player)...the redbook from this player is really, really good at any pricepoint..there is a reliability issue with ... 
Reference Transports: An overall perspective
the idea of a computer as a transport is intriging however, there are too many variables right now (os, software, hard drive integrity etc....) a minimist approach with a buffered transport or dac is very, very attractive...are there any ram buffe... 
Reference Transports: An overall perspective
thanks for the info...i wasnt aware the universals did this (this sparked my interest, i remember the chord dac64 & the tube technology fusion)...were there any other devices (internal or external) are available beside the genesis lens ? 
Reference Transports: An overall perspective
Lktak, what type of ram devices are there beside a genesis digital lense (or I am misunderstanding the concept)? could be be more specific on what RAM you are referring too (can it be added to transports ?)thanks !! 
Want to replace Vandersteen 1C's with better spk
would suggest alon / nola... more revealing and transparent speaker... check your room first since these are a dipole... 
Dodson Audio - Still in Business?
check with jeffs sound values, some of the guys used to work together at a stereo shop a while back.. 
Looking for warmth
- pair of pse studio v monoblocks or muse mono blocks or quick silver monos (lose the adcoms)-audible illusions L1 preamp-muse model 2 dac or marantz cd player