1 piece of audio gear I really regret selling is..

My Audio Physics Virgo II speakers.
What the heck was I thinking?
I've found that to be the normal reaction from Virgo owners when they sell them. I went to Avanti IIIs which are better but there is a magic to the Virgo II that make it my favorite all time speaker.
I ALMOST sold mine once. So glad I didn't.
Thanks for reminding us.
Hope you find a nice pair in the future.
sota panoramas, impulse dalis, marantz 778b combo in mint condition, allison fours, yada yada...I'm tearing up as i write this.
I sold my Verity Audio Fidelio's, but I purchased another pair about a year later!!

Conrad-Johnson PV11 with phono, could have fit perfectly for my second system that I am gradual, glacially, working on.
Apogee Duetta Signature.
Placette Active Linestage.
Bent Audio TAP
Tandberg TR-2080 receiver.

Philips 312 turntable.
ARC D76 power amp. Sold it in 1980, wish I'd kept it.
"marble" finish pr. of Apogee Divas! When i saw Apogee in the mid -fi stores i thought"better get the price now" by selling...Well i did but have missed them ever since:(
My '93 VFR750. What beautiful music that V4 engine made...
Original Rega Planet...
audio physic virgo. Also audio refinement complete and musical fidelity A308 int.
Nakamichi CA511,Levinson 29,
Quicksilver V-4 amps. They really weren't anything special, but they looked so damned good. ;^)
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Tvad, was that the 3300 or the later 3600? I owned them in the 70s. I lived a few blocks from RogerSoundLab in Van Nuys.
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My Blue Circle CS Integrated
Would have made for a lovely second system
My Cary 300BSE monoblocks.
Marantz SM 1000, now seldom seen. This was Marantz's statement power amp. Since it operated in Class A, it could heat your house.
Bizango1 was right, anybody who loves great sound would understand missing the bike. The C3's, iff'n only they just had another 10 hz on the bottom . . . .
Threshold FET 10/e preamplifier. Never on Audiogon for sale.
excellent sound but needed the $$$ at the time
My Blaupunkt AM/FM radio with a 1972 Porsche 914-6 attatched to it.
Acoustic Energy AE-1 Signature. just because they are so beautiful to look at and so so so rare in used market.
mapman...that phillips was one very fine table...extremely underratedcool looking too.
mapman...that phillips was one very fine table...extremely underrated cool looking too.


Very underrated stylish, and cool looking. The tonearm looked cheap but the sound quality belied that.

I used to sell a ton of them at Tech HiFi. I think they cost under$200 if I remember correctly.

They were a bit more delicate than the japanese turntables that were mostly the rage back then but they were unmatched for the price as I recall.

I used to love operating that compact little baby with the floating suspension, strobed platter, touch sensor controls and the unique cueing mechanism!

Don't make'em like that anymore!
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Yes, I recall that aspect of the 312 as well. I think that's what led me to sell it to a friend who needed a table for $100 as I recall.

I'd still love to have it back now though. My system and table is on ground level on solid concrete foundation and very solid and heavy solid oak table. Nothing can be heard no matter what movement or SPL level. I think the old Philips would like it there!
>> 02-25-09: Audiofeil
>> Apogee Duetta Signature.

good to read this Audiofeil! The Apogees are indeed special speakers. Hope that you will find the money & the inclination to buy one in the future. There are many more places today to get one if you really wanted to.
Advent Large speakers from college in 1978.
Anyone remember Infinity 3000B speakers? My first "real" speaker. I can't even find any lit.on the web.
Oh my Cary 500 MB mono amp, I miss you so much, when shall be we meet again?
KEF RDM 2 speakers, there are many others but I would still be enjoying these in another room had I kept them.
Pair of Kell fpb 250 monos.
Wadia 27ix ... thought the company was going under so I sold it dirt cheap before I took too big of a hit.

Also, Well-Tempered turntable... I don't have anything right now to play the thousands of albums I have.
Original Keith Monks RCM. Thought it was too tweaky at the time. We were moving around then and every time we did, something would go amiss. Wish I could set the Wayback Machine to the early '90s
Proac Studio 250 speakers. Best I ever had on my modest budget. But I got bit by the bug and tried to improve. Big mistake
My Mirage M760's What a dope I was.
I sold them and bought Defenitives BP10's.
two pieces come to mind--first is my b&k avr-202, which had fantastic build quality, sounded great and had the best learning remote i've ever used. i "upgraded" to a more heavily featured denon, which sounds like shit in comparison.
the second is a cambridge d-500se cdp, which was an essentially flawless player i sold on impulse. i've not been able to replicate it at anywhere near the price.
McCormack DNA-1 W/SMc upgrades.

Wonderfully sweet amp. It matched well with anything I threw at it. Found myself with no choice and had to let it go.

My soul to the audio Devil.
Wadn't yoozin it!?!?!?
Proac Tablette 50 Signature