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Kora Audio Company
It seems this company is now gone as the website seemed to be bought out by some clothing company by the same name. 
Why has audio become so specilized over the years?
Sunny. Just sign up for Spotify or MOG. It's free and LEGAL. These are ad supported but you can get rid of the ads with a subscription fee. 
Why has audio become so specilized over the years?
Regarding "music sourcing", one day, even audiophiles will stop buying music and just subscribe to a audio streaming service. 
Pc Based Preamp
A preamp with "Intel Inside" sticker?A preamp with firewire/usb inputs?A preamp with networking capabilities?A preamp with built in cd-rom, lcd and software for rip and play music?All the above? 
Why CD players so expensive when the fomat is dead
First of all, well engineered CDs sound great. Second of all, CD is not dead but is declining in both sales and in daily usage. Personally, I buy my own CDs then rip to FLAC. But, I am pretty sure everyone I know download their music from iTunes o... 
Sakura Systems OTA Cable Kit
Sorry to necro this old thread but am wondering if people are still using/experimenting with the OTAs. Was re-reading some threads and some have noted that the OTA sounds a bit lifeless compared to other higher priced cables. I would perhaps agree... 
John Lennon, 29 years ago today....
I think, he did bring it dearer to our attention, in a post mortum fashion, that we didn't change all that much. 
MBA project - audiophile computer transport
I guess the question for me is do I really want a dedicated computer purely for audio. My answer would be "yes" if the computer, without a doubt, gives me a better audio experience in terms of sound and ergonomics. Without hearing how the computer... 
NHT 3.3 with SA3 Amps????
Is the Proceed a discrete digital audio processor such as Dolby Digital? If so, do use the Proceed's sub output. If not, use the built in cross overs on the amps. 
Kimber Illuminations D-60 vs. Stereovox XV2 cable
They sound similar. XV2 has better mids and less glare than D60 in my experience. 
i want a dull, caramel colored cd player any ideas
mrtennis,Once, using CAL Audio's Delta and Alpha player, I used a Cardas Golden Cross interconnect as digital cable. That combo had one of the most veiled and syrupy sound I've heard yet from digital. 
stereophile class b cdps of the past....late 90s
Well, I had the Meridian 500/563, Parasound CDP2000 and the CAL Alpha/Delta which seems to be in your $ ball park. The Alpha might be a slightly better processor, but the Delta is the worst transport of the trio. The Meridian is mid way. The Paras... 
Why do intelligent people deny audio differences?
Are you sure a spectrun analyzer measures everything from source to brain? Or, maybe the human brain is inferior to a spectrum analyzer. 
Why do intelligent people deny audio differences?
But, zip cord does *sound* rolled off. How can you say that it doesn't *sound* rolled off? This is almost like the Xeno paradox where a person is convinced he cannot reach his destination it goes againstsome midpoint theorem. And, your other premi... 
Why do intelligent people deny audio differences?
The way I see it is you disagree natural occurences can be explained without the classical/scientific/mathematical axioms because people claim they can hear the differences between cables when they are actually listening to the same cable. So, you...