Speaker Thoughts - YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 vs Magico S5 MK II

I own Magico S5 MK II Speakers and love them but curious what the YG folks think? I have never heard the YG Speakers and am curious what folks think. I have heard good things about YG. A little better dynamics and bass but would love some others feedback. 




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I prefer YG as they sound more alive and dynamic- but really the Hailey2 probably compares more with Magico M line with in-house drivers.

That’s good to know. Thanks for the feedback.

Yes so I bought the S5 MK II brand new and love them but including the S5 MK I I’ve had Magico a long time and can’t afford the M series Magico but do have a line on a pair Hailey 2.2 and a local fella really wants my Magico’s so just sort of kicking the Idea around in my head.

I think it’s important to try new gear and keep growing as an audiophile. Don’t get me wrong I love my Magico’s but if the Hailey 2.2 is a legit better Speaker then the S5 MK II I think id like to consider it.

Cost wise the move won’t cost much and I would love to try a more alive and dynamic sounding speaker. The Magico S series MK II sound is great but it is not the most dynamic with strongest bass speaker out there but does other things great as well. I know their bass is accurate and musical but I’ve heard so many good things about the YG Hailey 2.2 it’s got me thinking.... 
Hi, For what's its worth, I have the Hailey 2.2 on order and should receive in the next two weeks. I have not heard the Magico line, unfortunately, so I am of no help there.  That said, I am moving up from the Carmel 2s after three years (recently moved to a larger room) and absolutely love what they are capable off. They pair extremely well with my JBL Fathom 112v2 and I will continue to use that sub with the Haileys.  Hopefully, you can have a listen somewhere, even to the Hailey 1.2...
I like the YGA sound and prefer it to the Magico sound YMMV--and greatly. You should hear the Hailey 2.2s for yourself. I have now heard the Hailey 2.2 and the Hailey 1.2 and I greatly prefer the new tweeter design found in the Hailey 2.2. I have also heard the Magico S5 MKII but not in the same system so it is not a fair comparison IMO. FWIW you might want to consider whether your cables are going to mate well with the YGA speakers. Several AXPONA rooms were using either the Hailey 1.2, Hailey 2.2, or Sonja speakers. Several others had Magico speakers in them. Transparent Cables were found driving Magico and YGA, albeit in different rooms. Also featured were Swisscables (YGA) and Kubala-Sosna (YGA). The latter combination I have seen frequently. 
Thanks for the info. I would love to hear the Haileys but doubt it will be possible. I have Stage III Concepts cables after trying many different kinds. They are excellent and should work great with both. Well I hope anyways. They are much better than my former Kubala-Sosna cables which I really liked until I tried the Stage III's.
Rockport Atria 2 is better than Magico or YG better stage,bass,imaging,better midrange and better depth.Jump on a pair asap!!Enjoy!!
I am with ebm, I think the Rockports are better.