Focal Maestro Utopia III vs. YG Acoustics Hailey 1.2

I have a pair of Dynaudio C4 MK2 what I want to upgrade. Right now I have the opportunity to buy the above mentioned speakers almost at the same price, Focal is a bit cheaper. What I'm looking for is more 3D, bigger sound stage, authoritive extended and precise bass. I don't want a bright sounding system. My components are dCS Rossini player + master clock, Soulution 725 pre, Krell EVO 600 mono, Tara Labs Omega Gold spkr cables, Tara Labs Cobalt and Krell Vector pwr cords, Nordost Tyr 2 ics. So which one would you choose and why? Tell me the pros and cons. If you have personal experience please share it.
Maestro  utopia iii EVO is what you want.  Drastically improved over the last version.

I've owned virtually every YG speaker produced (no joke).

And I've been to audio shows and showrooms all over the world (Munich, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, and pretty much every show and showroom worth attending or visiting in the U.S.).

I've heard the Focals in numerous venues and I've put my money where my mouth is.

The YG's are the most accurate speaker I've heard up and down the range in their current incarnations (Carmel, Hailey, Sonja and Sonja XV).

The downside? They're not cheap. Neither are the Focals. But you already know that. I've been VERY happy with every YG purchase I've made.

Hear the Haileys in a good setup and I'm doubting you'll be thinking about the Focals.

Thanks for the answers.

I asked my Focal dealer about the differences between the Evo and the previous MK3 version.

He said the main differences between maestro and evo is the possibilities for bi-wiring or bi-amp due to difficulties to drive correctly without a big amplifier, but if you have one, no problem. Evo is a 3 way speakers instead 3 1/2 for original version so now a 8 ohm unit not 4 ohm.

I have plenty of power so I don't think it is neccessary to go for the EVO. And in the other hand there is a big price difference.

Just so you know, the EVO is a hugely different speaker than the v2.  Sounds dramatically different (better).

Not sure why your dealer is down playing it.  I’d try to have a listen to them if you can — you will be blown away.
@ssblnt99 Your dealer is on the money.   The Maestro is a top notch speaker provided you have the amps to drive them given their nasty impedance - which you have.  I can't imagine you will be disappointed. Plus I'm guessing the pricing is at a point where the EVO is anywhere between 50% to over double the price you are being offered on the Maestro which makes it a no brainer.  There's really not much the Maestro doesn't do at an elite level provided that you give it the necessary upstream component quality (in particular beefy amps and a DAC with an open and airy treble) . 
Completely agree with joelha. I too have owned a few different models of YG speakers. (Carmel, Kipod II sig, Anat III sig.)  Before each upgrade my wife and I auditioned many speakers to see if we could find something we like more. Still using the YG's. Try and get to a dealer or YG and listen to some.
Yoav Gowe, the former CEO and creator of YG Acoustics was fired or has departed from the company.  The company was purchased by a private equity firm as an investment. The current investment company, LK Capital has no  experience with audio components or speakers. Their business is to lower costs and maximize profits.