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New or Old
In its day the KEF 107 was a very good speaker. The Kube is terrible and should be rebuilt if not just tossed. I cant remember if the tweeters use ferro fluid and if so the fluid might need to be replaced. I have never heard a JBL speaker that I l... 
Need Tubes
I think that the same factory makes both EH and Sovtek tubes. I cant understand why you would put tube dampers on power tubes as these tube types are rarely microphonic.  
System Plateau - Ideas?
I really dislike Rega tables and it is quite possible that you are not getting nearly the performance out of your cartridge as is possible. A friend recently switched from a Regar 6 to the entry level Kuzma setup and the increase in detail was sta... 
The best speakers over 50K
Audio Machina XTAC. The amplifiers that are required and included make these much more than simple array speakers. Read the white paper and learn why these are completely unique. Planning a trip back this fall to hear them again with my software.  
Devore Fidelity vs Devore Fidelity
John will respond. Runs a tight shop. Many high-end manufacturers could take notes from John on how to run a business the correct way.  
Klipsch La Scala 2018 or the Triangle Cello?
Not offensive just a typical thin-skinned response that we often get from horn fans. More sensitive yet are the Klipsch enthusiasts. Are you, perhaps, both?  
Klipsch La Scala 2018 or the Triangle Cello?
Settle down Ozzy I have a right to my opinion.  
Klipsch La Scala 2018 or the Triangle Cello?
I dont think these speakers share the same goals one bit. Fundamentally different speakers with very different design goals. For my tastes I would go with the Cellos as I am not a fan of much of what horns do except dynamics. Comes down to prefere... 
Just spoke to an old client of mine..........Avantgarde owner
Dynamic drivers almost always have trouble properly mating with different driver types. Worst I have heard are the Sanders electrostats in this regard although I clearly hear this often with horns as well.  
PayPal Sucks.. Be careful, new Policies
Paypal doesnt always side with the buyer. They ruled in my favor as a seller serveral times. If you ship something, especially to a foreign country and dont use a method that can prove delivery you can have problems. 
Best garage speakers
Klipsch Heritage series.  
PayPal Sucks.. Be careful, new Policies
Paypal provides a valuable service and they should make a profit. I wonder how many that complain about Paypal have even the most basic experience running a business. I have had nothing but great experiences, both as a seller and a buyer, with Pay... 
SET amps
I think the best value vs. sound at your budget can be had from Transcendent Sound. Most of his amp kits are OTLs but he also has a push-pull KT120 that I think sounds very good. The owner/designer is a bit full of himself and his soft skills suck... 
Absorb or Diffuse Behind Listening Position?
I would diffuse behind your speakers/system and absorb behind your listening position. I also prefer diffusing on the ceiling. 
Leave tube amps always on?
I thought that David Berning was the sole designer of the LTA gear.