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We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
In no way can older cars compete with the newer "super" cars. Same, I say, with audio although the difference in this realm is not as great as in the automotive.   
Audiophile Jargon Demonstrated
These terms only have merit if they are correctly applied and defined. As an example I find Harbeth speakers highly colored and far from neutral but many who own this speaker think they are among the most neutral especially in terms of vocals and ... 
Audiophile Jargon Demonstrated
Actually what you need to know is the sound of the recording before it goes through the monitors. I always am forced to laugh when people claim the best way to hear a recording in your home system is by using the same speakers they used in the stu... 
New Fleetwood DeVille SQ
I have a customer that really likes his pair, but he didnt pay retail.   
Washington Post article on MoFi vs. Fremer vs. Esposito
Well you just did express anger and great concern so this is now on the record. Exactly who would be the recipient of your anger?   
Basic question about power/watts
Actually I can think of a few amplifier manufacturers which claim they cant make a good sounding, higher power S.S. amp. I would guess it has something to do with the complexity of the device and the increased number of output devices. This may no... 
Washington Post article on MoFi vs. Fremer vs. Esposito
I never have to worry about my chute not opening because I dont skydive. Just because people dont share your concern regarding this problem doesnt mean they are not aware.   
Basic question about power/watts
Power doubling from 8 to 4 ohms means very little. The simple fact is that low impedance speakers or speakers with a really spastic impedance curve give most amplifiers a really hard load for them to drive. Sometimes this cant be avoided, but when... 
845 vs 211
Bigtwin, It isnt the amount of distortion but rather they type of distortion. 10% distortion in a S.S. would most likely put you into a coma. Not so with many SET designs. I have heard both tubes and prefer the 211 because it sounds more neutral... 
Washington Post article on MoFi vs. Fremer vs. Esposito
As if, within each of us, exists a limited amount of anger which when directed towards things that dont really matter will diminish what we have left for things that do. I am not being snide and I hope you see my point. .    
Washington Post article on MoFi vs. Fremer vs. Esposito
Well I dont think that stating the obvious that we are lied to on a regular basis changes things one iota. Some sort of weird relativism at work evidently.  Let the market decide if MoFi goes out of business. I will never buy another MoFi product... 
12 inch subwoofer overkill for desktop setup?
Wont overpower the room with proper placement! Keep the crossover point as low as possible.   
Washington Post article on MoFi vs. Fremer vs. Esposito
What concerns me most if that some members dont seem to think MoFi did anything wrong. Or at the very least, the sin was minor and really not really worth mentioning.  I have found that usually the MoFi remasters arent the best pressings availabl... 
Shrill high frequencies
Tell us about the rest of your system.  
Which component to upgrade 1st ?
The ear hurt is most likely most due to his speakers. Have any of your heard this speaker? A difficult load for tubes and therein may be part of the problem.