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Dan D'Agostino S350 vs Luxman M-10X
My bad - thought you were asking about new Momentum Stereo. I wouldn’t go progression at all though. Doesn’t have the magic.   
Dan D'Agostino S350 vs Luxman M-10X
I mean, one is $45k and the other less than half that. These aren’t really comps.  
You ended up with Ayre, what are your speakers?
Vandy and Sonus Faber are the classic pairings. Also Avalon.  
Anyone else gotten SPAM pop ups the last couple of days?
Pop up spam is back on my iPhone and is awful  
Recommend a good tube power amp in the 100 wpc range for under $4k
The best tube amp I’ve had on my Fynes is LTA - and they are under your budget used. I’ve tried a dozen or so amps thus far on F1-12s.   
For Vandersteen owners & lovers: Which other brands do you like?
I’d try DeVore Fidelity - a little more open than Vandys and with low order crossovers.  
SabrinaX vs JA Perspective2 Graphene
I didn’t like the original Sabrina, but do like the X. However $20k now for the speaker isn’t a great bargain. I haven’t heard the JAs outside of shows long time ago and they don’t have a SoCal dealer.   
Speaker Suggestions $30K Sasha DAW competitor?
OP- I posted an extensive journey on WBF in this price range with write-up on all of them. Much spirited debate on my journey, check it out and PM me for specific questions. What would be helpful is if you posted your 3 top criteria in a speaker ... 
Tube Amp for Devore O/96
With the bass characteristics of the O96, I’d do push pull 2a3 or something similar vs SET.  
Yg carmel 2 owners
No surprise - the Carmel 2 is bright compared to the rest of the line. It wasn’t voiced right.   
The new dynamic in speaker pricing
That reviewer has XVX, not Alexx V. And he had a full Dag setup visit the room and it didn’t dethrone his Macs. My issue with the setup is that the soundstage is high. He has since moved, unfortunately. One of the best audiophiles and friends arou... 
Ampzilla 2000 v2 and Mcintosh MC402
Ampzilla 2000 was far superior to the X350.8 I tried in my system. Another to try is prob SPL.   
The new dynamic in speaker pricing
@daveyf as you've heard a number of six figure speakers that I have locally, have to admit I'm never impressed enough to pull out my wallet for a pair. YG Sonja XVs, Chronosonics, Gryphon Trident, etc. Most of the time, they have larger issues tha... 
New PrimaLuna versus used Audio Research preamp?
only ARC preamp I like is the Ref 10. the LS series is sterile and SS-like.  I'd try a Primaluna first and roll the tubes. or an LTA MicroZOTL.  
Enleum AMP23-R buyer beware!
they don't know! duh. if they had a timeframe they would relay to the dealer. also, i'll add that Enleum was months delayed on releasing the 23R as Srajan noted early on. talk to some small manufacturers and hear what they are going through.