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I had a few drinks and bought some speakers
I had a few drinks and now I have two got off easy. 
Why don't more recordings have soundstage outside of speakers
Because most speakers suck.  
Did I damage my speakers?
I think they damage you... 
An Objective Review of the Tekton Double Impact Speakers
fuzzroneso you would give an A plus rating on Absolute BS  
Any Thoughts On These?
Ozzy how is the escargot?  
I had a few drinks and bought some speakers
Well if you don't like them at least you have a better excuse then most people after they buy speakers.....keep drinking.. 
Magico compared to Tannoy
OldschoolThe 8T's were really enjoyable. I ran them with some Sophia Electric 300B amps. A budget system that really plays music. Great job. Jim 
Focal quality control?!
That is kind of an oxymoron....... 
Magico compared to Tannoy
ebmYou are so right. Not nice at all. The owners have so much invested, they don't want to hear it. Same for both speakers. Perhaps I should retract that and proclaim my undying love for both.  
Magico compared to Tannoy
I was a dealer for Tannoy but it has been a number of years ago. It was my impression that the midrange was not realistic or musical. The Kensington uses the compression horn for not only the highs but also the midrange and the upper base. A littl... 
piano works (concerto/jazz) speakers ATC/Proac/JMR/Vienna Acoustic/B&W
So you would like us to tell you which speaker you would like best?  
Speakers The single most critical component
I would not disagree. If you start with the speaker then find the amp/preamp that sounds the best and go from there.  
Looking for my Final Pair!!
medialiesPlease do not get any coloser to the rabbit hole or should it spelled whole, your lose would be as devastating as my no longer blogging on agon.... 
Legacy Audio Aeris vs "V"
You will not regret it.  
Looking for my Final Pair!!
Dave I think you need to upgrade..........not so much your speakers as your point of view.