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Volti does it again!
How is the bass?  
anybody compare Dynaudio Special 40's/Heritage Specials/Confidence 20's?
I am not sure that speakers with large crossovers can deliver the speed and energy you desire. Crossovers are subtractive...they don't add to the music.   
can subwoofers make things worse?
Sudnh I love it...." the simple folks "  yes indeed   
Room Setup/Tuning/Compensation War Stories
It is always good. to spend a couple thousand on speakers and you have to "adjust" for how shi#%& they sound...oh well  
can subwoofers make things worse?
In a heart beat   
Speaker Pairing - First Watt F8
I guess I have to ask this question. "are you working to a better sound or do you just want to try new speakers?"   
Tube Phonostage Causing Rumble and Noises
Try changing out your interconnects.   
Tube Phonostage Causing Rumble and Noises
Are you using RCA interconnects  
Help with Dunlavy SC-IV signature
Well sub atomic you might very well be one of those....  
What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.
Musical subwoofer under $2000
Sparks  looking at your system in your room, I have no idea how you can add more sound waves beating on the hard wood floor and the window...I suggest you should be looking  for intoxicating midrange. bass is bull sh#*  
Structural beam in middle of listening room
Simply get a contractor to chop that beam down....get it out of the way... Chop may not be the right is metal....  
Help with Dunlavy SC-IV signature
Perhaps Dunlavy's are not as great as many people assume they are.   
See if you can listen to a pair of Wilson-Benesch....carbon fiber cabinets,,extreme technology and they get out of the box totally.   
Martin Logan vs. Everything
It is good that you have escaped " the MDF box" and so has your sound.