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Calling all (50 or less?) Falcon Kingswood Warren Edition LS3/5a owners...
Im an owner of a falcon ls3/5a gold i good enough?😀this is one of most satisfying speakers i ever just so relaxing and intoxicating, especially withtubes.jazz, vocals and acoustic music=Heaven. 
$2000.00 to spend on new speakers.
Acoustic energy ae509. 
All New Acoustic Energy AE520 Flagship Loudspeakers // The Carbon Fiber Giant Killers ?!
Heard this at my local dealer. This thingcan compete way above it’s price point.My dealer gave me aquotation of 3k, thisis probably one of the best bargain today.i told my wife to take a wild gues on the priceAnd she thought it’s 5 times the askin... 
Best amp to drive Wilson Yvette’s
Vitus. I have a sasha 2 vitus sia 025 combo.Great combination. 
Vitus versus Gryphon
Russellrcncomilisten mostly in a/b as i like the brighter and moreaggressive type of presentation it brings to themusic i listen to, it livens up the leading edges ofof guitars,trumphets, violins etc. If iwant a more intimate vocal and liquid pres... 
Vivid Audio alternatives
Beetlemaniai have owned 3 pairs of vivid speakers. Ist was vivid v1.5 thenupgraded to giya g3 before going back to vivid v1.5 again.vivid is A world class speakers and you’re correct when yousay that they dissapear like no other—its just music you... 
Vitus versus Gryphon
Nasamancongratulation! Please use balanced cable as much aspossible, it will be better. 
Vitus versus Gryphon
Nasamanwhat model of vitus did you get? 
Vivid Audio alternatives
Yg hailey is also very good. 
Vivid Audio alternatives
I used to have a pair of vivid giya g3, sold it and now have a wilson sasha 2. At first i thought it was a lateralmove, but it turns out wilson is a much better speakersall around.sasha 2 is faster. Have a blacker background, a bass that’smore tex... 
Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space
Wilson sasha 2 sounds better nearfield. I have tried it 3 metersaway from my listining chair and it does not sound that good;music sounds so far away. 
Speaker Thoughts - YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 vs Magico S5 MK II
It depends on your equipment to determine which isbetter.Vitus match well with magico as compared to yg. Its vice versa if your amp is d agostino. 
I have owned 2 model of vivid before upgrading to wilsonsasha 2. My ist pair is the vivid v1.5 which i’ve owned twiceand the vivid giya g3 before migrating to wilson.vivids are fast with a micro and macro dinamics to die for.they are highly musica... 
Vitus versus Gryphon
I own vitus sia 025. Demoed the gryphon diablo 300before going vitus. Both are fantastic but decided togo vitus because of its midrange warmth that i findso appealing that listening to to neutral speakers likemagico, wilson and vivid is almost lik... 
Focal Utopia Scala Evo
Heard the focal utopia scala evo and was one of my finalist beforepurchasing my wilson sasha 2. I think you have to demo saidspeakers with your equipment to see if they would match, myaudition did produce good result but it was bordering on thebri...