Small but high quality integrated

Looking for a small size but high quality solid state integrated to drive Castle Stirling II speakers--91db efficient.
These are really great speakers built in Skipton England and I am looking to make a large upgrade from a Rega Brio R.
I have no more patience for many boxes, cables, power cords etc.
Any input is greatly appreciated.
I was very pleased with the Edge i3, Unison Research Unico SE, LFD LE IV, Naim Nait, and Sim audio I5. Best of luck!

Listen to as many as you can if possible.
Heed. An amazing little amplifier.
Pass Labs .........
DENSEN B-175 or DENSEN B-150
Both Pathos and Bel Canto make fine sounding, great looking, small chassis integrated amps. The Pathos is a 50 wpc hybrid, the Bel Canto is a high powered, SS switching amp.

Ayre AX-7e integrated amp
You don't mention your budget but the little Jolida 102B is a nice inexpensive intergated ~ 20 watts per side-using the extremely sweet sounding EL 84/6BQ5 output tube. There are some factory and after market upgrades for it also.
What is your budget Hysterio? I could think of few different compact sized integrateds to recommend at different price points. These would be my picks -

- Musical Fidelity M6i, $2999
- Unison Unico Secondo hybrid integrated, $3150
- Bladelius Thor Mk3, circa $5k
- Hegel H300,$5500
- Electrocompaniet ECI-5Mk2, $5999
- Simaudio Moon 600i, $8000

Of the above, the most musical sounding would be the Unison, Electrocompaniet & Simaudio, whilst the cleanest and most accurate sounding would be the Bladelius, Sim & Hegel. All of the above options are good value at their price points.
The Hybrid martykl is referreing to, must be the Inpol2, pure Class A. It really is excellent. It's been my main amp for 3 years, but small it is'nt. Unfortunately some of the very best amps are'nt small. You would have more choice if small was'nt crucial.

I have had a number of amps and would add the Lavardin IT, just a wonderful grain free, really transparent amp. You could be listening to a SET.

Nowone mentioned Accuphase or Luxman, both built like tanks and great SS sound. The Accuphase 350/ or new 360, or the Luxman 507, might be just what you need.
I am in fact trying to sell my Inpol2, but in the UK and looking to Luxman. The UK importer says the 507 is the sweet spot in the range of Class A/B amps, clearly better than the 505 and not far behind the much more expensive 509
Most of the amps I mentioned above (except the M6i) would kick the butt of the Luxman & Accu. Luxman are made in China now & the Accuphase e-350 has no power. SET's sound lovely, but I always think it's wise to have more power than you need as inevitably audiophiles upgrade to bigger and better speakers.
Luxman L-505u/Luxman L-507u/Luxman L-509u were all made in Japan with Japanese produced parts. The new Luxman L-505uX it says made in Japan but looking inside the new Luxman 505uX there are many China made parts.

CEC AMP 3800 CLASS A (70WPC) Very nice sounding amp.
Also small but high quality integrated.
I have the Luxman 550 A II wondering if have been made in China as well?
I agree with Hegel amps specially the H200, amazingly clean and accurate!
Thanks for the clarification Ren, though bare in mind that a Manufacturer can manufacture just a few parts in one country (eg: Japan), ship those parts to China to be assembled and still legally claim the product is "Made in Japan", and from what i've read there is debate going either way regarding their higher ranging models. Bare in mind, Luxman is now a Chinese company. If you contact them - you're calling their office in China.
I would recommend to reconsider the Accuphase options explore what is available. While I have not personally experienced the Accuphase E-350, I'd buy it in a heart beat if I find a good used one. If power is more of a concern than the budget constraints, I would consider looking at the E-450 currently offered for less than $7k:
I own one driving Magico V3's, and find it to have absolutely no lack of power, comes with no extra boxes and cable clutter, and offers the sweetest sound that I have heard on any Magico's (which are not the easiest load to drive and rather power-hungry). I don't have any affiliation with the seller, but consider this amplifier to be amongst the best available. Don't be fooled by the nominal power ratings, unless you have a listening room the size of a concert hall. The Accuphase ratings are very conservative, and I have never ever brought it anywhere near its reserves.
It's hard to get anyone in Audiogon land to comment on Densen, which I am looking hard at right now myself. I recently heard a B-175 Plus and as a guy living with a pretty decent tube amp for the past 15 years was simply lost in the sound I was hearing. I came on here to see what you all think of the Densen amps and this category was my exact question and you all talk about every amp under the sun but the ones being asked about! 

So, NYSTEREO, what did you ever find out? 
I had 2 Densen amps that I bought for $200 bucks off a guy who was
moving to Germany . One had about 100 hours use, one was new in box.

Well made and good sounding . I gave both to new immigrants moving to Twin Cities . Strange to say one was from NE China and one from Taiwan ! Both loved Classical music . Gave one a pr of Totem Dreamcatcher’s
the other a pr of Omega XR .
That was about 18 months ago and all is going well with both .
schubert, its refreshing to see the spirit of generosity is (still) alive in our beloved country. What goes around comes around and I hope you receive in ten fold of what you give.
Thanks kalali.
 But as I'm over 80 and not in best of health with no family to give anything to, they were really doing me a favor to be honest .
God bless .

Among modern units I like Bel Canto 300i. Very small, powerful and naturally sounding amp.
Gryphon now has a US distributor - On A Higher Note. No dealers yet, though. Their Diablo 120 is not particularly small or inexpensive but must be great. Optional phono or dac.
Regardless of your age and health status what you did was remarkable, generous, a stellar approach to making the world a better place. I sincerely applaud you. Furthermore may your health improve and you continue to age gracefully. It is a pleasure getting to know folks like you on this outstanding board. Best, mikirob
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First off if you go to pink fish media you will be dealing with more people with those speakers (mostly English audiophiles). 

I would suggest an Exposure 2010s integrated. Would be more than enough power.  Exposure, Naim, Linn, Heed, Sugden and Desen beat are all combo's that suit those speakers. 
OP's question was asked 4.5 years ago.

I see this happening a lot lately.....

Any explanations for essentially dead threads being resurrected? 

People are finding these old threads through web search. 
Hi Sean. Thanks. I get how they are being found. What I don't get is the 'response' or 'question' being asked by the poster who finds the thread. In some cases there is a valid connection, but generally it seems like the dates of the thread are not being checked.
I'm in the same boat and considering the CEC 3800.

Any further opinion or experience with this amp?

I think you mean the Musical Fidelity M6si, not the M6i, which is discontinued.  And I'll give a +1 to the M6si,
For what sources? If streaming and 55 watts are enough, the Sonos Connect: Amp is the simplest solution. One little clean and good looking box is all there is to it. Of course not for the ambitious audiophile.
Any small integrated with digital inputs can be turned into a slick streamer with the digital output of just a Chromecast Audio. I did that with a tiny Ava Maestro 50 in our bedroom. Its important additional advantage is that it has an auto on/off facility so you can hide it out of sight (it is a cool running digital amplifier). Its only downside is that with about 2x25 watt (if that) power output is too small for more ambitious speakers or larger rooms. It is just enough for the small 85dB Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 in the bedroom, but it would not properly drive my Harbeth P3ESR.