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REL subs with Rowland Amplifiers
The G1 pressurizes my room better and I can "feel" the music more with the G1 compared to the CL. I think the CL is a great subwoofer, but the G1 is a better match for my 20’ x 26’ room and my Monitor Audio PL500 ii speakers. 
Room Treatment suggestions and advice
Take a panoramic picture of your room and add the room's dimensions. Send it to GIK and let them provide suggestions. It's free and you're not obligated to purchase.  
REL subs with Rowland Amplifiers
I don't know why, but with the G1 mkII there's a big difference between using the high-level and low-level connections. My wife and I prefer the high-level because it sounds more natural. The orher difference is the REL Carbon Limited's sounds bet... 
REL subs with Rowland Amplifiers
Changed from REL Carbon Limiteds to dual REL G1 mkII. I'm going to compare the high-level connection to the low-level connection to see which one I prefer.  
What was in your first "real" higher end audio system?
Artemis EOS speakers, Classe amplifier and preamp, Sota TT. 
Are big subwoofers viable for 2 channel music?
This is by no means an absolute, but here's my experience. I had dual JL Audio F110 v2 subs and replaced them with a single JL Audio F112 v2. It wasn't close to my ears, as I preferred the single, bigger F112 v2. I recently sold dual REL Carbon Li... 
Jeff Rowland to what?
keithr,PM sent. 
2 subwoofers to connect to Naim nova
If you’re going with REL you can use their ’subwoofer finder" tool. Depending on the size of your room, REL recommends the S/812 or S/510 with Aerial Acoustics 7T speakers. 
Magico vs the world
sciencecop,I agree it's about context and it would be helpful if he filled in the details.   
Magico vs the world
I believe dznutz, because I owned three different speakers from a very popular company(not Magico) and finally decided they weren't for me. I think as you grow in this hobby you make different choices.  
REL subs with Rowland Amplifiers
Based on the recommendation of a fellow Audiogon member I purchased Aurelex SubDude-HT subwoofer isolation platforms to put under my REL subs. In my opinion it’s a relatively inexpensive way to improve the overall sound of a system with subs...mon... 
Magico vs the world
"We" can't isolate the speakers, we're listening to a system. So, my answer is based on the overall sound. I've listened to Magico S5, S3 mkii, A3, and M2 speakers in various systems. I prefer the systems I've heard the Vivid Giya G1 and Von Schwe... 
Magico A3 vs Magico S1 MK2
romney80,In my opinion Aerial Acoustics 7Ts are really great speakers. I had them for awhile and only sold them because my room is a little too big. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
chazzzy007, Thanks for the kind words. I will send you a PM that you're free to share with whomever you choose in a private message. When people ask me a question,  I feel an obligation to tell them what I really think. I just know somethings shou... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
ricevs,Well said!