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Live Vibe Audio
Stands make a difference...I swear by it!  
Live Vibe Audio
I received five Rhythm Platform Advantage JR-4 platforms and posted pictures under my virtual systems. Aesthetically I love the way the platforms look and their quality. Unfortunately due to the layout of my room and length of my power cords, I'm ... 
DCS Bartok APEX or LINA and master clock
I had the Bartok(non-APEX) and Rossini APEX in my system for an audition. The Bartok lacked detail and my wife kept saying something was missing. The Rossini APEX sounds unnaturally bright, but has the best soundstage that I've ever heard in my sy... 
snapsc, I agree with your post. Moreover, I really don't understand why so many take what Youtubers say as Gospel? No matter how much equipment they've listened to or owned, it's just their opinion. It's their opinion in the context in which they... 
Live Vibe Audio
Today I ordered Live Vibe Audio racks.  
Live Vibe Audio
In addition to Live Vide, I'm now considering Norstone Como II audio stands.  
Live Vibe Audio
Thanks for the response. I'll post an update if I purchase them. It's between Live Vibe Audio and Solidsteel audio racks.   
15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?
Every system is different. I recently compared a Mola Mola Tambaqui, DCS Bartok, and DCS Rossini APEX DAC to my Chord Dave DAC in my system. A couple of weeks after the DAC comparisons I had a home audition of a Antipodes Oladra music server. I he... 
blisshifi, It was one of my favorite rooms at the show, so I took a picture of the speakers.   
blisshifi, I don't think Bella Sound's room had Clarisys speakers. The speakers were Analysis Audio Ribbon Planar speakers.   
Aurender Model Choices
People think I'm crazy when I tell them in my experience I've heard bigger differences between music server/ streamers than between DACs.   
Southwest Audiofest
No crazy stories for me. I have met some very good people at shows over the years and became very good friends with two of them.  Some rooms will be more crowded than others. Although hotel rooms may not be optimal, it still a great way to hear d... 
Southwest Audiofest
I'm attending also. My advice is to plan ahead by determining what rooms you want to visit. Google Southwest Audio Fest and you can see what Exhibitors will attend and their room numbers.  
DAC Help : Please Weight In - Down to 5
"The Mola Mola Tambaqui all the way.  Nothing touches it at anywhere near its price."  No DAC is preferred in every system. Dealers should be required to identify who they are when they post.  
Magico vs the world
I've listened to A5, S3(including the latest), S5, M3, and M6 speakers. It's beyond silly that anyone would think that there's one speaker that will appeal to all.