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TADAC repair?
I also did not know that Paul had passed. I have two of his TAD 150 Signature preamps which I love. He was a great guy. RIP 
dynaco st 70 what tubes to replace first
You might want to look at a qusd of NOS Tesla EL 34 if you can find them. 
Tube amp repair shop Philadelphia area
Try Bob and Gary Backert at in Chuchville, Pa 215 3550529 
Best Cheap Speakers - New or Old
I recently got a pair of Spica TC 50's after hearing about them and curious to hear them for many years and have been completely underwhelmed. They image well but so do a lot of other small speakers I have had. They are of course bass shy but also... 
I need some speakers identified.
If they have a round marble top and are six sided with a down firing woofer they are Empire. Just saw a pair in a thrift shop the other day. 
Tube amp repair recommendations - Western NY
Bob and Gary Backert at rhbSounddezign in Churchville Pa (near Phila) 215 355 0529. Check him out on the forum, lot of folks are extremely high on his work, both repairs, upgrades and proprietary mods. 
Help with making a decision - Fried Studio V mars
Hifiko,Where are you located? How about a brief description of the speakers such as color, condition etc. 
Conrad Johnson Upgrades - A difference maker?
I had my CJ Premier 8A (operating in triode) upgraded to full teflon (V-Caps) performed by rhBSoundDezign in Churchville, Pa. The amps had already had extensive power supply upgrades and the rhBSoundDezign JB Gold mods and the internal wiring upgr... 
Suggestions short 3' tall floorstander?
Spendor has some highly regarded relatively short floorstanders such as the 5e and 8e you might want to check out. 
Room acoustics in a former church sanctuary?
Hey Wolf,In light of the current IRS revelations it could take 3 plus years to get a tax exempt status if it is not the right "denomination". And, just for your informataion, as a regular church attendee (every Sunday) my wife and I don't wear any... 
Jolida 102b Speaker Recommendations
I have heard this little amp with a pair of Sound Dynamics RTS-3 speakers and couldn't beleive the sound they produced. Harry Pearson (The Absolute Sound Editor) was smitten by this small low cost speaker saying it was the best little speaker he h... 
Recommendation for Subwoofer for Dahlquist DQ-10s
If you want to stay vintage or maintain retro look. the Dahlquist DW-1 actually will work and sounds quite good but you need to drive it with a beefy amp. If you can find a good condition Dahlquist DQ LP-1 active/passive crossover, that will allow... 
powering two pairs of Dahlquist DQ10s
You could always use a Speltz Autoformer to bring the impedance of two pairs operating off of one amp back up to double or even triple the impedance of a single pair. 
Opinions on Land Rover LR2
I agree with Roxy54. 
New Magneplanar Bass Panel DWM
I spoke with Magnepan sales dept yesterday and they informed me that they ARE NOT making the DW-1 and you therefore can not order one. Just to clarify my post above.