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From tubes back to SS?
Sort of.  Ran Manley Mahi Mahi mono blocks for years and they are terrific.  EL 84 is very quick with great bass control compared to many other tube designs.  Ran Merlin Black Magic monitors.  Then...... traded out Merlins for ATC SCM 40 which are... 
$40,000: What 2-channel system would you build?
Forgot Decware silver reference with XHadow ICs milled connectors at $210/1m pr. 
Shout out your favorite Audio dealer!!
Stereotypes Audio, Portland, Oregon.  Say hi to Teri. 
Furman IT-REF 20I USERS- Tired Subject but Would like to hear from owners/users
Ran the 15i Elite for years and it was okay, not the 20.  My Decware ZLC conditioner crushed it.  I mean night and day, as if the Furman did nothing.  3 month wait time.  Ignore if this doesn't help. 
Top Ten "Definitions of an Audiophile"
The joyful pursuit of orchestrating just the right balance of components in the expectation of providing a balanced reasonable facsimile of a performance. 
best vintage stereo receiver
Luxman 1120 A.  A beast with plenty of stable current, lots of inputs and a great tuner.  This will run alongside the Accuphase receivers.  Only thing to give pause is the idiot push-pin speaker wire connectors.I had mine internally bridged (pream... 
$40,000: What 2-channel system would you build?
Digital only at full retail.Quadraspire Reference X 3 shelf                                        $ 5,400Naim Uniti Core music server                                                2,800Nordost Valhalla 1 digital cable                            ... 
ACT SCM 40 VII Speakers, anyone listening?
I'm sure you mean ATC loudspeakers.  Very serious kit with the ability to reproduce about anything.  Would not be too concerned about their specifications (48Hz).  This is a very controlled bass response in the control of the correct amplifier.The... 
Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities
miostyn  I got lost with the subwoofer reference and tube amps.  The OP made no reference to that.  I've owned several subwoofers, mostly JL and of course all are solid state amplifier driven.  To your point of driving subs with tube amps you are ... 
Modifying a Merlin Master RC Network
Richard at sigsound.com is probably the resident expert having worked with Bobby for years and now, to my understanding, stocking NOS drivers and networks. 
Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities
Manley Labs Mahi Mahi or Snappers with upgraded tubes.  Mahi are a bit quicker with EL-84 tubes.  Snappers are fuller and more powerful with EL-34 tubes.  Tube costs are reasonable for replacement/upgrade and they are quite reliable. 
Possible new integrated amp for my new Focal Kanta's
+1 stereo5.  Trolls anyway, randomly stating nonsensical dribble.  Live with them until they are broken in and then consider what to do.  Dealer may be absolutely correct or very very wrong. 
Where do I start!?!
Tough spot.  You are emotionally invested and really have no viable real estate to wrestle this monster into.  Recommendation would be to sell the mono blocks and the speakers as they overwhelm the space and cannot sonically optimize it.If you lik... 
Speaker Spikes and related items....
Ante up for the Isoacoustics Gaia footers.  Simply amazing.  Several reviews can be found on this forum. 
Bookshelf speakers for classical music
New, Focal Chorus 706 bookshelf.  Not the most refined, but decent enough with front port.  Used,  small Spendors.  Up the ante and some small floor stander Spendors.  Used Rega monitor or small floor standers.