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Manley Jumbo Shrimp
Ran one for years, mostly with Manley Mahi Mahi mono blocks to great affect.  This is a sweet preamp with lots of drive.  Moving from the stock tubes to upgraded will improve its performance.  Upgraded power cord will improve its performance.  Pla... 
Bang & Olufsen launches Beosound Balance in Natural Aluminium
Good to know we can continue ignoring the brand.  It really is cool design though.  Sold it in the day when it was definitely the best listening foreplay around.  Still sexy.  
Audio Rack Opinions
I've no input for the OP listed racks.  I run Quadraspire Reference X.  The effects are not subtle.  Blacker background, increased speed of vocal and instrument attack.  More separation of individual instruments allowing better organization of the... 
Best vibration isolation for speakers on carpet?
+ whatever times for Gaia footers plus carpet spike discs.  I used these to great affect with ATC 50 ASLT.  Adding the carpet spike discs garnered as much improvement as the actual footers, so the combination was terrific.   Now use Townshend pod... 
Vintage Luxman receivers
blisshifi     gave a nice description.  I’ve owned several vintage pieces when still actually Luxman and one Alpine piece.  Yes, they’ve mostly always been that good.     My latest foray is the Luxman 509X monster and they do have a house sound. ... 
What are/were the best sounding cheap components you have ever had?
Garage sale Harman Kardon 330C receiver for $15.  I believe it was dual mono.  Sweet little piece.  Cleaned up volume pot and we were off.  
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
ATC 50 active towers.  I’m done.  None of the dozens of speakers over 50 years of this hobby have come close.  
NY audio show 2022
Confirmation Bias A confirmation bias is cognitive bias that favors information that confirms your previously existing beliefs or biases.1 No one is completely immune to it.  My favorite is the Autobahn myth.  I've lived and worked years in Euro... 
Suggestion for $10K soup to nuts digital?
I've only the Weiss 501 DAC to throw into the fray.  This is a transformative piece in all ways.  Hope that is targeted toward your question and goals.  
Silver Speaker Cables
http://signalcable.com/silverresolutionspeaker.html These are very decent for not a tremendous amount of coin.  I've run them for years. The other very good option is Duelund 12 gauge single wire you cut to length you need for your purposes.  Th... 
Disservice: XLR interconnects
Always believed that cables mattered.  However....... I was convinced, mostly by others, that quality RCA was as good as XLR for shorter runs, the benefits of XLR only revealed by long runs.  Purchased Mogami medium quality XLRs to run between AT... 
Good audio shops Stuttgart, Germany
langla4    Must plead ignorance and state that Google maps failed. Bietigheim-Bissigen, Germany is exactly where he will reside.  
Good audio shops Stuttgart, Germany
Sie haben dass Super gemacht!  Vielen dank für das Information. You guys really came through.  My friend and I may scout a stereo Anlage for his son who starts working north of Stuttgart this month.  We visit soon.  Again, great information.    
Good audio shops Stuttgart, Germany
willgolf    Thought that's where I was at.  Best of ghdprentic   Had apartment for a month Ludwigsberg only for travel purposes spoke-wheeling around Germany with no itinerary.  Yes, Tuebingen is great.  
Flagship product to build around
OP asked for flagship product to build around:   Luxman 509X.  65 lbs. of rakish Japanese amplification iron.  One can feed it anything of great quality for source and it will caress the signal passing it on completely intact.   This integrated ...