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Speaker Pairing to Tube amp (Please help)
What could possibly go wrong with 25 wpc tube power with the Rega speakers?  They are efficient enough and will throw harder than your current speakers. 
What's wrong with the Grado Green 1?  That arm likes a stiffer cantilever. 
Am I too cynical?
It's a jungle out there......and you're smeared with meat product.  You are absolutely correct in your assessment.  So many of the "A" components are disappointing and relatively unknown small companies can throw out great pieces for very reasonab... 
Amp for desktop setup, low volume listening
Different direction, why not active speakers like Vanatoo or Dynaudio?  Less real estate paired with a digital source. 
Standmount speakers with Line Magnetic 518 SET amp?
The de Capos are really good, though I like sealed box better and the little Harbeths are now particularly good.......they weren't before.  They deal very well with room acoustics because of the sealed box, you don't play loudly so that is not an ... 
Servers: Are we there yet?
Yes, we are there.  However, they are here, they are real in performance and they are not perfect..... as most things unfortunately in life.  Mine by a large margin outperforms any highly modified transport I ever owned.However, I cannot for the l... 
Tube Integrated Amp - Help Please
Need it be an integrated?  For 4K you could look at used Manley Jumbo Shrimp with Manley Mahi Mahi which would absolutely rock the Rogue (no offense) as the price levels are quite different.  You talk about lush tube sound, extended highs and tigh... 
Upgraded banana plugs
May I suggest simply a trial of bare wire.  I had some higher end LAT International speaker cables with expensive locking banana plugs, one of which broke.  I stripped all of the bananas at both ends and re-connected, the sound opened up and impro... 
How can it be that some old recordings sound sublime?
Class A tube mastering amps, tube microphones, minimal miking and a real sound engineer with real ears doing the work.  Simple enough as opposed to most of the dreck of today. 
Going to rip 2000 cds. Which software?
The Naim UnitiServe takes about 5 minutes per ripped CD.  However, the unit referred to available here at Audiogon(great price!) is SSD which I believe will give you 512GB of storage.  Even by burning in FLAC, you would fall short of internal stor... 
Need small size speakers for fireplace.
Check the Role Audio small monitors, even smaller than the affore mentioned.  Of course bass becomes an option. 
Going to rip 2000 cds. Which software?
Bob,I completed this same journey last year after exhaustive research and consideration of my need for simplicity vs performance.  My answer was the Naim UnitiServe using FLAC.  It is a great ripper, needs no external software and burning in FLAC ... 
Need small size speakers for fireplace.
You'll want sealed box to sound right.  The small ATC 7s or Spendors would work well.  Not sure if your dimensions are exact or not, but these two should come close to fitting within the enclosure. 
Newbie Q: speaker cable length? Different OK?
Take the long view.  Your system will not remain static in its needs.  A 15' speaker cable will not sound different than a 10' and later you may have need of that 15' length.  Plus, who is going to purchase a used pair of 15'/10' speaker cables?  ... 
are magnepan mmg any good and intergrated amp suggestion for them
Decent speaker.  As stated they do need some room around them and they are power hungry.  Need LOTS of damping factor or the panels flop around and are unruly.  For example, an older Hafler 120 or 220 will stay with them.