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Wondering about using IsoAcoustics under by GoldenEar Triton One speakers
You mentioned pucks, but believe you mean the Gaia footers and possibly carpets spikes.  Isoacoustics does both.I run the Gaia II with ATC 40 active and the difference from the stock provided spikes is enormous.  They provide all of what one looks... 
Power conditioners under $1000?
Decware ZLC hands down.  Eviscerated my Furman Elite 15i which is not bad.  Under 1K and Steve Deckert is a great engineer.  This did everything right. 
Need Advice on Power Protection/Clean Power
jay73  That's a great question and the answer is yes.  Because, it will in all likelihood not remain an entry level system.  The benefits will only progress as the system improves.  Besides, don't you want at least spike protection in case somethi... 
Need Advice on Power Protection/Clean Power
Just gave away my Furman Elite 15i or something like that.  It performed well, cleaned up the power and nothing ever bombed my components.Replaced it with the Decware ZLC which eviscerated the Furman.  In every aspect of dynamics, noise floor, att... 
ATC SCM7 vs SCM11 ? Which one would you choose?
So, you've stumbled onto terrific speakers with caveats.  The ATC speakers are great, but only if you have reference source and amplification.  Lots and lots of stable current delivery.  These love quality power and lots of it.  Otherwise, forget ... 
Who works on or upgrades/mods Merlin Audio speakers?
Contact Rich https://sigsound.com/He really is great to work with. 
Decware ZLC power conditioner
        Just had a conversation with Steve Deckert at Deware and he stated the ZLC conditioner has excellent spike protection but not surge protection as that would require a re-generator.  He also added that his amps are designed to "not care whe... 
Spica Angelus
Luxman 1120 receiver, any vintage Luxman rated at 70wpc or more will drive these well.  Exposure or English made Onix 120 integrated will also match well. 
Power cords can make a tremendous difference in Digital
I don’t know if shkong 78 is talking about power conditioning, but if he/she is, then I agree.  The PC thing is real, but so is conditioning and oft overlooked.  I have always paid attention to this, but was enlightened by how much better the Decw... 
Will a pair of Manley tube amps be a good match for Martin Logan ESL 11A's?
pvmike,One assumes having posted the specs for the Manley 500 monos, these are the amps under consideration.  I've not heard them, but am a long time owner of the Mahi Mahi and can attest to them being scary fast and able to handle many different ... 
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
Also, Pepe Habichuela and Dave Holland "Hands". 
Subs on stands
I run a JL E sub 10" set on a Sunoko Vent shelf and it improves the sound in every way.  I'm a believer in slight elevation and stabilization. 
Scottsdale Speakerfest, 6/29/19
Not surprised at all by the ATC showing.  I run ATC 40 active with Gaia.Astonished by the general lack of investigation by the audiophile community into the world of studio grade active speakers.  The evidence more than ample that active when done... 
Casey Abrams new release, Jazz
Yes.  The recording is very decent, but the material and performance is only adequate.  They sure did amp this up.  Glad I didn't ante up $50 for it as something I couldn't live without. 
R.I.P. Dr. John
Profoundly entertaining, shockingly talented and twisted just enough to make you smile with every riff.  Immersed in his world twice at Jazz Alley in Seattle with acoustics to die for.  Music magic in a slightly odd package.R.I.P. Dr. and thanks f...