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Speaker cable recommendations
Duelund.  Run that exact Luxman/ATC 20 combination and the Duelunds are brilliant.  Cannot go wrong.  Cheers  
Recommend me a DAC under 3k
Weiss DAC204.  I run the Weiss 501 and love it.  The Weiss DAC204 is a stripped down no frills version.  
Upgrading preamp. Best for under $1K
https://www.transcendentsound.com/fixer.html Friend built a different kit from them years ago and it was stellar for the money.  
Audio / Stereo Rack
Quadraspire SV2T.  They claim 80kg per shelf and this is a really great shelf.  No time frame given.  Best of luck finding what you need.    
Class A integrated amp recommendations
Wall outlets
@audphile1  Furutech FI-50 NCF standard wall plug, except for of course the 20A which is I believe an FI-51 NCF.  
Wall outlets
Just installed Furutech GTX-D Rhodium outlet and I run a complete loom of Furutech 4.1 power cables to include the 20A wall to Puritan conditioner.  Hefty price tag, but well worth it in my system, which is the only one that really counts. Just m... 
Audition of a Sugden in the Seattle area
What are you looking for?  I can only offer the real world attributes of my Sugden A21SE.  Ran mine for years with Merlin Black Magic Edition and Penaudio Cenya monitors. They are rattler strike quick.  Attack of vocals and instruments is immedia... 
What amp for LS3/5A nearfield only
Sugden A21 will drive them crazy good.  
Speaker with Modern Design
Sure.  We'll need go through proper channels.  Look at my feedback so you feel comfortable.  
Finding a Power Amplifier for Luxman C-900U
https://www.sugdenaudio.com/spa-4-stereo-power-amplifier Used should be around your price and yes Class A is very nice.  
Speaker with Modern Design
Not impossible to find.  However, mine are fire engine RED!  OBM. But really, no bass to speak of.  Need a sub or really near-field listening.    
Audioquest SureGrip 100 BFA/Banana
Thank you.  Received Sewell individual bananas and they are magnitudes above the Audioquest dreck.  
Hearing Aids Reduce Dementia Risk
A friend made a rather in depth study of hearing aids for his personal use and used first the top end Siemens and then upgraded to Widex.  Perhaps that is helpful. These are very top end products, rather expensive.  
And Awaaay We Go!
James May does audio with similarly painful pedantic dronings  However, James May artfully sprinkled brilliant humor throughout those dronings.