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Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
My new ATC 40 active speakers are residing at the dealer who ordered them for me.  I agreed to leave them to play with for a couple of weeks before taking possession.  The shop sells very high end stuff and stated so far the 40s are scary good col... 
Affordable integrated pure class A?
Second the Sudden A21SE recommendation.  I own that amp myself.  It is immediate in reproduction.... I mean really quick.  Everything else seems slow off the mark and a bit sloppy.  Midrange is sweet and bass is tight but not thunderous or really ... 
To power condition or not
Shadorne,Will have high quality RCA to XLR cables made, no adaptors.  German manufacturer or Analysis Plus expected. 
Have l become unstable?
jay23 collects the ‘Eye for Detail’ award as I misspoke my digital cable as a Shunyata Valhalla.  Must be a hybrid.  Nordost Valhalla.  My Homer Simpson moment.  Thanks jay23 for my Sunday morning humbling.  Thank you everyone for great feedback. ... 
Have l become unstable?
Buellrider97,I'll work on getting up the courage for the white polka dots.....  Thanks for input. 
Have l become unstable?
soix,I just need more dynamics.  I realize I could buy Manley Snappers and power the Merlins harder, but at the end of the day I need a speaker designed for more SPL on the occasion I want it.  BTW, the Merlins are terrific and do so much well.  N... 
Have l become unstable?
Thank you so much for insightful and useful information.  I've enjoyed the current system for years, just wanted to shove the envelope a bit.  Thanks again.  Ciao 
Picking a Tube integrated amp
VTL IT 85.  Rock solid and does not swoon like other tube gear that is not so well power regulated.  I owned the VTL TT-25 mono blocks and regret selling them as they did everything right.  And tube roll to your heart's content.Also USA built and ... 
Tube Preamps.....
Really?  No one mentioned a used Manley Neo Classic 300B with two pre-outs to support the Vandys in future with a JL sub?  There, I’ve said it.  Ciao 
Tube Preamps.....
Really?  No one mentioned a used Manley Neo Classic 300B with two pre-outs to support the Vandys in future with a JL sub?  There, I’ve said it.  Ciao 
where best to spend $2-3000 upgrade dollars in my system
Quadraspire X-Reference rack.  The room treatment suggestions are also great.  I would never have believed the quantum leap in every aspect of sound reproduction a great stand can produce had I not experienced it myself.  Best of luck. 
First Tube Amp
Might consider a hot rod Dynaco 70 from Vincent in Lewiston.  While I do not own one myself, I’ve spoken with quite knowledgeable audiophiles who attest to the premier sound and build of the product.  His upgrades are well thought out and applied.... 
noisy tube preamp
Upscale Audio for a tube overhaul.  Good information on the website.  Probably will fix the whole thing.  Enjoy. 
Can anyone recommend a great tube preamp that also has a headphone out?
Manley Neo-Classic 300B.  Just upgraded to Takatsuki 300B tubes which now makes it  officially amazing.  Used it falls in your price range.  
Putting your components inbetween your speakers.
I went to a 3 shelf Quadraspire lowering the previous 4 shelf.  The improvement was noticeable.  The imaging and detail improved.