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The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
jvogt is correct, for the money and sound quality, arrrrggghhhhh.....  A friend who runs a high-end shop describes it akin to barbed wire run between the ears back and forth. 
What makes a good Hi Fi rack improve your system.
Great question.  I use the Quadraspire Sunoko Vent and it is tremendous replacing what I assumed was credible, a Target stand.  Turns out the Target muddied things, how weird is that?  The bass is much less bloated, imaging improved, I really don'... 
Your not a serious audiophile I'd you have??????
Return from CES with Kimber Kable silver speaker cable for your girlfriend instead of flowers. 
Harman/Kardon Receiver
The HK 430 is a bit of an anomaly.  Not all receivers of that vintage sound so good.  Prevalent use of discrete componentry, oversized power supply for the design and engineers who actually listened to the product probably explains most of it.  I ... 
using large box dvd/cd/player as base for small tube amp
Lowrider57 is very correct.  In fact I got schooled when I placed my pieces on a Quadraspire Sunoko Vent stand and everything....and I do mean everything got way better.  I was running a Target stand thinking all is good.  Not!!  Vibration control... 
Good used Pre-Amp? Price Range $1500.00 to $2000.00
Manley Jumbo Shrimp used.  Run one right now with Mahi Mahi mono blocks, so this not a blind suggestion.  Great imaging, solid bass foundation, quick with no tube bloom.  Particularly good with acoustic music and vocals. 
Frank Sinatra at the Sands
Thanks everybody!!! 
What is best turntable for listening to Rock from the sixties like Led Zeppelin?
Technics 1200 with Shure V-15 Type III cart.  This will give the non-revealing edgy unsophisticated crass sound you crave.  No, really.  Best of luck. 
First Hand Experience?
I've owned Rotel pieces, not that one exactly, but experienced their version of mid-fi.  They don't overcharge for what you get, it's just boring.  Why not an Odyssey piece?What do you want it all to do?  You've left so many gaps:  room size, sour... 
Merlin TSM-M (MXE) Owners manual
The toe-in is 10 degrees.  The "tool" Bobby sent is a right triangle slice of wood cut at that angle.  You could use a piece of paper for that matter, place it on the floor and make your adjustments. 
Thoughts on replacing caps in 30 year old speakers
Why not.  Projects are fun and you derive satisfaction from hearing the distinct improvement.  Would not go nuts with Mundorf and Jorma internal wiring, but within reason it's a good idea. 
what kind of amp. are good for b&w 802d that will not cost my arm and legs?
What do you want to do with all of this?  Is this for 2 channel stereo or surround sound movie theater?  With so many speakers it sounds like a home theater set-up.  If that is so then you will need a 5 or 7 channel receiver of very good quality a... 
Back to it - Practical speaker upgrade
Kind of all over the map here.You've left out a key component (the source other than TV) to determine some key factors.  If the source is mediocre well then it is no wonder the Rega speakers did not impress.This is like baking a cake, you cannot l... 
Why do all audio forums on the internet seem "dead" ?
In response to french_fries reference to MQA BORG technology, I'm sending my audio flux capacitor immediately to Ric Shultz for the full Millenium Falcon Level lll modification rendering all cloaking of reference recordings futile.  How many sheke... 
Building a system from scratch (other than speakers)
Approaching just the amplification matter, those who choose tube amplification for MLs usually do it because MLs are oft unlistenable with SS, notice I stated oft not always.  Very harsh and revealing.  An Allnic Audio T-1500 listed on A'gon would...