Quality of sound

Looking for someone that is familer
With my Bozak Cocert Grands E 4000 Moorish
They were my reference speaker many, many years ago. I ran a store that sold Bozak and McIntosh among other brands.

What's the problem with them?
They actually work very well i am trying to figure out if they are rer and what they maybe worth today.
How rare or what they are worth? What di they cost when new?
I had large floor standing Bozaks, and they had (I think) a 12 inch speaker (or 15 inch) in it that had 2 tweeters mounted coaxially. I drove them with Dyna amps and a Dyna preamp. I had the tweeters fail twice. They were replaced by Bozak (although that could be problematical today) Could that be your problem?
Tritter04, a good starting point is here:


If I had to pull a number out of the air I would say $2200.00 to $3000.00 depending on performance and appearance.

One of the biggest problems will be transporting them, I would try to find a local buyer and adjust the price to make it work.

Start with an ad here at Audiogon and some good photos.