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Tone, Tone, Tone !
Having listened to different speakers in different rooms and systems, my personal conclusion is that a speaker needs to sound "right" when I hear it as a single speaker with a mono recording. The rest of the (audiophile) attributes such as imaging... 
Use this song if you are doing an A/B with Preamps
Actually, in this experiment the limiting factor is generally the amplifier not the preamp, in my experience. 
Revel Gem I Speaker Stands
The stands could make a difference but equally important is how the speakers are "coupled" with the stands and how the stands are "coupled" or "isolated" with/from the floor, and the type of floor they are placed on.  
Vincent Audio SV-500 Arriving Today
I don't have any experience with this particular model but I have had their SP-331 hybrid amplifier for over three years and been very happy with its performance and reliability. It took several hours for the new unit to settle. 
Low cost WiFi streamer : Google Chromcast Audio v/s Audioengine B1
According to the specs, its a Bluetooth device not a WiFi streamer. But that aside, my guess is it'll sound just about the same as CC Audio (using an external DAC) depending on your home WiFi performance.  
What the...have I just done ? Please explain...
“ lay off the likker.......”What he said..... 
Preamp no longer makes a difference after caps and wire
Still don’t quite follow...how do you “bypass” the preamp? Do you have some sort of switch ahead of your amplifier and you switch between the preamp and direct DAC connection and use the DAC volume control? 
Eminent Technology LFT8b
I’ve heard Magnepan 1.7i and the ET LFT-8b in the same system and the same room and if I didn’t know the price(s) I would have thought the LFT-8b was at least twice more expensive just based on how much better it sounded. I think the LFT-8b’s 8ohm... 
Dealers and exaggerated treble
I personally don’t think that the speakers in general are more accurate and transparent than the past but I do know that different speakers do sound different in the same exact (rest of the) system. 
How much does volume matter when breaking in amps and cables?
Roger, I’m honestly curios, don’t you think there’s been improvements in the way electrical components are made since the 50’s? People’s hearing could have been better but that’s also open to debate at another time. 
Pure Class A amps above 100 Watts?
As good as those ML2s were in their day, a new Pass XA25 has a similar performance without the need to use that much iron. But that aside, I find the 800 watt power consumption and 300 wpc Class A a bit inconsistent unless the design is similar to... 
Differences among the electrostatics of Martin Logan models?
When comparing different  or even the same ML ESLs, you need to consider the room placement and the partnering electronics. The model you heard in someone else's home/room will sound different in your room. Probably true for all speakers..... 
High quality in-wall UL-C2 rated 10-gauge A/C wiring ?
I need help trying to decide which bookshelf speakers to purchase
Totem Mani 2 are excellent but will need a decent amount of good quality power to come alive, need space around and behind them to show their potential, and require well built solid/heavy stands. Definitely not "book shelf" speakers.   
PRIMA LUNA DIALOGUE PREMIUM - 20 minutes and then loud pop and buzzing in 1 channel
This might be stating the obvious, but are you sure the amp is designed to work with KT150 tubes?  Either way, it might be worth trying it with the stock EL34 and see if the problem still exists.