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Cary SLM-100 amplifîer upgrade question
Thank you guys for your input. I always thought if I had to make a choice it is better to have longer speaker wires than longer interconnects, of course within similar quality/price window. But that aside, do those of you who are familiar with the... 
Cary SLM-100 amplifîer upgrade question
Thanks for the input. Couple of clarifications on my original post. I have seen and heard the Carys but won't be able to audition them in my own house. Shipping is not an issue since it'll be local pickup. In fact I bought the Aerius speakers from... 
Cary SLM-100 amplifîer upgrade question
Sorry, poor choice of wording for the title. I meant to say upgrading to Cary SLM-100 vs. upgrading them. 
New Vandersteen oil cooled hybrid amplifiers
I'll wait for the steam powered amplifiers to come out so I can save a few $ having to use electricity to run my tubes. Sign me up.