Recommendations for XLR interconnect cables on a BAT system

Hi guys.
I just purchased a BAT 32SE pre amp, that I am going to connect to some VK60 BAT monoblock´s, what recommendations of XLR cables do you think would be good for this set up.
I currently have some ProAC 3.8 speakers that run on Cardas Quadlink 5C speaker cables.
Thinking about the cardas golden cross XLR ? any thoughts ?



I like anything that uses OCC copper (Harmonic Technology, Shunyata, etc.).
Personally, I would think that you could use a touch of silver. I've heard your ProAc speakers, and I've owned 9 pieces of BAT gear. While very nice, they both can be a touch on the warm side. Your Cardas speaker cables are also a bit warm. From my experiences, too much of a good thing can be bad.

Now, if you love warm, sweet sound, this may work out well for you.
If you are seeking a bit more resolution, you may consider trying something with silver in it, like Acoustic Zen Absolute.
I use Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper with my BAT gear. Sounds very good to my ears.
I just got a set of Morrow MA7 XLR and burning them in right now. Copper strands coated in silver. Wow, they are very good. Definitely bested my Audioquest Sky XLR and cost less.
I've been using all BAT systems for years, and tried many cables. I tried Cardas and they were way to warm, even dull sounding. Right now I use Audioquest Sky and Audioquest Colorado. Both sound really good in system. Music Direct has some really nice deals on the AQ Columbia and AQ Colorado right now.  Be careful buying used AQ cables, there have been counterfeits floating around. Good luck.
I use Cardas Clear Light - they don't add any treble harshness on my Thiels. 
I use Acoustic Zen Absolute (0.5m XLR).  According to head of AZ Robert Lee 1% of copper in the Absolutes silver wire makes a difference. It is very neutral, clean and fast sounding IC.  Resolution is fantastic.
I agree with Jmcgrogan2 . BAT amps (even Solid states) are more on warm side of neutral. Some Silver IC would add more neutrality and would add more high frequency extension. I use AQ SKY with my BAT 600Se with an excellent result. Some other AQ silver ICs like AQ Cheetah or AQ Niagra would also work out.
I concur w/ the panel that Cardas tend to be warm, dull and rolled off.
I like Audioquest SKY as well. Interesting to read Morrow could sound better?
I'm with Jafant.....Cardas was the very worst cable I've had in My system...every iteration of Cardas was bad......Sky was an overwhelming success.....but don't use it now.  XLR (balanced operation) will work if indeed the equipment is designed for balanced operation...that is....complete separate circuits for the plus side and identical but separate section for the minus side.  Many companies put XLR inputs/outputs on their equipment for advertising/bragging, but are not differentially balanced.
Many companies put XLR inputs/outputs on their equipment for advertising/bragging, but are not differentially balanced.

Balanced Audio Technology (BAT), which the OP is using, offers fully differential designs.
On a serious tip, it is rumored that, Cardas, Kimber and Audioquest cabling is now made in china?

If this is true, do you guys know which models, were made in the USA?
Clear Day Cables. Reasonably affordable silver cable with nice XLRs. Very open, extended cable with no edge at all. I use them and have tried them on Pass, ModWright, ARC and Sonic Frontiers on Aerial Acoustics and ProAcs. No risk at all because you're dealing with one of the nicest guy in the business with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Couldn't be any easier. 

The Morrow cable silver plated copper ,and not even in the highest purity variety
It sounds  highly detailed on thd leading edge ,that being said after longer listens 
the naturalness and valance is nowhere near as good as the AQ Sky ,and for a slightly warmer balance the Colorado. Myself and others that have very $$ top notch systems as well as listenjng to live venues I totally agree with the purer the metal the  more even balanced as well as electrically correct which is very musical. you would be surprised that at least 6 of your top U.S made dabbles use 
Solo crystal, or AQ hoes one step further and I believe micro Polish the surface 
Before putting in Teflon tubest per conductor. and the 72v does make a difference ,unplug , then listen plugged in . Music direct gives you 60 days to check them out.
Dare you to try Mogami for a fraction of the cost of most others suggested. They are neutral and let the music through. You can get them a million places...I think Jerry S. lists them here and he is reliable. Cheers,
I'm using Clear Day and have tried almost every cable ....everyone should at least TRY it in their system.
I'm in almost the EXACT SAME situation as you (31SE w/ VK-60 on the horizon). What did you eventually go with? 

I currently have Morrows in my system.

Just curious,
sbank's suggestion has merit. Guitar Center sells the 3’ Mogami Gold Studio balanced cable (with Neutrik XLR’s) for $39.95, the 6’ for a few bucks more. Recording studios use them for their mics. If you don’t like it, take it back. No audiophile bragging rights, but Ralph Karsten recommends it ;-) !
I finally went with the shunyata research balanced xlr cables, they are good per the price and you can find them at a discount on eBay.

Now what would RCA connectors would you recommend to connect the BAT VKP10 to the pre amp.


OCC copper...
As far as I’m concerned you can’t go wrong with AudioQuest! Whether it’s Colorado, Sky, WBY or WEL they are all amazing. I’d say that Colorado (Water) is the cheapest excellent interconnect cable from AQ and the best Perfect Surface Copper! If you want silver Sky or Wild Blue Yonder won’t affect your budget too much but will make wonders! I’ve used Panther, Cheetah, Sky and Wild Blue Yonder in my system and couldn’t be happier! AQ is definitely a great match for BAT gear!
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