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Who says high end audio is only about trying to “faithfully reproduce and amplify the input signal”?i think high end audio is to reproduce a sound that makes you connect with the music to the greatest extent.  There are many roads to there.  
Ceiling fan in listening room?
What you want is a VRF ( variable refrigerant flow) Mitsubishi unit. Itsa cassette unit that mounts on your wall. No ductwork required. Dead silent and the condenser can be located up to 1000 feet away.  
VPI Cuing arm falling too fast
Jeez guys. The problem was solved several posts ago.  
Need advice in Audio Research Classic C-60Amp
Ok. I finished the mini refresh.I biased the tubes and changed out the main caps. One side was 4 mVDC lower, not really out of spec. But I figured I could do better, I flip flopped a tube set from the left side to the right side. This got me 65mVD... 
VPI Cuing arm falling too fast
 What’s interesting is the one I have, which is the silicon, isn’t hydraulic at all in any real sense, it seems like it operates from a stiction standpoint. The thickness of the silicon slows the fall of the piston.  
Phono cartridge suggestions sought
I humbly suggest the Nagaoka MP500. Sounds excellent to me. Well rounded.boron cantilever if I remember correctly 
VPI Cuing arm falling too fast
 I ended up running by a hobby store tonight and picking up 500,000 weight silicone and added it to the queuing arm, all as well! 
Need advice in Audio Research Classic C-60Amp
So I purchased the correct probes to set the bias, the kind that extend out from a long insulated sleeve and can lock into the small capacitor legs. I had AR email me the instructions. One thing I’d like some input on is there appears to be only o... 
What Sonically is the Difference between a $1,500 CD Player and a $10K-$25K One?
I don’t really have any mega bucket equipment, I simply can’t afford it. But like anything in life it’s in the details and this is what you’re paying for.  Generally.  For me it’s akin to looking up at the night sky on a full moon night. An inexpe... 
Suggestions for low powered tube amps for Zu Omens
I use a Decware integrated with excellent results.  
Need advice in Audio Research Classic C-60Amp
No biggie. I found many videos and write ups explaining safe ways to do it. It’s not too complicated.  
Need advice in Audio Research Classic C-60Amp
If I wanted to discharge the current caps, is it simply done by leaving the music on, turning off the amp, and waiting for the music to fade out until there is zero sound? Then unplug the system. Or is there still residual voltage in the caps? 
AMP or Preamp
Maybe consider used and get both pre and amp.  
Need advice in Audio Research Classic C-60Amp
I’m only focused in so far as making sure it initially runs without any hiccups and is set correctly, I will then focus on fixing other things down stream say in the next year or so.After speaking with Scott, he was of the opinion that I shouldn’t... 
Need advice in Audio Research Classic C-60Amp
@djohnthanks for your thoughts. The tubes are Sovtek 6550’s. So there should be no issue with those. As as for the tester I mention above, if I understand it right, it basically replaces the probe leads you would otherwise need to use. So the dang...