Really satisfied???

I was wondering how many audiophiles are really satisfied with their systems to a point where they feel like there is no need to upgrade anymore. I say to myself sometimes there is no way anything else i can buy or replace can make my system sound any better. But then the next day i am looking and reading about what cd player or separates may sound better than my Krell KPS 20i.  My system consists of Krell FPB 600 , Mark Levinson 38s, Krell KPS 20i , Krell B&W Bass Alignment filters BAFs Balanced (2) , B&W Matrix 800s , Straightwire Crescendo speaker cable and interconnects. Am i really satisfied?? Hmmmmmm 
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At the risk of sounding smug, I am. At the beginning of 2017 I decided to build a TT based system for my office. Turntable is a Michell Engineering GyroDec (full plinth, not the SE version) with an SME IV tonearm and Clear Audio Maestro V2 Ebony cartridge. Preamp is a McIntosh C50 with a McIntosh MC275-MK VI tube power amp. And now for the really interesting bit; speakers are a pair of fully refurbished  Gale GS401A's. For those of you not familiar with Gale speakers here is a link:

The whole system sits on a custom made Core Audio plyKraft 3L stand. Not only does this system look beautiful (IMHO) it also sounds spectacular. Interestingly, my main system is a Krell/B&W set that cost about twice as much. The new Michell/Gale/McIntosh system sounds just as good, if not better. I have absolutely no plans to upgrade this system and I am enjoying playing records all over again after a 33 year absence.

For more information, see my previous post on this system.
I have been really satisfied with the sound of my system several times in the past 40 years.

That doesn't stop me from looking, or even buying something else.
Sometimes it's another step forward, sometimes it's a step backward or sideways. It's all part of the dance. ;^)
Agreed.  You can be totally satisfied and still have the itch.  It's something about being an audiophile rather than a "melomane".  There's always that curiosity, that "what if?" question hovering somewhere around.  Also, total satisfaction doesn't = "perfection".
It's in our nature to know more and want something better. The rest of the world can learn something from that way of thinking, even if it only results in better music appreciation.

All the best,
Or just take the blue pill, stay off the fora, stay out of the stores, and cancel magazines.  One covets what he sees.  Haha!

Hannibal Lecter: No! He covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Clarice? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer now.

Clarice Starling: No. We just...

Hannibal Lecter: No. We begin by coveting what we see every day.

Always wanting to change/upgrade a system over the past 40+ years until...last year finally made the effort to really take the time to position the speakers and listening seat, have a dedicated room with a dedicated AC line, and acoustic treatment.
Very happy with sound. Have a very modest system but finally have no desire to jump back onto the upgrade treadmill. 
Knowing now what a difference the room and the treatments have made, I genuinely feel sorry for the frustration most audiophiles feel from not getting the level of sound quality their gear is capable of...

If you begin with the premise that listening is a "fine art", you'll accept that some days you are "in the mood" and some you are not. A definition of "fine" is "easy to see through if so desired". Silk is a fine cloth and canvas is not. Part of the paradigm is meeting your system half-way by pushing the "believe button" and entering the illusion.
There were many years of frustration and trial-and-error (some of which was caused by living far from any large city, and no audio oriented culture to learn from in my small town). A limited budget has also been a factor, but I have spent as much as I could with much DIY endeavors, and I am happy to say there is no aspect of my system I could improve on without spending much more than I can currently afford, though thankfully, I find no need to do so.

God bless the happy audiophile!

Good point. Not enough made of how biological factors (e.g., hearing acuity, mental energy, emotional state) contribute to the listening experience. If room acoustics are rolled in under "hardware", then the Big 3 contributors could be called Hardware, Software & Wetware (or so I think).
I am satisfied with my system very satisfied in fact. Can it be improved? Of course it can! But. To really make a meaningful improvement would require a fairly outsize expenditure. So I tinker around the edges but overall I am happy to let things stay where they are.
I use constructive dissatisfaction to derive more satisfaction.
It is in our DNA, do not fight it , just succumb and Enjoy the Music!!!
Been good for 20 yrs. jbl l65a, dynaco pas 3 pre amp, hafler dh-500, pioneer pl630 tt, 
rega saturn CD player. Couldn’t be happier! 
All that stuff combined won’t buy you a high end integrated today. Doubt it would sound as good anyway. 
If I had $100k  in the system then I can safely say all the 👁s are dotted and T’s
are Crossed.  I am currently just modding my capacitors in the entire system 
cables all replaced to Top Quality Verastarr Audio . Digital is the one area
that Kees getting better.  I will wait a few more years  by then it should be incredible  for  well under $10k. The Lumin D1  with LinearTube Audio Linear power supply truly puts the D-1 on another level  with  synergistic fuses 
and oil cap upgrades.
I just finished a round of upgrades, with the goal of getting where I wanted to be.  Like islandmandan, getting to hear equipment has been difficult.  But, I have good resolution- no smearing,  like the timing, tone, drive--everything is in balance and even--sounds very musical, relaxed, and natural.  Instruments sound like the instruments. Is not 'the last word' but isn't that many syllables away. Enjoy the music.
I upgrade every 20 years, no matter what...
+1 @jmcgrogan2 - That is sooo correct!
Hey Tottootedtrackman, Nice to see that people are still using and enjoying the Krell 20i. I was a proud owner of one. The only reason I sold it was because I was afraid that Krell wouldn't be able to repair them down the road. It sounded fantastic and I'm sure it still does! Have you not had to replace the laser? I also had B&W 801's. I used transparent reference cable throughout the system. Amps were Threshold T2 and T400. Also Snell Type B's for speakers. BEST sound I ever heard to this day. Joe
+1 jmcgrogan2, I totally agree!

"I think maybe perhaps" I am satisfied with my system. But then you send your transport in for tuneup and a friend lends you his PS Audio PWT and the "snowballing" begins.  You buy your own PWT because the improvement over your Audio Research transport was wonderful. Then you notice one of your Tara Labs AC cables is damaged, so you replace all of them with new Zu Audio cables. Then you get into a discussion on interconnects and replace all those with new Hero Kimber Kables.  The new PWT gets you thinking about your Bel Canto 1.5 DAC and again, your friend brings over a Bel Canto 3.75 w/ VRB power ( while your DAC is being updated) and he also brings over his massive "money no option type" Wadia DAC and you hear "magic" (and dollar sign$...accck !) and know what your system could sound like. 
All in all it's a terrible, wonderful, amazingly scary and neverending adventure we audiophiles undertake each and every time we listen to our hobby, our escape, our needy little electrical, addictive stepchild,  our version of  musical nirvana  !  In my opinion, of course.  
Hey jnovak Ive owned the Krell 20i with the delta 9 upgrade about 2 years now and couldnt be happier, Laser is still going strong, Unit is built like a tank , and has the most incredible slamming bass i have ever heard in a cd player. 

It's just something that people do.

An auto enthusiast gets a new performance car.

What does he do?  Take it in for a tune-up, buy a better air filter, start researching bolt-on turbos.

If you can do 0-60 in 6 secs, you can do it in 5.5.

It's the same with audio.

Rest assured, you can always find something that sounds better than what you have. The quest is half the fun! My suggestion, when you find something you like, take a break and give yourself time to enjoy it. Technology is going to improve; it’s inevitable. When you’re ready to explore again, and you have the funds, it can be crazy exciting to try new things. However, I have discovered, after 17 years and dropping more than 500K, the more expensive your system, the more it’s going to cost you to upgrade. When you reach your spending limit, then it’s time to stop looking. 
You have a system I could only dream of having.  Several things I have learned.
1. Some people are never satisied. They want a different system because they have much money and this is a hobby. Why not?  It may be they just want a change in sound.  
2. Some people will be critial of any system no matter the cost and never be satisfied.
3. For listening pleasure everyone has an opinion.  It does not make their ears any better than yours. It all boils down to what you like and that is all that matters.  
   I am sure there is always something better somewhere?  Again, are you happy with your system?  Try room acoustics  before changing it out.
After almost 40 yrs of involvement in this hobby the most important thing ( for me) is the spectrum roughly between 200-400 hz.  If a system (regardless of quality) is washed out in this area I cannot get "into" it and it loses it's natural potential. Jim Smith of "Better Sound" and many others have mentioned this. 
Count me in the really satisfied camp.  Still like to dabble and hear new things.   You never know...