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Substantial System Improvements
Millercarbon, although I've built tube preamps, class d amps (all from kits), my crossovers, changed power supplies in my phono pre, the one time I involved myself in working on the internals in a power amp, ie, the capacitors in an Adcom five-cha... 
Swapped long wall to short wall and now I am having some big issues
You don't mention what speakers you are trying to set up in the new configuration. I did the same thing years ago, with the opposite result. You may have to move your speakers away from the wall behind them more to get the benefit of their new loc... 
Speaker Recommendations budget of <6k new or used
I suggest trying some vintage Tannoys. Monitor Golds, or HPD's. I think you would be pleased with them.Good luck, regards,Dan 
I am the most lucky guy
Thomas, you are indeed a lucky guy. It's too bad I couldn't make it to your home a couple of months back. I've also made some positive changes recently, but nothing on the scale of what you've done. I wonder what my system would look like had I yo... 
Dynavector XX2 mk2 vs Lyra DELOS which is better?
I agree with having Soundsmith or someone doing a re-tip on your XX2MKII. SS put a sapphire cantilever and new stylus on mine, and it came back sounding better than it did new. Then you can save for something really special in the future, if that'... 
System phenomenon when playing loud
My suggestion is try a different preamp. Or, your attenuator on the SF pre might be corroded a bit, causing the problem. If you can access it easily, you could try cleaning it with some contact cleaner/enhancer.Hope you get it fixed, regards,Dan 
HF resistor change a revelation on 12" Tannoy HPD's
Hello Eric, Al and Elizabeth (all three of you are some of my favorite people in all of Audiogon).I was actually trying to find my crossover schematic, and somehow it got lost in my computer (I'm not on the best of terms with it, as it continually... 
Squeeky noise on vocals
If you mentioned what your source is, I missed it. Do you use vinyl or digital, or both? If your only source is vinyl, it may be a problem with your arm/cartridge setup. 
Separates suggestions appreciated
I don't quite understand what you mean by 4K, is that what you will have to spend? Awhile back, I needed to replace my Adcom five channel amp,  and wound up buying and building (eventually), three Class D Audio kits that have done an excellent job... 
The Orchestral Organ, Jan Kraybill
King, the only format it's not available in is vinyl. 
Music lover or audiophile?
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
Back about 40 years or so ago, I used to play my '57 Gibson ES 330 through my Tannoy 12" MG, in DIY cabinets. Played a lot of blues through them. Still do, though they're now HPD 315 (12") Dual Concentric from 1975, in custom built enclosures. Man... 
Alert, Warning, and Caution about Modified Components
If the modder in question is who I think it is, he will not disclose anything he does, for fear someone will rip off his ideas, such as they are. Very secretive and eccentric guy.Dan 
Any experience with Tannoy loudspeakers?
I'm surprised this thread is still running. Ralph is absolutely right. The only thing my HPD's won't play well are the lowest pipe organ notes. All else is fair game.I recently had my old Assemblage Audio SET 300B worked on by Paul Birkeland, the ... 
DIY is not all about saving money
Some of us Do It Yourselfers ARE numbskulls, but do it anyway, for all the above reasons. Persistence pays off, and we sometimes get it so right.That makes it all worthwhile. Regards,Dan