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Turntable help/recommendation with specific setup
+ one on the AT 440ML Cartridge. So good I moved on to AT ART 9 Moving Coil. That's a lot more money but it's a lot more cartridge. But the AT 440ML blew me away, so I figured I would really like one of their better moving coil carts, and I doDan. 
Are you still ignoring Iris Dement?
Wow, lots to look for! Thanks guys!Dan 
Are you still ignoring Iris Dement?
bdp24, I've never really heard of Iris Dement, I used to listen to Emmylou Harris, Wylie and Willon (as they liked to be called at one time), but I never before heard of Iris.I will correct that situation before the day is out.Regards,Dan 
Only Buzzing Output Through Speakers
Crown amps, when new at todays prices, have gotten a bit pricey. I had my Crown XTi 2002 go TU. I shipped it to Crown Audio's Factory repair center, they replaced a couple of caps and one or two other do-dads I don't remember the name of, sent it ... 
Classical music listening... what is a better source High Rez or Vinyl?
I was reminded again last night, even though I didn't play any classical, I played some jazz that had no electronic instruments, just how good vinyl can sound.It just really perks my attention and enjoyment when vinyl sounds this good. I do also l... 
New Audio Frontiers 211 SE amp opinions and experience
Hey Banana John,I don't know anything about New Audio Frontiers 211 amp, but I thought I'd say hello anyway. My 3C24 amp is still chugging away as it has been for so many months now. Still hope to get together some day.Good luck with the new 211 a... 
The Absurdity of it All
At my age (74 now), and pretty bad Tinnitus, I can still hear improvements in my system, I've got a new amp, preamp, and a new (better) cartridge, I could quite easily hear the improvements in the upgrade in sound quality.I enjoy my system now mor... 
Modwright LS100 vs The followings
About a year  ago now, I bought a factory reconditioned SWL 9.0 Line Stage. Blew me away, its sound is, to my ears, perfect. Modwright is tough to beat especially for the price.Regards,Dan 
Is it a Merger or Bust?
Artemus 5, well there you are. You're both happy That's a win, and I'm glad you are happy. That's all that matters. 
Is it a Merger or Bust?
Apart from conversation, it really doesn't matter what any of us do, as long as we are happy with the results. As I said in my previous statement, I never enjoyed hearing my 2 channel sound  through a preprocessor, It wasn't until I heard it throu... 
Is it a Merger or Bust?
With the right room, and the right equipment, you can have an excellent stereo system, and a good sounding multi-channel system. It takes a lot of equipment to do it right, though.I use a separate preamp for stereo, and a separate two channel powe... 
Dave Alvin/From An Old Guitar
That one stayed in the rotation for a good long while, and will be played often in the future.Regards,Dan 
What phono preamp are you using?
I use a Modwright SWP 9.0 Signature with an upgraded power supply. I think if I were in your shoes, I would get the Modwright PH 9.0 Phono Stage.I am using an AT ART 9 cartridge, it sounds amazing on my Garrard 401 and Dynavector 501 arm vinyl fro... 
Acquired A Dynavector DV505 Now I Got To Put It On Something
I thought I'd share my story. After re-entering the vinyl game years ago now, and going through a few tables that really didn't do it for me, I bought a Garrard 401 chassis, and rebuilt it. I acquired a Dynavector 501 arm, and rebuilt that, and mo... 
Tube Dealers 2021
Syntax, there is Andy Bouman's Vintage Tube Services at vintagetubeservices.com, Brent Jesse's at www.audiotubes.com are the two I usually deal with.Regards,Dan