My beloved CDP finally bit the dust

Time for a  new front end.The laser and transport mechanism was designed as an entire unit,easily replaceable in my Vincent S6.Except the unit is no longer available.I've enjoyed it for the past nine years and I will miss it terribly.
I've got a Cambridge CXC along with a Parasound Zdac v2 on the way as a replacement.I don't stream,just enjoy physical media for now.Both are returnable if one or both don't work out.I didn't want to spend $$$ an end up in the same situation a few years down the road.I could up the budget but I'm not sure it's necessary.I'm hoping for a similar smooth sound with detail that's not harsh.
So what do you guys and gals think?Am I on the right track?My other components are LTA MZ2,Aric Audio Transcend Push Pull amp,Tekton Impact Monitors,four subs.Blues and rock,acoustic and electric is my preference for music.Any suggestions for 'plan B' components are welcome.
Marantz SA 8005 or Rega Apollo-R.

+1 on the Marantz SA 8005
Thanks!Both the Marantz and Rega were on my plan B list:)
I've got a Cambridge CXC

Keep the Cambridge CXC it’s a great transport with extremely low jitter, and get hold of a better dac than the Zdac, maybe even one with remote volume control and bypass the manual Transcends one.

Cheers George
I haven't heard the dac yet.The Vincent was tubed so my hope is to put something together that sounds as good or better.Analog like.The simpler the better.We'll see how it goes in a couple of days.
I'm in a similar situation, as my CDP has been dying a very slow death. I, too, am thinking of the Cambridge transport, but have been looking at the oddly named Denafrips Ares DAC, mostly based on a recent review in CNet from Steve Guttenberg, a reviewer whose ears I've come to trust.

If interested, read here:

 I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger, but I've been leaning that way.

Best of luck.

-- Howard

@hodu  thank you for the link!That review describes exactly  the sound I'm looking for.There are just so many dacs to choose from nowadays and we can't really try them all:)The parasound hasn't garnered much attention but from what I've managed to dig up it may share some of the same positive qualities with the Denafrip.I'll let you know in a few days.
Opportunity here mate.  Ditch a new CDP and join the realm of server.  Bluesound 2.  You will never turn back.
For CD playback I and I owned the CXC I would keep it and look into the Mirror Audio Trubadour III DAC. A NOS DAC having a tube output stage. I don't yet own this DAC but it likely will be my next purchase for my main system. $1500. 
Or what about Border Patrol?  A few months ago they were the flavor du jour, but recently nobody mentions them...
I was looking into the Border Patrol. I believe the tube output is a buffer stage, not an all tube output stage as with the Mirror Audio. If I am wrong in my recollection, I apologize a priori. 

Thanks to all for your suggestions!I've been researching all of them and I'm sure one of them will be a good fit.I really didn't know where to start and now I have several very intriguing options.
I had great sound with the CXC and the original ZDac...there are many good modest cost DACs out there now...not so many new CD Players being introduced though
I agree with jl35 that there are many modest cost DACs that would mate well with the CXC at modest cost. Also providing greater flexibility than a stand alone CD player. Also as a alternative to buying new, there are always available some older well built DACs that may lack the best (or any) USB implementation which can be had at low cost. 
If you can swing it, I'd look for a used Exogal.  Provides the kind of sound signature you're looking for.
Never heard of Exogal.Yet another to investigate!
So I got the new components up and running and promptly blew the amp fuses because I'm a moron and didn't follow the correct sequence.I have some on order for next week.Anyway, using the MZ2 as an integrated this combo doesn't sound half bad.With the MZ2's mighty one watt of power the sound is silky with plenty of detail and nuance.Very quiet with no buzz or hum.Excellent separation and layering too.The only thing missing is the 3D palpability.When the amp is back in the system hopefully that will be restored.If not, thanks to you guys for pointing out some other options to audition:)
The Benchmark transport is staying for sure,it operates smoothly and quickly.The cheap cable is going back(audioquest forest)GRAINY!Right now a Siltech ic is doing the job.
^^^Cambridge not Benchmark.Too late to edit:(
Well the amp has a new fuse and is up and running again.The Parasound is still sounding good,does everything right except it is still missing that 'organic touch/flavor' that the Vincent CDP presented so nicely.I think if I found a decent digital cable that might tip the scales in that direction.Any suggestions for a good coax cable around $300+/- ?
Cerious is one I'm thinking about.I do like their ics.Wireworld gold sounds interesting too.
Given what you’re looking for, a tubed NOS DAC would seem to be a great option. If cost is an issue I don’t think you’ll go wrong with the Mhdt Orchid (see recent 6moons review), but if you have a higher budget the Audio Mirror with upgrades looks very interesting too. Both offer trial periods so you can try before you buy, which is huge. My guess is you’ll notice improvements over your Vincent either way.

On the digital cable front, I’d recommend trying a $40 Apogee Wyde Eye cable (go balanced if you can) before spending several hundred dollars.  I’ve used mine for many years, and it was John Atkinson’s (editor of Stereophile) reference for a while. It’s a neutral yet very natural sounding cable that I think will, in combination with either of the above DACs, do very well in delivering the qualities you’re looking for while saving you some $$$. Heck, not much to lose in trying and you can probably return it through Amazon if you don’t like it. Make sure you give some good hours for burn-in as usual, and definitely pay attention to the direction arrows if/when you install the cable (I installed mine backwards once and it was not good). Hope this helps, and best of luck.

Best of luck.
An excellent sounding one box solution is the Sparkler Audio S503 Spiral CD player. I’ve had mine for about 6 months and love how natural it sounds. Sparkler is a company formed by the top engineer for 47 Labs. The great Phillips TDA 1543 NOS 16 bit dac chip is used. A minimalist approach that delivers the heart of the music. Check it out...