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What's all the fuss about late 70s and earl 80s run of the mill midfi turntables?
My mother in law just turned 92 and is doing pretty well but wants to clear out her house .  I took the Gerrard that the 6 kids played in seventies and not since.  The mat and belt had rotted out and I replaced them.  It turns out the cart and ton... 
Digital is as confusing as ever
Melco N100.  Buy the Melco Ripper to go with it.  Use a 3rd Party App.  You can use the ripper to spin CDs if the mood strikes.  If you want to move on to something else you can use the N100 as the server with a different player, or for other play... 
Should I Keep my Second CD Player?
I agree, hang onto to it.  Who knows what the future availability of CDPs will be.  
Recommended Server?
Melco N100 gives 2TB hard drive and handles Tidal and Qobuz  
Good old days
It is hard to get off the hi fi obsession and just go back to enjoying music for its own sake.  I think I was in the same place as the OP about a year ago and eventually I just decided eff it, the system sounds great, the secondary systems sound f... 
Apple Music vs Tidal for SQ
I gave Qobuz the slight nod over Apple in a post above, but Apple is certainly listenable.  Neither of them sounded as good as my CDs either played from a streamer or on a CDP, but we are talking really small degrees of differences here. I am cur... 
Has Anyone Compared the DAC On a Bluesound NODE 3rd Gen to a Separate DAC?
The DAC in the latest node is definitely an upgrade over their previous DAC.  If you use an external DAC then it sounds the same as the old Node into an external DAC, as they didn’t do much to the transport section   
Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
I listen to Classical.  I define depth as when I can clearly tell the percussion are located to the back and stage left, the brass to the back and stage right, and if the conductor divides the violins I can easily discern that.  Also if one gets t... 
Distinctly Digital Forever?
Tubes will probably get you there.  I would get a tubed DAC and consider pairing it with a really gauzy sounding tubed amplifier such as Prima Luna.  Be aware that not all tubed components will give that big mellifluous sound- I use a Cary SLP 3 w... 
Distinctly Digital Forever?
@hickamore      I am not sure why I should care a fig what Harry Pearson thought about anything. I find his whole concept of “Absolute Sound” interesting in the abstract but completely divorced from real world considerations.  If you live in a ... 
My Home Theatre Room Challenges - Is It Worth It To Upgrade Speakers
In the title the OP asks if it is worthwhile to upgrade speakers. I have 3 systems, a dedicated 2 channel, a basement man cave where I can do what I want with surround sound, and another surround system in our living room. I have the same WAF issu... 
Top turntables under $2k
I have Technics, but there is a difference between Direct Drive and belt drive so  you should be sure that is a kind of sound that you like  
Distinctly Digital Forever?
I really wonder why people want digital to sound like an FM broadcast.  It’s like going to an expensive restaurant and complaining that it doesn’t taste like Wendys   
Dark Horse DAC
The Doge web site states they have only 16 units left to sell, because “management wishes to concentrate on OEM equipment “.  So if interested break out that credit card.    Actually I want my DAC to resolve as much as possible.  I use a tubed pr... 
Technics SLG700 vs Arcam ST60
I really dislike the Arcam house sound.  Listen before you buy.  Their reliability and customer support is bad as well. Budget?