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Music lover or audiophile?
OPI guess I never of had the experience of getting so wrapped up in the gear issues that I couldn’t enjoy the music because I was obsessing to much about deficiencies in the playback experience.  You seem to have been unfortunately afflicted in th... 
Music lover or audiophile?
I don’t understand why they are mutually exclusive.  If I was forced to listen to music on a 1960 vintage transistor radio, I would still enjoy it.  I just enjoy it more on better sounding gear 
system upgrade advice?
Did I miss something?  Do you have speakers? 
Sabre dacs versus other dacs
I have owned the Bryston DAC3 (my current DAC) and have an Oppo 105 in the system.  I used to have a Mytek Manhatten1 in the same system.  I agree with the OP in that Piano music could be unlistenable via the Mytek—just to much treble, especially ... 
FLAC Files on Mac
I can play FLAC files on a Mac using Audirvana Plus. 
How Come NO SACD (Stock) Players With Tube Output Stage?
I still listen to SACDs.Question: since SACD players are all hybrid these days,is it any more difficult adding a tubed output stage for SACD/CD player than it is for just a standard CDP? 
At what point is an external D/A converter warranted or beneficial
I’m new to this thread.  OP, the last paragraph of your original post says it all; the DAC in your Lexicon is hardly state of the art.  Digital has advanced tremendously in the past several years.  With all due respect, all the other comments abou... 
Sorry to ask this SACD question, but
Both my Oppo 105 and 203 can be programmed to export DSD from SACD.  Not sure about earlier models 
Netflix audio quality playback does not compare to DVD or Blu-ray disks!
This thread highlights one of the major advantages that physical media have over streaming, namely high end sound quality.  Streaming is driving all physical media except vinyl to extinction, but not because of quality  
Sorry to ask this SACD question, but
NAD makes a DAC that accepts HDMI as well.  There are companeis that make I2S DACs, which use HDMI cables, but require an I2S transport.  PS Audio and Wyred4 Sound are the ones that I know but there are others.uber, I was responding to one of the ... 
Sorry to ask this SACD question, but
I output DSD from my Oppo 105 over HDMI into the HDMI input of my Bryston DAC3 
previous generation audio lover requesting new tech needs advice
the most idiot proof way to do it is to get a CD ripper/streamer/storage in one.  The Bluesound Vault2 would fill your need.  For about $1200 it will store about 5 times your collection size in its 2 TB HD after ripping them to flac.  The app to c... 
best sound with an ipad into my home stereo.
is there a headphone outlet on the ipad?  If so then there ought to be a mini jack with RCA to fit it.  Don't know about balanced 
Krell Showcase --> Evolution S1200U upgrade nightmare
Have you gone into the setup menus for the newer unit and made sure the speaker settings are correct?  Is the a room processing feature that isn’t being correctly implemented? 
I woke up with cold ears
I’ve written in several forums about how much I enjoy my Sony Noise Canceling BT Headphones.  I flew to the East Coast 2 days ago and was dismayed at how awful they sounded.  The sound was muffled, distant...Exiting the plane I sneezed, both my ea...