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SQ vs. Music
My first thought was to dismiss the premise behind the question, but on reflection it is a valid query.  I listen primarily to Classical.  There are many classic pre stereo performances in my collection and I do listen to them.  Restoration techni... 
I saved alot of money.
Oops....I mistook the post by @reubent  to be coming from the OP, @golden210... 
I saved alot of money.
I am confused.  In your original post you stated that the CD player and the BT were connected to the Hegel DAC, and you were comparing the sound from those 2 inputs.  In your last post, you seem to indicate that you have connected the BT device di... 
I saved alot of money.
I didn’t know that BT devices could be run through a conventional DAC.  I thought that they had their own internal DACs.  What kind of music does the OP listen to? 
Bose question
My feeling is no, for the reasons expressed above.  The discontinuity in timbre can be jarring. 
Bose question
In the OP situation, what does Vienna Acoustics manufacture in terms of rears and Atmos? 
Bose question
I have two 5.1 systems in my home, and I don't do Atmos.  From what I have read Atmos speakers have their drivers angled in a different manner than conventional speakers, as they are trying to bounce sound around ceilings and walls and are assumed... 
CD player reliability.... good and bad.
My experience could not be more different than the OP.  All my players over the last 35 years have been ultra reliable 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Listening to Jordi Savall Beethoven 1-5 in multichannel.  Simply superb.  You fall in love all over again 
How to go about collecting Classical Music
Ask me.  I know everything :-) 
Equal $$ for Phono OR Streaming?
As others have noted, that is a decent budget.  He should be able to get both decent analog and digital.  If after a few years he develops a clear preference for one over the other, he can upgrade, but even if he doesn’t he should have decent enou... 
That would be my take as well.  Look for a multi channel amp to drive as many speakers as possible, and use a budget pre AVR as a pre amp (and possibly to drive rear or ceiling speakers).  Then upgrade as funds allow 
Is it worthwhile to upgrade an old but quality DAC?
Agree.  Moses, come to the promised land of modern DACs 
Help with upgrade from Marantz 6011
I’d go Anthem, because the room correction will make a major difference.  Any AVR without RC will be a lateral move at best.  And separates might be a noticeable improvement, but not the same degree as RC 
Cambridge CXU Blu-ray Player
Kal Rubinson reviewed some multichannel DACs in Stereophile at bit back, the Bryston is two channel only.