Looking for speaker ideas.

Looking for speaker ideas and room size is 11 w x 16 l x 9 ft ceilings.....room has acoustical panels. Music ranges from Big Band , Blues, Rock.

Equipment so far is :

Wyred 4 Sound st-500
deHavilland Mercury Preamp
Sim audio phono pre
VPI Industries HW-19 mkIII GLOSS BLACK W/MOERCH UP-4 / Ortofon Black

Have looked at different Spendor , Proac, Totem speakers but not sure if those would work for the rock music and would a sub be needed with those if they would be able to play rock music ?

Budget is $2000-2500
I have the Proac 140 MKII in approx same listening room as yours plenty of bass and huge soundstage, You may consider the  new Proac 148.
All 3 are decent choices, all 3 better w/subwoofer for rock, especially the smaller stand mount models. I'd add Vandersteen and GoldenEar  to the list. Cheers,
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I'll throw in two around that budget; Monitor Audio Silver 8 ($2,000) and Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2 ($1,650). 


My 2 cents-
If you want the best for the least green, get Vandersteen. If you go with the 1,2,3 or Treo, your going to need subs. Vandy subs are the best, but you can get by with a pair of HSU for a lot less money.

For more 'Rock' punch, I would consider Zu Audio. They have a trial period if you buy direct..
You have nice equipment, so either would make a good choice.
I demoed Golden Ear, but wasn't 'wowed'. Though it wasn't a very good setup- Which is why I like Vandy's. They sound beautiful even if they aren't perfectly setup. and they sound outstanding when they are. 
Vandies + room treatments
Yes on the Vandies.  If you get the Model 3A Signature (used)?? you would not really need the subs. at least at first as the 3s go low and have decent bass power.

I would urge you to read the reviews on the speakers outline in the below listed link. I would think there is room for negotiation of the asking price. Not associated or affiliated with seller or manufacture.

The missing spikes are available from Sound Anchor

91dB sensitivity and 8 ohms. One of the most easy stand mounts / monitors to drive. Also Beryllium tweeters.

There butt ugly, clearly a company that isn't trying to sell you furniture.

The market is loving the Golden Ears Triton 3+ or 5 speakers and they are in your price range.  My pal with $9000 Brodmann speakers heard them in a dealer's showroom in San Diego and was blown away.  Sandy Gross is a genius speaker design.  Me, I am loving my Spatial Audio M4 speakers, but I have a REL T7 sub to round out the LF.  The Vandersteen's are legendary... I have never heard a pair that I didn't enjoy.  So many speakers, so little time...

Oh, BTW, I had a pair of Totem Hawks and they have outstanding bass for their size and easy to drive.  
I have acoustic zen adagios  they can be had for 2k ish used ..i like them alot , i also run two subs 
With good floor standing speakers such as the Proac Studio 148 you'll not need any sub for such relatively small room,however there are some serious standmount speakers with good bass capabilities such as the Bryston Mini T with 8' bass driver there will be no shortage of bass on your room listening with them.
I suggest Paradigm.
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Owners and reviewers are finding these are so incredible they're replacing their Avantgardes, Wilsons, etc. with them.  


I've had their Grand Tetons (the predecessor) for 3+ years... and... I've found nothing that sounds any better.
@bassdude "reviewers are finding these are so incredible they're replacing their Avantgardes, Wilsons, etc. with them."  

Who? No mention of this on their website. Cheers,
Yes - it's in the reviews on the Web site.  Just need to read down through them all.
+1 bob_reynolds   re: monitors/subs    In anticipation of adding subs, I looked for a monitor with a large cabinet that would easily deliver down to 40 hz.   This would facilitate better bass integration - especially, for a kickdrum that spans the cross-over point.  Getting drums right, helps to provide PRaT.  The advantage of a self-powered sub (or subs) is that they can be placed anywhere to adjust for room anomalies.  Just like any speaker, they need good placement re: your listening chair.
The 683 S2 by Bowers are a true bargain. You essentially get the CM series components without the flash. I bought them for my sitting room. I have the 802 in my listening room and they sound much better but are much more money. I auditioned Paradigm SVS Golden Ear Wharfedale JBL Pro McIntosh Martin Logan and I went with the Bowers 

Get these and you could sell your amp.


Utilitarian look and no grills but they would rock.

I've heard some in a mixing studio and they were very nice.

Many speakers will not play rock music simply because they refuse to do it. They could easily do it of course, as music specific speakers aren't a thing…but they refuse, and that's just wrong.
@wolf_garcia   Speakers have rights too!  :)

There's a pair of ATC SCM19s for sale here now that excel at that type of music.  Add a sub or two and they'll definitely rock your world.  Dynamics in spades.  They're not an easy load but thinking your amp might have the juice to get them moving.  Best of luck. 

You may want to check out the new Watkins Generation 4 bookshelf size speaker. Best $1,995 you will ever spend. They also have a two week return policy should you not like them. www.watkinsstereo.com
@bsmg   Do those speakers come broken in?  If not, two weeks is all but useless as most drivers and crossover components will take 1-2 weeks to break in. Not much time to really listen to them at their best!

+1 hifiman5
Even though Zu gives you a 2 week trial. I noticed that my Omen's needed more than that to open up. Perhaps contacting the company (whoever you are buying from) and see if they have some broken in speakers for trial.
Actually, Zu offers a 2 month trial period


They are shipped somewhat broken in. That said, my Def 4s continued to open up for months after I received them
My experience buying the Vandersteen Treo CTs this past summer taught me to have patience with break in.  They kept opening up and revealing finer details for several weeks.  The last driver to reach its apex was the carbon tweeter.  Ride cymbals on good jazz recordings told the story there.  I knew I was about there when I could hear subtle changes in timbre as the sticks moved around the drum kit to various cymbals of different sizes.  Cool to hear that...more there there!
With your room dimensions, I would suggest an in-home audition of Ohm Walsh 1000s ($2000/pr) or 2000s ($2800/pr, but you can wait for a sale, the next one will likely be around Presidents' Day).  IME, they are excellent on all types of music, including rock.  Note, however, that a large amount of sound absorbtion in your room would not work well with the Ohm's near-omni radiating pattern.  I had a lot of foam panels up, and actually took some down.  That resulted in a wider, deeper soundstage.  And you will need to keep them at least a little bit away from nearby walls. YMMV, of course.
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Thank you to all that have replied.      This is not going to be a easy decision.

Besides speakers , will now be looking for the next preamp as I sold the Mercury 2.....

Do you want to stay with tubes? Stay in the same budget $2-3K?
It would probably be better to settle on speakers first.
Are you near any large city dealers to get some trialing?
Would like to stay with tubes if possible and budge is about the same.

Was going through a recent thread


and was doing some reading about preamps that  Radu Tarta makes .

Might have an idea for speakers.....have to do some reading first.
@hifiman5  No, the Watkins speakers do not come "broken in." They are tested for impedance and frequency response before packing but other than that, they are "virgins." I have been told that of all the ones that have been shipped out, none have come back to the factory during the two week trial period. 
Addyson ...

If you can go with floor standers, I'd suggest a pair of Legacy Signature III's. They love tubes, are highly efficient (94db), move tons of air, ideal for your room size and play all sorts of music well. Click on my avatar to see what they look like.

Don't worry about whether the speakers will play rock. Classical is actually just as demanding.

Audiokinesis is another good choice- Duke is a master of crossover design (blending the drivers) and getting extended bass impact, all at great prices. Very tube friendly!
Are you really planning on changing preamp and speakers at the same time? That is a road to confusion.
If the preamp is sold, but you still have speakers, suggest making the preamp purchase first so you can get a handle on that in your system before you evaluate a new speaker at the same time.
It's hard to forget sometimes, but you aren't in a race. :-) Cheers,
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"  Are you really planning on changing preamp and speakers at the same time?"

I know its one of the cardinal rules in audio not to do as it can lead to confusion , but I happen to list both items and they both sold about the same time.     What are the odds ???
Find a pair of speakers you like first. Your amp should have enough power to drive just about any decent speaker, so no problems there.
You can always find a complimentary preamp afterwards.
Are you near any Vandersteen dealers? 
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"  Are you near any Vandersteen dealers? "

There is one, 3 hrs away.
That isn't too bad. Which one? If it is Audioconnection, then you are in great hands.
Audio Advisor in South Florida
if you’re looking for loud dynamism, whatever you end up with should be as far away from the walls as possible . Your room is treated as you said... But I’ve heard $550 floating vanatoos sound better than 60k vandersteens backed into corners.

@gdnrbob you’re on point with the Zu’s. They’re a joy to listen to though mine are finicky with placement. With the 9’ ceiling height, the Zu’s wideband driver is closer to the null of that mode than most designs, and well away from the floor... which helps give that authoratative and coherent clarity in the low end. My Druids (and most of their designs) roll off the lowest octave but I stopped caring and learned to love my flat midrange. They roll off their stuff after 40hz because they sell subwoofers too, which are supposed to be quite lovely.
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Onwatershipdown, I own the Unions and find them quite nice for the price. I pair them with my Vandy 2w subs, so I get the low frequencies to boot. 
Though I would disagree with your assessment of the Vanatoo's. Of course, none of the Vandie's want to be in the corner.
Addyson, it seems there is Audio Advisor and Audio Advisors. I was about to say they don't carry Vandies, but the latter does. Looks like a nice operation.
I would call them and set up a date for a long audition. They open at 9am weekdays, so you could get to them mid morning and be home by dinner.
While there are some good speakers suggested here I must throw my .02 with the Legacy Audio brand. A nice used pair of Signatures would really be nice and handle your room nicely a pair of Studio HD's with a sub might just be the ticket. I have a pair of Focus SE's in my family room and they are fantastic (no need for a sub with these babies), anyway, I liked them so well that I decided to stay with Legacy for my bedroom. I bought the Studio HD's and have been very pleased, I have the Studio's connected to a Sansui G-9000DB receiver and it's worked out great, you couldn't ask for anything more from a speaker. I listen to everything from Jazz to Rock and the Legacy have handled it all.

I would check and see how close you are to a Legacy dealer and check out the product..You WON'T be disappointed. 

For a Zu competitor, check out Tekton Design. Both companies hand build their speakers in Utah, and while Zu have some models that look classier, Tekton is no fluff, all performance at an affordable cost. I have the Tekton Lore with upgraded capacitors (using ClarityCap MR). My room is bigger than yours, and my 12W tube amp can rock these things to make the walls shake, and they frequency extension is just amazing.

Give them a look, and you might be surprised just how much of a speaker you can get for $2000 with them. There are a few threads about Tekton on Agon so give it a good search. Best of luck!