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Difference between Cambridge Audio CXN and CXN V2 and other Network Streamers
I have a change to buy the old version CXN V1on a discount price my question is if the old version can support the main striming services like Tidal,Deezer and Quboz ?If I update the V1 is it basically the same as the new version V2 ? 
M&K Bookshelf 75 or Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 ?
For your budget you may consider the Paradigm monitor Atom SE , I bought them last week amazing speakers for just $300. 
Proac D40s vs Von Schweikert VR-44 Aktive
Of course the Von Schweikert VR-44 Aktive goes for twice the price of the D40 because they are active speakers with built in amp when the D40 are passive speakers ! I personally don’t like the silk dome tweeter version of Proac they’re inferior to... 
My Demo results: I feel like I'm at a frustrating block in my speaker journey
From the list of qualities you are looking for you need to check the speakers of  this brands : Magico , Proac ,ATC ,PMC and Spendor. all this brands have wonderful speakers which have the qualities you're looking for . We don't know what gear are... 
Accuphase DP-78 doesn't read SACD layer
 Why don't you contact Accuphase directly and ask them ? 
Cambridge Audio CXC Series 2
I have the original CXC and it is excellent value for money. The sound is not good as my Simaudio 260T transport which is in a completely different league , However the price difference is not small cost more than triple than the CXC .I am keeping... 
ProAc comparison
I heard all speakers you mentioned ,The DT8 is by far better than the D18 and the 148 , What HiFi magazine mentioned this speakers the best in its price in 2018 and 2019 and rightly so they do go low , has deep bass and excellent mid their soundst... 
dissapointed - new LS50w's vs old PioneerFS52's/Luxman R113 - so far Kef's not so great?
I heard the Kef Blade 2 the flagship speakers and I can't say I was impressed , they have a unique sound signature which overshadow the recording and their bass was completely unstable sometimes to week sometimes too overhang . 
What CD Transports Provide the Most Detail?
2 years ago I had a chance to buy CEC TL5 demo unit on very good price but came across a magazine review they compare it to Simaudio moon 260D transport and found it better overall then the CEC so decided to buy the 260D and I don't regret it ,thi... 
Monitor Audio Platnium II
I have heard the the Platinum 300 II ,They are not bad speakers but I was disappointed from their weak dynamics they sound too "polite" for my taste What Hi-Fi magazine conclude the same observation on their review of the 300 II .In general I am n... 
Any Spendor D9 owners out there?
I heard the D7 at Hi Fi show a month ago and was very impressed from their ability to throw a large deep soundstage from a relatively their small size box. They sounded to me much better than very similar speakers the Proac D20. I currently own th... 
Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers
@oranda, Since you heard theXR100s what's your impression about them ? 
Experience on Mcintosh XR100 Speakers
I remember one comment from a member in this forum heard them at exhibition and they sounded to him like a machine making music rather than traditional speakers. 
Experience on Mcintosh XR100 Speakers
I didn't hear them but these are demanding power speakers ,if you don't have serious power amp to move them you should look elsewhere. 
speaker break in
Be careful with your new speakers and don’t crank them up to speed the process I blew up one of my twitters after one month because of this ! it’s better to operate on modest to normal volume at the first 200 hours of break in .