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More Devore vs Proac questions (super 9 vs D30RS)
I own the ProAC D30RS the last thing you can say about them that they have polite presentation it’s simply not true they are very natural and neutral and have very deep soundstage and can go very low and punch hard with the bass when needed .In th... 
does anyone own ProAc D30 or D48 WITHOUT the ribbon tweeter?
The dome and ribbon tweeters are the same at all Proac speakers the differences between the models are at other areas (drivers,crossover and so on) .The Ribbon are much better at every aspect it's really a difference of day and night I can't under... 
does anyone own ProAc D30 or D48 WITHOUT the ribbon tweeter?
Yes I agree I owned a pair of Proac Studio 140MkII (soft dome tweeter) then upgraded to the D30RS ,The Ribbon tweeters are superior the top end is much revealing and accurate. It's really a difference of day and night. 
Terrible Booms
Good for you that for solving the problem with the D40, I did consider buying the D48 last year but was afraid that they are too much for my limited space so bought the D30RS instead and I am very happy with them. very tight and control bass . 
Proac D30R vs Devore O93
Yes I agree The D-30R/RS is more of a mini D-48R ,The D48 suitable for medium/large space and the D30S for medium/small one but basically they are the same speakers. 
Proac D30R vs Devore O93
@prof is giving review on the D20 in comparison to the Devore 93 but this is not what the OP asked for . I heard the D20 and I wasn’t impressed too they are good speakers but I can’t consider them as high-end ,however the D30 is in a completely di... 
Proac D30R vs Devore O93
I own the Proac D30RS remarkable speakers their sound is magical , effortless sound and the best bass I ever heard I am almost sure that this my last speakers I would ever buy.Didn't hear the Devore O93 so can't comment  about them. 
Bi-Wire Jumpers
Yes aI aree jumpers are very important,Bi wire cables is useless don't bother with this  
Trouble finding bookshelves for PrimaLuna DiaLogue Two
Try the Proac bookshelfs they are very efficient speakers and work great with tube amps . 
What are the best speakers for Mac MA252?
It's a good decision of yours to go for bookshelfs your room is indeed very small for standmounters .Not sue you'll need a sub for such a small space before buying one try first without. 
Persona 9h vs S3 mk 2
Dave and Troy  being dealers don't make them unprofessional ,In my humble opinion they give very good advices in this forum. 
Replaced CDP w/ Transport; Now, Soundstage Changes Dramatically w/each CD. Why?
There are some gear that imply very 'bright' sound that increases the resulition artificially ,  causing small details to jump to the front of the soundstage and giving illusion of increasing resolution but it's not, it's harm the natural and neut... 
The best speaker for a small any price point.
The ATC SCM19 are great standmounters for this space. 
Small Floorstander?
The Proac DT8 are excellent also the Proac D20 .This are wonderful small standfloor speakers which can work fine on small space without the bass becoming overhang . 
Music server questions
This is the best option I can think of for your budget: