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Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Turbo S Speakers - A Review
For a single sub, the conventional wisdom is to locate the sub between the speakers, but honestly, subs are not all that much locationally sensitive so it is no really a big deal where you locate the sub.  I upgraded to the Triode Master variants ... 
Ayre QB-9 DAC - alternative connections?
Gents,The obvious solution, which I was reminded of by my pal, is simply to rip all my CD's to my external HD and then I can dispense with the need for the Oppo CDP and alleviate the need for another DAC!   I have downloaded Audirvana and Apple XL... 
Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Turbo S Speakers - A Review
That is a great amp for the speakers.  I used a REL T7 sub with high-level outputs and it worked very well.  Honestly, since I got the upgrade to the Triode Master, I haven't felt the need to hook up the sub.   
Full-sounding SS amps (besides Pass)
I had a stock McCormack DNA .05 Deluxe it was my favorite of all time, including tube amps.  I recently got a TOTL upgrade to the same amp (Platinum) and can attest to it be much better than the stock amp, a purely stunning amp.  There are always ... 
Reference disc player...UDP 205 or Marantz?
Both are quite good, but clearly not "reference" players.  Jez sayin', and I run an Oppo CDP.   
Diana Krall
Hifiman5,You made my day with your post about getting into Karen Souza.  Her music is in constant rotation in my system.  I lament the negative posts in response to the OP's perfectly honest question.  He digs her and simply wanted to share that a... 
Ayre QB-9...listening impressions
Mr M,That is just what the fellas at Ayre said.  Better than the QB-9 and a much lower price.  That is amazing.   
TV gives me a headache when its on; any suggestions?
I'd suggest you get a copy of "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television" by Jerry Mander and you will have your solution.  But wait until the Winter Olympics have concluded!  :-)   Cheers.   
Diana Krall
I am a huge fan of DK, no question.  She has an evocative voice and such wonderful phasing... and she plays the piano at the same time.  I have all her recordings.  My pal loves Patty Barber and she is excellent, but to my ears, she is too analyti... 
Ayre QB-9...listening impressions
Gents,It is evidently mutual love for this DAC.  It is even easier to love the DAC when I acquired if for $550 delivered from a guy who "is going back to analogue" with a modest Rega table.   And I just sold my SOTA Sapphire vacuum TT and Dynavect... 
Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Turbo S Speakers - A Review
Way too small for the M1T as Clayton informed me that my room was too small for the M3T and my room is much larger that yours.   
New Technics SL1200G turntable
Thanks for all the feedback.  Whitestix 
Allow myself to introduce...myself
Hi,Welcome.  Cold Duck Time is one of my all-time favorite jazz recordings by Eddie Harris.  You have a nice audio rig, for sure.  I just parted with my SOTA TT after 32 years to an analogue lover.   My best modestly-price suggestion is to upgrade... 
Upgraded to Tidal today
Gdnrbob,My sense is that Tidal's jazz library is not as extensive as Spotify.   The difference in SQ between the two is profound.   
Upgraded to Tidal today
Kalili,I do have the HiFI subscription and stream it through my iMac.  I downloaded JR River, don't understand how to use it with Tidal.   Just downloaded Tidal's Music Center.