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New to hobby: McIntosh D150 w/ McIntosh Amp vs. Rotel Separates
Disclaimer, big Rotel fan here. I use the RB1590. The RB1582MKII would work great with your RC1572MKII and the CM9 S2 speaker, which is fantastic. Rotel makes some of the best affordable pre/amps available with excellent power supplies and build.... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Loving these guys: Best Coast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTsRpTKKtMA   Cheers, Scott  
@dridel  You have fantastic speakers in the 702 Sigs. Yes, they need more power. I never heard everything my 683 S2s could do until I got a Rotel RB-1590 350 watt amplifier with a huge power supply to drive them.  In a small room with a lot of b... 
Integrated upgrade recomendations
The Rotel RA-1572MKll would be an excellent option. https://www.rotel.com/product/ra-1572mkii   Cheers,   Scott  
What to do? I want a new amplifier to make my Dynaudio Contours to "sing"
Great story, @tartara66. Congratulations on the new stereo. You should check out the Rotel RB-1582 MKII. It would make those Dyns come alive and sound great. Good luck with your search. https://www.rotel.com/product/rb-1582-mkii   Cheers, Scott  
Pre amp for Anthem 225
You might also consider the Rotel RB-1590. I use one and it is excellent.    Cheers, Scott  
Pre amp for Anthem 225
The Rotel RC-1590 MKII would be an excellent choice, wilchech. Cheers, Scott   
B&W 800 D4's, Room size, & general Q's
@bwguy     @rtilbury @dweller +3Cheers,Scott 
Rotel RB-980BX
Congratulations, Jeff, the 702 S2s are fantastic speakers. I do wish I had a pair.  Your Rotel is a fine amplifier. Well made with a good power supply. You should get a good taste of what the 702s are capable of and enjoy them when the RB-980BX is... 
Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus 804 vs 804s
Congratulations, great choice, flashmagnum. I bet you’ll really enjoy those.Cheers,Scott 
Tube Amp recommendations to drive Klipsch Forte III
An Art Audio Carissa made my original forte’s sound outstanding. Cheers,Scott 
Amp Recommendation for new JBL L100 Classic
+1 For the Yamaha. I believe the Marantz is an excellent choice as well. Good luck with your search. Cheers,Scott 
How long does Class A have?
How long does Class A have? ‘Till the cows come home.Cheers ,Scott 
One box do it all
+1 Yes, the Rotel RA-1592 MKII would be an excellent option.Cheers,Scott 
One box do it all
A one box solution is a great way to go, Marklings. I understand the desire for that. The NAD C388 is a good option. It should drive your Special Forty well.Now, it’s not a one box solution but it’s close…. You might want consider the Yamaha A-S80...