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system/room equalized flat from 20 to 20k cps--is yours?
Kef LS50
“I dont listen to loud anymore......according to the app I use, listening is around 90-93 dB.”Whoa, for me that qualifies as pretty loud. You would think the Dali’s could handle it though.Cheers,Scott 
B&W 804d3 amplifier pairing....(Rotel RB1590?)
Great choice, familiar1985. I hope you continue to enjoy the RB-1590. I’ve had it for about two months now and it is excellent. I’m using it with B&W 683 S2s.I would love to hear it with you 804 D3s.I bet that does sound great.Cheers,Scott 
preamp upgrade suggestion around $2000
deHavilland Mercury 3 or UltaVerve 3. Absolutely fantastic; Still wish I had the UltraVerve and hope to have one again.Cheers,Scott 
Amplifier suggestions please
The Rotel RB-1590 could be an excellent amp for your set-up. It is a fantastic amplifier.http://https// Cheers,Scott 
When was the first time that you heard great sounding speakers?
@asahitoro Hehe, choose wisely, I good wife if is harder to find than great speakers.;-)Cheers,Scott 
When was the first time that you heard great sounding speakers?
It was 1987, when I listened to and brought my Klipsch forté home.Cheers,Scott 
plz suggest a tube preamp to match Parasound A21 amp
Thanks, surfmuz. Good to hear the Freya worked well with the A21. I’m considering using mine with a Rotel RB-1590.Cheers,Scott 
plz suggest a tube preamp to match Parasound A21 amp
How did the Freya +/A21 combo sound?As for tube pre, the deHavilland Ultraverve is fantastic.http://http// Cheers,Scott 
Schiit not that Good?
@tyremanI’m sure you are enjoying your Saga S. I’ve been using the Freya S for about three months and it is excellent. Cheers,Scott 
Schiit Freya S or Freya +?
In my system around  the 75-100 hr mark the mid-bass down and tonality really opened up and filled in.Cheers,Scott 
Schiit Freya S or Freya +?
That should do the trick. I hope it works as well for you as it has for me. Enjoy.....Cheers,Scott 
Schiit Freya S or Freya +?
@last_lemming In my system the Freya S took about a week to settle in. The first three days it was a bit hard, flat and bright. After that it opened up and tone/timbre, dynamics and sound stage really developed.Cheers,Scott 
Schiit Freya S or Freya +?
@last_lemming I've had the Freya S  for a month now. I had high expectations when I went with it and it has met those expectations. It took about a week for it to settle and for me to get to know it. I hope you’ll be as satisfied as I am with it.C... 
Schiit Freya S or Freya +?
Thanks for the heads-up on the Gumby and Bimby, 213running.The Bluesound Node 2 and NAD C320BEE I’m using have a full lower mid sound which I really appreciate. The Freya S seems pretty neutral to me and really lets that through. From what I’ve re...