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Subwoofer Choice
@pinthrift  Great post, pinthrift. Looking forward to your impressions. I bet it’s going to be fantastic.   Cheers, Scott  
Small, Effective Subwoofers?
I added two of these a couple months ago, they are fantastic; Bowers and Wilkins ASW608. I believe you would be very please adding two subs to your setup. Good luck with your search. https://www.bowerswilkins.com/en-us/product/loudspeakers/asw608... 
Audio in Movies and TV Shows
  Cheers, Scott  
Audio in Movies and TV Shows
The sit-com 30 Rock features the big Revels with a stack of Levinson gear in the dressing room of one of the characters. I believe they start showing up in season three.   Cheers,   Scott  
Best amp for B&W 603 S3
@indio77  The B&W 603 S3 likes to have some power behind it. The Yamaha has a great power supply and would drive the 603s well. Yamaha makes fantastic gear and give you a lot for your money.   Great speakers , enjoy. Good luck with your sear... 
Are you getting the bass you deserve?
@sounds_real_audio  “Every speaker and every sub have to be set up to the room, to row music you listen.” +1 Cheers, Scott   
Are you getting the bass you deserve?
  @sounds_real_audio Only by adding two subs did I get the bass I was looking for and also the overall sound I wanted to achieve. I could have avoided a lot of frustration over the years by adding subs. I also found that using them in a way th... 
My Home Theatre Room Challenges - Is It Worth It To Upgrade Speakers
@hikerneil  +1 For soix’s suggestion of adding a sub to your setup. Cheers, Scott  
Herron VTPH-2 added to system (almost)
@islandmandan  Exciting times ahead I’m sure, Dan. Nothing like a new piece of gear, enjoy.   Cheers, Scott  
What was the most impactful addition to your system?
@wfowenmd  In nearly twenty years of hanging out at Audiogon I can’t recall ever browsing the Best Of category. So I kinda stumbled on to this thread. I want to simply say that like you adding a pair of subs has been the most impactful addition ... 
Best subwoofer for £300
The Bowers and Wilkins ASW608 comes in at £349. It gets high marks for how well it performs for music. I have two coming to add to my system in the next couple of days. I hope they live up to the reviews. Good luck with your search. https://www.r... 
Power Amp Recommendations for B&W 803 Nautilus
@lmadari The Rotel RB-1590 is a great amp and bang for your buck (relatively).;-) It would be  fantastic with your B&W It was a crapload of money for me but I love mine. It works great with my B&Ws. A used one would be in your budget an... 
Tube Preamp for Pass XA25 under $3,000
+1 @hilde45,   The deHavilland Ultraverve is excellent.    Cheers, Scott  
Need separates for MA Gold 100. Alternatives to Parasound P6/A21+, please!
You’re welcome. Oh yeah, the RB-1582 MKll would do a great job as well with MA Gold 100s. Combining it with the RC-1590 MKll would be an excellent setup. Both the Rotel and the Parasound would have no problem with the MAs. They both have excellen... 
Need separates for MA Gold 100. Alternatives to Parasound P6/A21+, please!
The P6/A21+ combination is an excellent combination. I enjoyed auditioning them. Can’t go wrong with Parasound. You might want to also look into the RC-1590/RB-1590 pairing from Rotel.    When I was looking to upgrade like yourself it was down to...