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@rvpiano That’s a great place to be, congrats! Stay happy with it for as long as you can. :)  
Who else has a Modwright KWH 225i ?
I have owned a lot of Modwright gear but never this integrated. For his other gear that uses 6922 variants, I like tubes that are more honest and transparent with sparkle, as by default Modwright has a warmer sonic signature. The honesty allows th... 
@rvpiano I am an audiophile first, but also an Aurender dealer, so take the below as both  objective and subjective suggestion. I used to own the Cambridge CXN V2 as my primary streamer in a second system. I had immediately upgraded it to the Mo... 
surrender n200 vs n20
Both units are very good, but the N20 will present with richer tonal density, more separation and clarity, and a wider, taller soundstage. Its internal clock is admirable, and if you go with the N20 then be prepared to use AES to take advantage of... 
Best DACs under $7,000.00
I’ve written about it before, but I’ve compared the T+A DAC 200 against a modded DirectStream DAC, a Lampizator Baltic 3 with $1K in NOS tubes, the Mola Mola Tambaqui, and the $38.5K T+A SDV 3100 HV. While the T+A reference was the clear winner, t... 
Try This With Your SS Amp
Solid state can surely do this without raising any heating or electric bills. But it may not raise any expectations either.    
Best DACs under $7,000.00
Check out the T+A DAC 200, which retails at $6900. I am an authorized T+A dealer but have owned T+A for years prior to becoming a dealer. I personally own T+A’s $38.5K reference DAC but also have the DAC 200 on my floor. I prefer the DAC 200 to m... 
High resolution audio on a PC questions
Much of what you hear is not just about the DAC chip in the unit, but also the overall implementation of the architecture/design, which includes the quality of the power supply, the robustness in implementation of the analog output stage, the accu... 
Aurender N200
@oddiofyl Hopefully you are letting the manufacturer know your findings as well. Sounds like this might be less of an individual issue and more a challenge of their implementation of the SPDIF interface.    
Schiit Freya +
I’ve owned the SWL 9.0 SE twice. It is a much thinner sounding preamp than the others you are looking it. IME not Dan Wright’s best work, and I’ve owned nearly everything he’s made. Consider his LS100 instead.   
You want a DAC that sounds *different.* What factor helps you find it?
@lalitk I have, but with the Aurender N30SA in hand, I do prefer AES. :) Again, it’s all about the clock   I guess yes I should add Ethernet input as a nice to have, good call!  
You want a DAC that sounds *different.* What factor helps you find it?
@david_ten Well hopefully our search is over as our dollars are spent!  
Need address to send Paypal credit/Synchrony Bank a demand letter
Sorry to hear. Most companies are required to add their mailing addresses to the legal pages of their website (Terms & Conditions and/or Privacy Policy), so that might be a good place to start.   
You want a DAC that sounds *different.* What factor helps you find it?
Implementation of the analog stage Quality of the DAC’s clock Quality of the power supply Must have USB & AES inputs Ability to play both PCM and DSD Sturdiness of build and interior organization for isolation  
Aurender N200
@oddiofyl I’m glad you resolved your issue! Seeing your DAC’s specs, it seems it only is capable of converting up to 192Khz, so adjusting that setting makes sense. Regarding some not being able to discern streamer quality, I usually boil it down ...