Gentleman, get yer credit cards ready...

Well, it's fun to dream.

I'm going for the Clearaudio knock off- LP62s AND聽since it's just $10 more, get the "flagship" LP82s!

Love the stock photos of "inventory guy" and massive warehouse filled with items. Nice copy and paste write up about their operation.

I'm so excited about my savings, I decided on a THIRD table!!!!

Now, if I could only decide...
Oh Just buy one of each, why not!

You know it makes sense.......

Im too busy looking for the site that sells $2 LOMC and the $10 all tube phono stage(vintage, N.O.S. tube included,naturally)

I will post pics of the 聽new setup on instagram for all to see, once everything is set up.
$4904 off??! You can't afford NOT to!
Thanks for heads up ...

Based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, that well-known hub of turntable production.
18 Zarbog Street to be exact. I'd call the number, but my Uzbeki is mediocre at best....
Wow, I thought I just got one hell of a deal on a brand new VPI Scout1.1 for $900.00, now it looks like I got screwed.聽
You get what you pay for.
Hilarious!Perhaps you will receive a nice ready to frame photo of a turntable:)
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Nothing wrong with a Trabant although I prefer the 79 model........

I'll take a 601 kubel.......
That鈥檚 a FAKE sight??! You mean it's make believe, like leprechauns and Eskimos? Man, these guys are good.....
It can't be FAKE, its on the INTERNET!!!
According to IANA the .TOP domain is managed by Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Nutz to all that! I'm sticking with my good old Lirpa TT. It's got real history...
Just for giggles, I am tempted to try out the big Fake Clearaudio TT for 78.00. Supposedly, it weighs almost 80 pounds, with free shipping to boot. I don鈥檛 see anywhere where any of these TT come with a tonearm. I wonder if I could send cash so they won鈥檛 get my CC #? Do you guys and gals think anyone here has jumped on this yet or would I be the first one?
You would be the first, last, and only one.
@mofimadness聽, meaning no disrespect, but you are a total babe.
meaning no disrespect, but you are a total babe.

That's Irina Shayk, former miss Bradley Cooper.聽 And yes, she is a babe!
The guy on Audio Asylum is worried that the company who is processing his cc is different than the one stated on their web site.聽 He is trying to cancel the order.聽 Personally, I would purchase via PayPal as they accept that.聽 It may be that their CC Clearinghouse is different from who processes it.聽 I am going to see what happens with this guy.聽 Maybe these turntables "fell off the truck"聽 if you know what I mean.聽 If that's the case, I want nothing to do with it. 聽 More than likely it is a cheap Chinese imitation with subpar parts.聽 You know, like the 15K Dartzeel that you can buy on eBay for $500.00.
Gentlemen get ready to be scammed of your funds.聽
I can鈥檛 imagine why you wouldn鈥檛 trust a company who clearly states:

We use innovative chemistry with modern design craftsmanship to consistently set the standard for next-generation toys, glass, electronics, materials, batteries, and phone accessories.

Innovative chemistry!!
@stereo5聽, please keep us informed....
What could possibly go wrong.......
20bux says he receives a miniature 鈥渞eplica鈥 turntable in the mail.聽
Shipping would probably cost twice as much for each product. Get a burner credit card, prepaid and do it...tempting.
The guy on VA rang AmEx to see where the funds were going to. Obviously, he was expecting some outfit in Uzbekistan, but it turned out to be a US address. The scan is likely a US-based scammer pretending to be a suspicious but viable vendor.聽
They could send you some nice and tasty fruits and vegetables, but not a turntables. You can鈥檛 have such deal even from the biggest retailer in Moscow, but you鈥檙e expecting it from Uzbekistan with free shipping ? Poor foreigners, that guy from audio asylum paid for it, omg. How many people taking it seriously ?聽

Nearly all illegal workers in Russia are from Uzbekistan, exploited almost like slaves. Of course turntables is the biggest import/export from Uzbekistan, lol :)

I suppose one could use a pre paid card, if wasting 聽a little amount of cash isn't a big deal?聽

Curious 聽to see what actually shows up at my door.
Hmmm- I like the prepaid card idea!!!!!
20bux says he receives a miniature 鈥渞eplica鈥 turntable in the mail.

That was my first thought also.聽
wasting 聽a little amount of cash isn't a big deal?

to support the cheaters?聽

"to support the cheaters?"
Chakster, you're right. Even if you did receive a table, it's a bad karma purchase.

Probably your priceless stamper gets ruined on first play!
Hmmm, looks like scam to get your CC information
What?? Did no one yet take advantage of this fabulous offer??!
Maybe someone 聽who did, is now getting an email that reads something like this:

Thank you for your order. It is in customs. To avoid any further delay, please submit funds of $500, and it will avoid any further delays.