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Krell XD technology
Has anyone changed out the fuses on the Krell? I see they are not accessible from the back and would require opening her up.Or is that all hype?Appreciate any input. 
Krell Digital Vanguard
Has anyone changed out their fuses on the Krell? It’s on the inside of the amp and not sure I want to open her up. 
Need a new cartridge recommendation for clearudio concept black.
I love the Hana SL full dynamic engaging. Saw one new on Audiogon for $550 probably you can make an offer.  
Recommnedation for the BEST SOUNDING integrated amp up to $3500
I have a Krell Digital Vanguard  200w and I am very impressed with stunning clarity and dynamics. Class A preamp section. This is an unbelievable amp and I got mine used for about 3k. I had Parasound for years and the Krell blows them out of the w... 
Krell XD technology
I have the Digital Vanguard and although I don't understand a lot of the specs this amp is amazing for me. I have had Parasound for years and am sorry I ever put money into it, just lackluster compared with the Krell's performance. Open dynamic an... 
So I have the Poseidon GL Reference 1 meter Power Cable and the Morpheus Ref II Series II digital for my cd transport and love them both. I compared the Morpheus to the Kimber D60 and the Shunyata Delta Digital. The Kimber was lackluster and flat ... 
Worth the wait? Buchardt S400's
Haha yes chrisr. I saw that video. I’m leaning towards keeping my Vandersteen’s. Now  wondering what speaker cable I should get? 
Worth the wait? Buchardt S400's
audioconnection,I’ll look closer at the DBS. Don’t really know anything about them. Do you have a recommendation for speaker cables? Presently using older Taralabs RSC Primes in 15ft length but now I’m in a new house and only need 6-8ft. Always be... 
Worth the wait? Buchardt S400's
Thanks smdesforges,curious what does your system consist of?My hesitation comes down to my Vandersteen’s and whether I want to keep such big speakers. I love the look of the s400s and I ordered them in white. What stands are you using for them? 
Best 80s New Wave
Love Love the following:Simple MindsChina CrisisEchoOrange JuicePropagandaAlphavilleDepeche 
MAC to DAC connectivity
Does anyone know if there is a way to get optical output from the MAC to the D2's optical input? I have been using the usb input and the optical out from the D2 into my Krell. Sound is pretty decent but wondered if the optical from the MAC is poss... 
Rega RP8 vs Clearaudio Concept
So the Ultradeck looks like a great value and seems like it would be a even match to my Krell Digital Vanguard and Vandersteen 2ces. Wonder if the Music Hall PA1.2 is an acceptable phono stage? Any suggestions would be helpful.Thanks again everyone! 
Rega RP8 vs Clearaudio Concept
Thanks everyone so I have a unique setup with my audio rack on a brick fireplace hearth so vibrations don't seem to be an issue. I was hoping to keep it around 2k. tablejockey mentioned phonostage and presently I just have a MusicHall PA1.2 Probab... 
Rega RP8 vs Clearaudio Concept
Tablejockey, Scoutmaster has the acrylic platter, any thoughts on that and other comparisons to the prime scout? Appreciate your thoughts. Scoutmaster I’m looking at is approximately $2000. New table might be a better choice 
Rega RP8 vs Clearaudio Concept
So now I'm looking at a VPI Scoutmaster vs the Clearaudio Concept. Hoping I can resolve this in my own mind. Way too many good choices. My problem is I have some older lps, definitely been trying to clean them but don't want to subject a $500+ nee...