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Tube Recommendations Please
I use the Siemens 6922 / E88CC in my Modwright PH9.0X and there is nothing like them. Dynamic Bass, Airy Upfront Mids and very controlled highs. I love these out of my entire stash  
3k Phono preamp upgrade options (JC3+, XP-17, etc)
I owned an SPL Phonos and loved it. I traded it in for a Modwright PH9.0x and it is an endgame phonostage for me. A little more than you would like to spend but plenty of comments about it here in Agon.  
Acoustic Signature turntables
Meant to say internal. Dam autocorrect 🙄  
Acoustic Signature turntables
I think the initial Acoustic Signature Company was plagued with some internet issues that certainly tarnished their name. That said the company rebounded and I can say from personal experience their tables now are rock solid, incredible engineerin... 
Modwright PH 9.0X Tube Rolling Question
@blisshifi Good Info about the 6C45. I thought the Sovtek was the only one. Thanks!  
Modwright PH 9.0X Tube Rolling Question
@danmar123 Yes Dan told me that there is only one version of the 6C45.  
Modwright PH 9.0X Tube Rolling Question
I own this and love it. Yes the 6C45 cannot be replaced with the 6922 to my knowledge so not sure what blisshifi is referring to. I replaced my 6922 with Siemens E188CC/7308's and the result is extreme clarity, dynamics and transparency. The instr... 
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
I went from Vandersteen 2ce’s for many years of pleasurable listening to my current Spatial M3 Sapphires. Oh what I was missing!  
Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?
@chilli42 No question I had the PS audio and it is just ok and agree that you are missing some of the dynamics and air. I now have the Modwright PH9.0x with some Siemens E188CC/7308 and it is my end game. You have some great choices out there but ... 
Acoustic Signature turntables
@lewm Aluminum, Steel and two layers of wood. Mine has a high gloss white finish that looks like multiple layers of paint. The platter alone is 24lbs. It's a Beautiful Beast 😊  
Acoustic Signature turntables
@plinko I have an older Acoustic Signature Triple X which is my end table. I actually bought it from a dealer here on Agon. It weighs in at 100 lbs and to me is the epitome of art and engineering. I can jump up and down near it on wooden floors or... 
Fun With Cable Risers
@roxy54 Thanks, I may try fishing line or floss to further suspend the cable but I'm not sure its needed, just a fun easy project  
Fun With Cable Risers
Just ordered some acrylic stuff from Amazon. Acrylic Cubes, Bases and U Shapes, Blue Felt and Double Sided Foam Tape. Approx $150 for about 20 which I probably won't use all but I really like the look. I think the foam tape may add some vibration ... 
How Do I Choose A Phono Preamp
I had the Hana ML and now the Umami Red. I upgraded from an SPL Phonos to the Modwright PH9.0X and it is stunningly good as is but add some NOS tubes for a real treat.  
Synergistic Atmosphere X Alive vs AQ Robin Hood Zero
@chaseton I owned the Rocket for a while and then switched to the SR. IMO there is something to be said for having a loom of cables from PC's, IC's, and SC's. I wound up getting the Powercell 8 UEF SE - Atmosphere X Alive PC's, IC'c and Speaker Ca...