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If you had $1,400 , A TTable thing
Technics 1500 series are on the way ... late summer availability. 
Bang for Buck
Lots of great choices for Integrated including Phono Pre.A few demos should be convincing. 
Increase VTF to help with skipping?
"rego....forget antiskate....." " Yes, the antiskating affects the VTF"Just saying it's worth checking ... 
Increase VTF to help with skipping?
Check the Anti-Skate setting as well ... 
ASUS Essence STX ii with Sennheiser HD598 Headphones Setup - Am I doing something wrong?
All my Windows machines have been acting up ... the last month or soBrowsers won't work.Try isolating apps for sound.Uninstall all but windows driver.Then see if any thing works for you ... 
Primare I22 vs I25
Hello jay73,Contact an Authorized Dealer with your inquiry.The one that I know of is Soundings Fine Audio DTC / Metro Denver, CO.It is likely that the Primare I25 is worth looking into.The Primare web site quotes "radical reworking".The DAC:" In ... 
Laptop through Audioquest Dragonfly Red...what input to preamp.
Line In ... ?Mini plug cable ...It looks as though the Dragon Fly is intended for Head Phones with low power requirements. 
Need a new cartridge recommendation for clearudio concept black.
For around $450 2M Bronze and a bit more Blue Point Special EVOIII high output $550. 
Technics new range of gears.
Yes ...  and both Grand Class Integrateds feature a Phono Pre.The SU- G30 and SU-G700 both offer an integrated Phono Preamp MM.Premium Class SU-C700 also features an Integrated Phono Preamp MM.To be clear I have had the opportunity to listen to Gr... 
Raidho TD1.2 opinions?
The TD looks like the same model that I listened to last fall.Still being run in at the time.Filled the space with authority.Check out the associated gear in a noteworthy mention. 
Linux into MSB Analog DAC Quad USB?
The FAQ states 99.9% compatible for DACs on Sonictransporter.So Plug N Play.I do not think it's necessary to be concerned with LINUX Drivers.The stated question may be best directed to MSB support.Sonictransporter-i5 / Ultrarendu looks like quite ... 
Monitors with big sound and deep bass
Wilson Tune Tot.The Demo at RMAF made quite an impression.Big Deep, and SQ.EAT TTEAT Phono PreOctave IntegratedSunyata Power Conditioning 
"You cannot handle the truth"
I'd like to know what the "Usual" Break In Time is ... 
MOVING TO computer/HD/audio player from CD's
Look at HDDs with 6TB-10TB capacity.Prices range from less than $100 to $300 for HDD only.CD quality files WAV are relatively large files.If redundancy is not an issue a single portable storage device will work. 
Opportunity to knock out a wall - make an 18 x 30 room
This sounds like a Room Mode Peak." It sounds great at my listening spot but the room can overload with volume particularly on cd and I am not getting the perfect integration of drivers nor widest sweet spot."For Reference: https://www.gikacoust...