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long lasting cart
Wish my office was at home with my equipment!!!!!!!! 
Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
PS Audio-- P15 is the sweet spot-=-= 
The Genie grants you one wish, you can have any former audio item back...
I think I'd like my Ref 6 back--I miss it-- I think??? 
The shocking truth about speakers
What is a speaker????? 
Question about Tone Controls + Equalizers
Like stereo5-- I have a luxman 590axii and those tone controls work the magic when needed!! Was thinking of even trying the new mac c53 or 2700 tube unit. 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
Is it all worth it?
A blend and a single malt--alternate all the time--mood is key-=- 
Luxman L-590AX
Whats the latest Rock? 
LUXMAN L509X VS M700/C700U
Help- audiophile husband just dies
Perla Audio + Focal!
Is Perla still around?? 
Moving cables around killed dynamics for days anyone else experience this?
Use the FORCE Luke-=- 
warm sounding high end speakers
Put any stand mounts next to the fireplace for some warming tone--easy as that-=- 
What's up with TMR Audio?
Josh-- you need to work Nick more!!! LOL   Tell him WHO DAT from me-=- Happy New Year!!!!! 
Spendor D7, D9 but no love Classic 100?
Any more news on the 7's?? or Spendor 100