Battle of the unknowns... (cable companies)

Curious who members believe are the best unknown power cable manufacturers. $100 to $700 for example.
A couple examples might be Ice Age Audio, NRG Custom Cables etc..
I know who I have had good (and not so good) experiences with from the well known companies. Now I am curious about the "little guys". 
If you want some really unknown cables, let me know. I know a guy. Pretty sure he still makes em. But I will not tell you who he is. Can't get any more unknown than that.
I've seen cables for sale on ebay that are listed as silver cables and they have no name and come from somewhere in Asia. They appear to be quite thin and have questionable "insulation" but claim to be "pure silver" and the best available. Probably something like screen door aluminum strands twisted together and covered with a mix of discarded coconut shell fibers and thrown away bed sheets. Loyalists swear by them. You're welcome.
Thanks. I googled them. Curious about them considering they are from Michigan. Home state company and never heard of them

I may know that guy too! About a dozen of them lol

Gee thanks. I'll look right into those type lol

If you're going up to $700, try TWL power cables. I think you can still get the American Digital series for around $500. Or maybe Cullen Cable for a lot less.

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@nonoise I have spent much more. I currently switch back and forth between the Shunyata NR line and Voodoo cable. After my relatively positive experience with smaller companies like Morrow Audio, Signalcable and also reading about lesser know "little guys" like NRG I have grown curious and interested in some of them. Looking to see who else gets mentioned. 

@mitch4t I have used a couple power cords from Signalcable. Excellent for how cheap they are. 
you might want to try Audio Art cable, i have some of their IC cables and a phono cable, and they all sound very good. Talk to Rob Fritz, he will set you up with what you need.
Audio Art Cable – Audio Art Cable USA
+1 on Audio Art Cables

Full loom of SE cables on main system and some entry level Classic on the other two systems.  Rob Fritz is a great guy and extremely helpful.

Clarity Cables. After listening to Clarity Cables Vortex powercords, I sold all of my Audioquest Hurricane powercords. I don't believe in absolutes and I believe cables are system dependent. That being said, I think they're worth a listen.
Morrow are  value for money. However if you want great value for money and leaving aside ethical issues go to AliExpress and try the fake Nordost Odin interconnects and power cables for around $120. You will be very surprised. Do not touch the speaker cables though.
Audio Envy,Black Cat,Silnote,and Zen Wave all make excellent products.I'm always trying new ones from the smaller boutique companies and these are the most recent over the last six months.A lot of people like Audio Art but personally I really don't care for silver plated copper which is what Rob uses for his cables.
Excellent power cables from Cullen and VH Audio. VH carries many top brands and will build you a custom cable with a variety of terminations.

For the budget minded Audiogoners:

I own a pair of their custom made speaker cables and can only say great things about dealing with them and their product.

I purchased a set of Vintage Western Electric interconnects from Schmitt Custom Audio Cables as a reasonably priced alternative to add a headphone amplifier to my system. I was pleasantly surprised by their quality and how well they are performing (they are competing with Kimber Kable KS-1036’s and Audioquest Niagra’s). James Schmitt is knowledgeable and a genuine pleasure to do business with - check out his website
+1 on Audio Art (I have one power cable) & Signal Cable (I have 4 or 5 power cable & 1/2 dozen ICs). 

Very solid, good sounding wires all around.
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