A secondary system to enjoy.

I think a secondary system to enjoy and explore with an open mind andlower expectations can be more rewarding than one thinks in our hobby....and educational at the same time.

Your thoughts?
Yes second systems are a great place to experiment with new things without disturbing the equilibrium of one’s main setup unless necessary.

If you have the money and room.......
Been using a Sharp SD-EX111 (all-in-one CD player/AM-FM tuner/integrated amplifier) paired with Polk RT-15i speakers, since 2004, as a 2ND system.

The Sharp ($500 retail) was $75 on closeout (purchased 5 of them) and the RT-15i's were $13.50 @ a local thrift.

Difficult to beat sound/convenience wise for the price of <$100.

I'm on the 2ND Sharp (One still stored NIB and gave Two of them away as gifts).


If you have the money and room......
Well I used to have the money....
Up to a couple of days ago that is.
My secondary system is composed entirely of hand-me-downs from the primary.  That way you get more use out of a component you've acquired, and slow down the merry-go-around of acquisition.
I have 3 secondary systems, 4 if you count my Bluesound Pulse speakers.  I have one in my home office, one in my computer room, and one in my bedroom.  The Bluesound speakers are more of a portable self-contained system.
It is a great idea. I have taken to the smaller form factor components. It started with a Benchmark AHB2 amp I snagged here used. I added the LA4 linestage and the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. For now, I’m driving a pair of Dynaudio Special 40. It really is a sweet little system. 
Be well everyone. 
You mean I can I just keep all the Speakers I buy?!

A second system, and third are great ideas!  You know how some people want tv’s everywhere?  Not me.  I want speakers everywhere!

I actually talk friends and family members into buying awesome set-ups, partially for my own selfish enjoyment.  Shoot, I’m constantly looking at the best bang for the buck portable set-ups for me to take with me.

I like to spread out my hifi to as many places as possible so I can enjoy it in many different ways.  My car, my headphones, my listening room, my friends houses.   
Hafler DH200, Big Knob Passive Preamp, Celestion SL6Si, fed by an SMSL SU-8 attached to my computer.  Makes for some happy web browsing.  All I can do on my primary system is listen!
I have 5 secondary systems and have multiple pairs of speakers for sale because I curtailed building other systems. I use usher s520’s with a ps audio sprout 100 integrated and it sounds very nice for an office. I have other rooms with Peachtree wireless speakers and some Apple HomePod’s outside and in a couple of rooms. All rooms are Roon endpoints so I can stream tidal and ripped music to each of them from my iPads and iphones
I have inherited a pair of Infinity RS- IIb speakers from my late Father Inlaw. I have yet to find an amp that would be a good match and not to break the bank. Suggestions?
I know that one of the EMIT tweeters need replacing. 
Yes, I use mine as a way to explore different presentations, derived from speaker/amp interactions. It gets more use over the summer months as I transport it outside onto my back deck 'living' area. 
Yesterday I cobbled together a pair of Snell Type K speakers, an Advent 300 and a Marantz Sa14 SACD player. Sounds great!
@joeradioThose Emits are steely....

Something warm......

A nice little amp for a good price too..

Carver M200T.
@joeradio  - For "all things" vintage Infinity, go to the Infinity Users Forum at AudioKarma. Lot's of vintage Infinity aficionados there. They will offer guidance on appropriate amps and repair/replacement of EMITs.


@ishkabibil  - I have 2 vintage Infinity Speakers that use EMITs - Infinity Qb and RS1.5. I do not find the EMITs "steely" in either implementation.
I have 2 vintage Infinity Speakers that use EMITs - Infinity Qb and RS1.5. I do not find the EMITs "steely" in either implementation. 
I don't find EMITs to be even remotely "steely." They are revealing, however, and can sound strident if driven by the wrong amps, especially high feedback SS amplifiers.
Why not install speakers in the ceiling throughout the house and attach them to an amplifier so you can hear music throughout your home?  Here is where a Bluesound comes in handy.
Use of my secondary system is outside on my back deck in the afternoons. My primary one serves late evening. Will more often steer towards rock/blues during the afternoon hours than the evening ones (jazz/vocals then). More driven by time of day/attitude than system I believe.