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Bit Disappointed in NAD
Fight for your $65, plus see if you can get a refund from Crutchfield.  $250 will buy a very decent outboard DAC (Schiit Modi Multibit or SMSL SU-8, for example) 
Stylus-Drag..Fact or Fiction?
I have a Luxman PD-277 direct-drive turntable and have seen the strobe slow down very slightly when the stylus is dropped.  The effect is more noticeable at the outer edge of the record. 
How much are AR AR3's worth these days?
So four people honor your asking price and you pull the ad and leave them hanging so you can get more money.  To me that's one of the definitions of the "Craigslist Loser". 
Active pre-amp for “difficult” music (fusion)
Are you sure it's your equipment?  Many fusion albums are just poorly recorded. 
Bose 301 modifications
You'll never turn that sow's ear into a silk purse.  The best thing you can do for them is to get the Loki equalizer from Schiit and try to fix the sound electronically. 
Looking for A Cost Effective Phono Amp- Any suggestions?"
If you are leaning towards the low end, the fully discreet Schiit Mani is far more dynamic, open and transparent than the NAD, which is a single opamp (NE5532) design for moving magnet cartridges with a simple transistor circuit to provide the gai... 
Neil Young’s Lonely Quest to Save Music
“We worry that the humanity is being drained out of music.” Stream quality notwithstanding, this also could be a comment on the fact that fewer and fewer humans are actually involved in the creation of music. 
Bits bits bits from Upscale Audio
@ three_easy_payments, funny you should mention that.  My friend just bought a PrimaLuna from Upscale.  He's very pleased with it! 
Best budget preamp for my entry level system?
+1 on the Schiit Saga.  I own one and love it.  The newer Saga S is a solid state version for more money ($299) and the Saga + ($400) is an updated version of the original tube-based Saga. 
Re-tip or Replace?
The Grado is the polar opposite of the Dynavector.  Where the Ruby is open and airy with a wide, deep soundstage, the Grado's darkness and lack of high end extension presents a whole different perspective.  I'd be considering AT VM740 or Nagaoka M... 
Is this sign of getting old?
If you liked Carpenters back in the '70s then you were old back then.  You've plateaued over the last 50 years.  Your fascination with Elvis is merely an indication that your musical taste gland is starting to further deteriorate. 
Re-tip or Replace?
@mijostyn653:  Those cartridges are way out of my price range.  I mentioned comparably priced to $350. @roberjerman: I was planning on using Soundsmith's service.  They show a Ruby Cantilever / Nude Contact Line Diamond for $350.  I don't know ... 
All the old issues of Stereo Review are online!!
We had Julian Hirsch at one of our audio club meetings in LaGrange, New York back in the '70's.  Now I admit that I don't agree with his opinions, but I think they were borne of a connection to the typical Stereo Review reader, not an Audio Magazi... 
I have three speakers avaiable to me??
After being beaten over the head with Def Tech speakers when I went to Best Buy to audition Martin Logans specifically, I am surprised they are even mentioned here.  They were honky, bright and compressed sounding.  I have to believe that the Gall... 
Take up drums at age 56?
I, too, am a drummer, and the most fun I've had with the instrument in recent years (I'm 66, and a veteran of the gigging community) is using a decent electronic kit to play along with the thousand of available drumless songs that are available.  ...