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B & K EX-442 Sonata Series Owners Manual
Thank you for your replies. Always helpful.   
B & K EX-442 Sonata Series Owners Manual
Are there any pages that list the specifications of this amp?  
B & K EX-442 Sonata Series Owners Manual
Thanks for the reply but I am looking for the EX-442 Sonata Series owners manual. I am not having any luck in my search on Google or anywhere else.   
DVD Player Recommendations
Yes CD & SACD player as well as DVD.   
Infinity EMIT Speaker Repair
Hello All, A quick update. I just replaced the diaphragms in both rear EMITs. I bought them from America Vintage Audio after speaking with the owner Bob Douglas who was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable with sharing his information. The mos... 
Absolute Phasing
Hello,  @recluse, Have you had any luck on finding the manual for this B&K EX-442 Sonata Series amplifier? I attempted searching with no success. Any other Audiogon members your input is most welcome. 👍 
This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree
WOW. 🤔 
MQA actually tested
So what does all this mean to the "Beginner" listener? 
Infinity EMIT Speaker Repair
Thanks for all of your helpful responses. From what I gather replacing the diaphragms seem pretty straightforward. I will know better once I take them out and do an inspection. 🔈🔍 
Infinity EMIT Speaker Repair
I have the Infinity RS IIb speakers with the regular EMIT tweeters. The rear EMITS are blown. I tried new 1 1/4 Amp fuses with no joy. I can see the ribbon diaphragm is melted on both. I found this YouTube video by Bob Douglas. Watch "Infinity EMI... 
Absolute Phasing
I bought it on Ebay for $643.00. I was currently looking for a Bryston but when I spotted this one I jumped on it! 
Absolute Phasing
My man millercarbon! You have a way with words. Sarcastic, blunt but to the point. 👍 Thank you all for your responses.  
Infinity RS IIb L. F. Equalizer
Ok thanks for all of your responses. I guess I will keep the EQ for posterity sake.  
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
Yes this is a great thread to talk about and compare ones experience with another. I first noticed that I had tinnitus probably after I got out of active duty. Being on board the USS D.D. Eisenhower for my first duty station with all the flight op... 
Are you a special snowflake?
He went fishing and y'all took the bait. Hook, line and sinker. :)