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Warming up digital in my setup
A separate streamer and a DAC would be the way to go.  IFI or Bluesound streamer.  $500 +.  I have updated power supply on Bluesound and it is a good improvement. Denafrips, Schiit or Topping would be some DAC around $1K or less.  I have a $50 C... 
Streamer Upgrade
If you are looking at U1 Mini, there is also a power supply upgrade as well.  PD Creative in Poland.  
My Major System Upgrades in 2022 and Impact of Each
It's fun isn't it.  The addition of a new component always gives me a rush even if it is justification of money spent.  Took me 3 yrs to be satisfied, at least for awhile. It's harder now.  Local dealers are on the wane..  
Whats playing on your system today?
Spafford, self titled.  Jam band.    
Indentical measurments = Identical performance?
Can you measure willingness or enthusiasm?  Are you in the mood for music and it sounds better?  Are you in the wrong frame of mind and it just doesn't gain your interest?  Can you measure that?   
Speaker Placement and Toe-In
Definitely trial and error.  Since I read that horn speakers were directional or "beamy".  So I sit about as far away as the distance to my center of the speakers..  The speakers are toed in and pointing just over my shoulder.   
B.S. Node 2i brick (yet another one)
My Node 2i is refurbished, 3 yrs old.  I installed PD Creatiive power supply upgrade.  The original has a few reliability issues corrected.  Otherwise they predicted 2 yr lifespan.    
How did 70s rock music transition into 80s music?
I have been around since the 60s.   Every decade or time period has plenty of music.  Still finding new stuff, and old stuff thanks to streaming.  Look around a bit and be open minded.    
A rookie with 10K, seeking advise
I was in your shoes, OP. Lots of great ideas. Here are some thoughts. Interconnects, power cords, speaker wires. I spent about 1100 for all of it. I bought all mine from Pine Tree Audio, an internet seller. Sounds fine to me. There are several ot... 
I am not a fan of dual purpose systems but here goes.  The Anthem would better.  The only Yamaha that sound good are their expensive ones($10k), if they even still make them.  How old are those LaScalas?  If they are old, new crossovers are a gre... 
Need recommendations for a streamer
I have the Bluesound Node 2i.  I  put a new power supply in it for $130. I have richer fuller bass and an open airier sound.  This board also has reliability improvements.  Also added an aftermarket power cord.  Anything you can do to lower the no... 
musician aquarius r2r dac any good?
I don't hear much talk of Lampizator.  Are these different type?  Just curious, my bank account won't support.  
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
I recently had my service replaced. A solid copper rod was driven about 5 ft deep into the ground outside. This was wired to the buss bars in the panel for my house. I have seen grids buried in the ground as well. The rod that was driven into the ... 
Why do so many people have problems with bass?
@engineears would you like my address? LOL.We can’t ignore physics. I heard those say no music below 40 Hz. I didn’t believe it. Rather than buy a bunch of stuff I don’t know how to use, I thought I would download a cell phone app, spectroid, I b... 
Anyone Know Where To Get The 4 Big Can Caps?
Wow what knowledge and product loyalty.  Good luck in finding a solution.