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Can you give me your speaker suggestions?
But, if you want to keep your amps, be careful with speaker selection.  I like the idea of high efficacy speakers.  This makes amp selection easier.  
There's No Question
I too went for value over looks, Crites Type B.  They are the size of Cornwalls with better crossovers and cabinests(birch plywood.  They are not braced internally. I have seen finished examples are quite good looking. I  chose these for efficien... 
Your experience of moving to two subs
I have 2 subs-10" Eminence.  We run these with a Yamaha power amp, commercial.  I have never ran out of power.  I have a Marchand  crossover to make sure the level is right for subs and mains.  The crossover is at 100 Hz.I don't have phase adjustm... 
Fuzzy playback
Just an update;  I got my crossover back after the jacks, cord and volume controls were replaced.  Really nice results.  More presence, wider sound stage.  I am not sure how this all breaks in but it sounds better than ever right now.  
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
David Bowie: Station to Station. Phil Manzanera: Diamond Head.  Eno on a rock album 1975 Zappa: numerous Camel: Moonmadness and Mirage  
Bluesound Node 2 producing distortion and dropouts
Interesting.  I got my crossover back and thought it was just everything breaking in. Yesterday, clear as a bell. I have 3.20.5.  Brand new update?  Also, I put an aftermarket power supply in mine.  The vendor stated the original power supply caus... 
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
It seems like you like the Yamaha.  Not sure how often those come up used.  There are several good sounding amps at modest prices.  Schiit, Parasound, several Class D amps, Rogue, and more.  Emotive sound shrill.  
Songs with excellent advice?
Cats in the Cradle Harry Chapin Day in the Life Beatles  
Goodbye Everyone
I enjoyed the posts.  Best wishes  
Real world Loudspeakers what does very good cost ?
I personally think start with an efficient speaker. This gives you much more flexibility with amps at least. Volti, Fleetwood are a couple good examples. Used is rare. Both are made in USA. Others DeVore, Charney are excellent as well. These all ... 
First Watt J2 & speaker pairing ?
If you want this brand, I would switch speakers. But I heard the DQ10 clear back in college and they sound great. I think they were $500 at the time. Efficient speakers tend to be larger. I have a Pass XA25. A used one would be about 1000 more th... 
Vibration isolation or absorption?
I bought my speakers and set them up. The basement floor was not flat so the speaker could actually rock. They only came with furniture tips that are just driven into the wood.  I didn’t know much. The isolation topic was very common here and usua... 
Fuzzy playback
Hello @rockrider. As usual it was those RCA connections at the crossover. A new crossover is $750. I chose to fix this Rean RCA base, gold plated. $10 for a set of 6. While I have it out I am replacing the volume potentiometers. I wanted stepped a... 
Why do I need a switch?
I would get rid of as much noise and interference.  There are several other things that will give more improvement than a switch. Good cords, dedicated circuit, ethernet filtering, no wall warts in the circuit.  I would say these items would help... 
getting into streaming
I went through all this 3 years ago.  A simple setup at first? 1.  Streamer.  Price $300 to $22000 2.  Ethernet cat 6 or higher from router to streamer.  $50 or less. 3.  I added am EMI/RF filter in ethernet connection. 4.  I use coax from str...