This is mainly B.S. or useless Hyperbole, but....secondary units/systems.

If you have been at home more and, perhaps, listening to your audio system more,...what are your thoughts on your system now?

Has listening more made you think of changes...or has it made you like/appreciate what you currently have more?

My experience has made me appreciate some of my secondary "music makers" more.  A bedroom radio system/units Nakamichi TM-1&2  and a  Nakamichi Soundspace 5...even a table Sony radio in the bath.  Yes, the main system of Maggies and more is still the "critical listening" one, but the fact that all of the secondary items are in rooms and times when I am not in the "audio geek" mode.  Live and learn....and listen. 

For a long time I have had the speakers, CD, turntable - and integrated with phono stage!- speaker cables, interconnects, power cords, and even Cones and Shelfs, to do a complete high end system in my living room. Heck there's even several sheets of OC703 in the shop to acoustically treat the living room. Tuner. Almost forgot the tuner. Whole system. System good enough a lot of guys would call it good and done. 

All I had to do was hook it up. So what did I do? Sold. Covered almost the whole cost of some sweet Tekton Moabs. 

The main (only!) system is so good its better through the open listening room door. Yes I am that guy. pics. Those speakers are gone. Now thanks to having sold the backup gear, and even my last pair of speakers, finally I have something in common with our most frequent poster: no system! Lol!
I listen to a $150 Harman Kardon receiver from the 90's. I plug it into my main speakers for all day FM  listening while working.

I plug my tubed 65 Mac MR71 into it. Quite listenable. The on  board tuner doesn't cut it, being used to  hearing the Mac. The only negative thing is  no remote to change stations!
I have an old Pioneer receiver that I listen to sometimes.Also an ancient Telefunken Am/Fm that sounds fabulous upstairs.I've been buying/trying different tubes in my main system to keep the upgrade bug at bay:-)
in the office a nice looking Sony CMT-SD1, a 3 unit micro system (amp-tuner-cd/md/tape), sounds warm and punchy. I like it and would not change it.
Have come to the realization, my stereo is amazing, and awesome.2nd system is better that I thought.

 Main system is top tier., no co plants at all.

 2nd system is better than I thought.
older pair of BIC v830’s or 840’s,
odyssey kismet monos, older Rotel dvd/cd player, B&K pro10mc-mc (newer model 90’s model.

 Sounds amazing, I’ve never heard such deep bass from these speakers, kicks the Carver sunfire 600sig’s butts as far as clarity, and clinical listening!