What's the most anolog sounding CDP

Looking for an outstanding 1996-2000 circa redbook CDP (Or trans Dac combo).

I'm looking for a great value.

Do any of yall' have a suggestion?

I'm running Cary Audio Design 300se Sig Monos, and Cary pre (all class A operation).

I still love the Accuphase DP 75V upsampling unit. Very liquid sounding, great reliability, flexibility, and build quality!
I ended up with a Linn Ikemi. I tried a number of players and i felt the Ikemi deliverd that warmth of analog and detail of a fine cartridge on a great turntable.
Since you are obviously partial to Cary, you could stay in the family with a 308T. I've heard it in an all-Cary system (308T>SLP2002>V12r) and it sounds fantastic.

Or, the alternative I'm pursuing, a good transport with a non-OS DAC.
I've been very happy with both my Naim CD5 and the Muse players I've owned. The Naim is playing through my Cary SLP50/Quicksilver 300B SET combo and sounds quite wonderful there. I have an older Muse Model 5 / Model 2+ running my push/pull system at home and have always loved that combo. The Model 9 I had also was very satisfying in all respects and added DVD playback. Any of these players would be a great buy IMO at today's used prices. Muse has a reasonable upgrade program should you wish to step up in the future.

I second the Ikemi. Much smoother than anything I've heard at its price point. A great value for around 2k on the used market.
I know I am an auth dealer for RA, but get the Resolution Audio Opus 21, it bested Accuphase DP65v and DP75v (among many others). The Accuphase gear is actually one of the more clinical, sterile sounding players out there, to my ears.
I may be biased but the Ayre CX-7.
Muse Model 11 or any Muse player/separates.
The Exemplar/Denon 2900, in my experience, gets closest to vinyl.
Interesting Choices!

I'll check these out.

The Audio Aero CAP MKII or the Prima. Or a good tube DAC like the Cal, Kora, VAC, Audio Logic etc.

The Rresolution Opus is not an anolog sounding CDP, but is a great CDP especially for the price. Excellent dynamics. It has to be used with a good power cord like the Shunyata Black Mamba to smooth it out some, it was not harsh or hard sounding but the Mamba made the CDP very smooth and relaxed sounding. It was clearly better that the Accuphase DP-77 SACD/CD player I auditioned with it, the 77 sounded boring and not as dynamic too relaxed and laid back sounding. The Wadia 861 basic bettered both of them but it is more $$$$.

Happy Listening.
I second Bigkidz's response all-the-way.
I'll third the Muse recommendations, Models 9 signature and 10 are excellent at redbook cd and DVD. Detailed and never harsh. Mids are very "real-sounding" when used with suitable supporting equipment. I don't have enough experience to say they are the best, but very enjoyable and worth a listen.
Look at the Copland CDA-289. IMO an outstanding player.
How about the Bat VK-D5SE? I am a Bat dealer, however I have compared it to several other models. IMHO it is the most analogue sounding player I have heard.
Try listening to the Audio Analogue Maestro CDP, especially the Model I version. Beautiful, natural sound.
Fatcataudio, you are the first person that I have EVER heard referring to the Accuphase DP 75V as, "...clinical, sterile sounding player[s]". Perhaps you have a problem somewhere else in your audio chain! Actually, I apologize for being somewhat snide, but front end equipment will voice differently when using S.S. amplification vs. tube amplification.
If you can find a used one...
Good luck
Belt drive CDP's/transports.
I love my Resolution Audio Opus 21. Great support from the company too.

I guess another way of saying it was the way Bigkidz said it, the Accupahse gear sounds boring, not dynamic or musical at all, which is why I called it clinical.

The rest of my systems are fine, I just don't care for the Accuphase sound, or price. Again, just my opinions-take em or leave em.
Well nobody has mentioned it yet, so I'll put in a word of encouragement for the Metronome CD2V. In my older system that included Cary amp & pre, it beat a Cary CDP- 306/200 at a fraction of the price. They were close, but the CD2V has a more immediate perspect, more detail in the highs, all at the cost of slightly less deep bass performance. I sold the Cary and pocketed $1400 on the trade...You typically see the CD2V for sale here used around $1700-1800.

Cheers, Spencer
Meridian 508.24 is one of the most analog sounding CDPS ever made.
vinyl cd player ???
Audiomeca Mephisto II
I strong recommend you the NAIM CD5 + FlatCap2.... Used with the best cables of the world (Cardas Golden Cross) and tube amplification, the result is awesome!!
I listen to about 85-90% vinyl. But I have had a Jolida JD100A for a couple of weeks now and have been furiously revisiting my forgotten discs. No, it ain't vinyl, but it does have a very analog-like presentation. Ignore the budget price and give this player a listen.

Presently using a CEC Transport, Levinson Dac, and Purcell upsampler. Very smooth, but different from vinyl, however; auditioned in my system the MBL 1511D Dac and MBL 1521 transport and will be selling my Verdier Plantine Turntable, so I can buy the MBL Duo. The MBL Duo bested anything digital and most of the analog I've heard.