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Cd disc changers.
Haven’t had one in my systems for 10+ years, but of the four I had, the Harman Kardon 5-cd drawer style sounded the best (can’t recall if an 8350 or 8550), and the Sherwood 200-cd with dual players the coolest.All of them are pretty much destined ... 
Stereo Speakers behind a perforated screen- How much loss in sound?
Oh ... and tab-tensioned too, of course 
Stereo Speakers behind a perforated screen- How much loss in sound?
How locked into your existing screen? ... there are some electric retractable AT screens out there.I have Centerstage AT fabric for a DIY that I never got to in old house where I had a huge HT room ... and now looking at a retractable one for the ... 
Best song for immediate impact when presenting or testing?
Nice to find some new ones to try ...A couple mentions here of my usuals:Brubeck Take 5Holly Cole off Temptation ... usually Train Song but several workA new favorite is Hallelujah from The (Canadian) Tenors 
Best bookshelf speakers
Still more than a few without mention so far (AFAIK) ... such as ProAc and Sonus Faber ... perhaps more than a touch of warmth depending on system matching and your ears/preferences, but do the critical mids pretty well.  
Oppo UDP-205 MQA Confusion
Saw a similar thread elsewhere with the news about Oppo yesterday (yeah, been living under a rock lately) ... and did successfully register at Oppo, though not sure if production/supply will last. Been happy with my 105; and was just thinking gett... 
Thorens TD-126 Mk II vs Sansui SR-717
Do you worry about the electronics in these older DD tables becoming unobtainium? Are we getting near to this time for these particular mfrs? And therefore Would the sound quality out of one of their better belt drives, say a TD160 or FR3060, be n... 
Ortofon Red on Thorens TP16 tonearm
In your opinions, does the lower mass Mk II arm raise the bar? 
Opinions - TD-125 vs MMF-7
I thought about it, but before I put $500-1000 in a second table, I'd sell the MMF and put all the $ toward a much better solo - like a used VPI Classic or Oracle Delphi (miss my old one), and get a cheaper vintage for the retro look to go with so... 
Recommend an integrated amp for my Harbeth 40.1's
Since you indicated a willingness to buy used, I'd suggest you consider a Plinius integrated as they seem to provide considerable tube-like texture and presence with typical solid state grip on the low end. Pretty good phono stage is a bonus. Seem... 
AV Receiver good enough for high end audio?
I've had a fair number of higher end receivers (excuse the oxymoron), and in all cases found they performed better as preamps* than amps. Always found a not-subtle improvement when using an outboard dedicated amp (regardless of speaker character/e... 
Is Oppo Blu-Ray official release at CES?
Any idea if it will have a digital input to accept feed from a server/streamer? 
Any Blu Ray player that will also play SACD's ?
I don't know but will be interested in the answer. Also, will it have a digital input to accept feed from a streamer/server? 
2006 BEST Female Vocal CD/SACD/XRCD
John,I have a couple OTR albums and really like them. Another CDBaby find was Third Road Home - Sister/brother act, and Trinity has a very good voice with better songwriting talents ... al but one cut is hers.One of my fav's is Tift Merritt - her ... 
What happens when the Wife cleans the audio room
Nutella,nice and sparkly? rotflmao