starter TT moving anolog.

Hi All,
I'm finally ready to build an analog front end. The "Pro-ject debut carbon"," or the Music hall USB 1 " for reason of affordability and built in phono stages while I amass enough vinyl to justify an up grade (analog) TT, stylist,arm,phono pre amp etc. this will be built into my current system; Meridian 508 (24 bit) CD player>Pass labs X0.2 Pre amp> pass labs X350.5amp> Thiel 3.6 speakers.I figure this is a good baby step until I can get a foothold on gear and Vinyl. Is this a good choice? Are their equal or better Turntables with built in phono stages to suit me for now? Advise and discussion welcomed. Thank you
I tried an entry level table (Marantz TT15) and an entry level phono stage (PS Audio GCPH) and then I sold it all after a year and upgraded significantly to a VPI Classic, Dynavector XX2 mk2, and a Pass XP15 phono stage. I can say that I fell in love with analog and needed a much better analog set up to compare with my digital front end. You have very good components and probably excellent digital sound. You owe it to yourself to go with higher quality components from the start to truly experience what analog can do. Setup is everything and the phono stage is very important. Don't scrimp on the equipment. You can try what you are thinking but don't be surprised if you like it and then start the search anew. Good luck and enjoy! Oh, and you'll need a good cleaning system for vinyl. I started with the spin clean which was fine but then upgraded to the VPI 16.5 which works great and you can find them used.
Start with the project carbon or you will never know if that was enough, it is for many with systems as good or better than you describe.As Swanny points out, next real step up is 4-5 x the money.
Built in phono stages are really designed for when no other suitable preamp is available...or for DJ use...they are often of poor quality due to cost constraints...even a modest NAD, rotel, Project, etc will easily outperform one...that being said....I find most phono stages in receivers/amps, vintage or otherwise, to be acceptable to exceptional....
Phasecorrect, just so, I keep a 30yr old Yamaha A-1000 integrated around because it has a fabulous phono stage, both MM and MC with 3 different loads for MM .
It was top of Yammy line when Vinyl was King and sounds and looks as new.
The Project Debut Carbon is on sale at Music Direct for $299-. With a carbon fiber arm and Ortofon cartridge that is a good deal.