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Joseph Audio Pulsars v. Focal Diablo Utopia's
Go with Joseph's , way more involving and thrilling 
Hegel H300
Hegel 300 is much better than H200More dynamic, clearer, more power, quiter.Yet again neutral. 
Which stands for Joseph Audio Pulsars?
GoldprintaudioCould you please give me the ideal dimensions for the 4post sound anchors stands?-regarding Pulsars- 
What is the single best pre amp you have ever hear
Viva Audio Linea XP new.....for me. 
Viva or Mastersound?
KeithrNot exactly.Viva represents the today SET sound.Master sound has old school tube sound colored and slow in the bass. 
Budget USB cable?
I tried in this category the AQ carbon, Wireworld Starlight and Furutech gt2,Overall I prefered the wireworld in this price category. 
Viva or Mastersound?
To clarify I did upgraded from Solista mk2 to mk3 so I think it can be done for other users as well.*David12 there is huge difference from Solista mk1 to mk3.As for heating I also have Gryphon Antileon signature both run hot, only in the summer th... 
Viva or Mastersound?
Viva Solista is now under mk3 from end of 2011.It is so much better than mk1 and 2 which were better than Mastersound.Mastersound is still has the maple syroup sound and slow bass. The new Viva Solista mk3 shine with lifelike sound.(Solista mk2 ca... 
Zensati Cables
David12 you are right there is no more way to communicate between agoners.Anyway if you like you can contact me to georgeikops@gmail.com.CheersGeorge 
Zensati Cables
Latest Vekian or latest Vekian Opus.(latest Vekian is way better than first edition Vekian). 
Zensati Cables
Hi Lloydelee21I think Vekian dac is the one to go after Zanden.Very rich sounding dac and dynamic too (not so often found).I am talking about the latest version.@David12 please email me. 
Zensati Cables
ZenSati cables are as you said clear, fast and very neutral.I have also listened the power cord #3 to a Viva Solista and to a Vekian dac and made magic.Feel free to email me for more. 
Jorma Unity cable?
Jorma Unity cables are awesome in their price categoriy one will be surprised with the flow, naturalness, space and separation, rich timbres and agree with Mu6 that Unity is never technicall soundng.Regarding price difference with Prime I think Un... 
845 recommendations from actual experience
Which preamp are you using? 
845 recommendations from actual experience
The marvelous Viva Aurora need full spec 845 tubes because they fully exploit the 845 tube. KR tubes and plain Shuguang are not full spec tubes. Shuguang 845B is the best value for money and great sounding.Also waiting for future test with Psvane ...