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Exactpower EP-15A for my system?
Absolutely, I have both Exact Power EP-15A AND SP-15A in my system, which became the foundation of the system. 
What is the quietest preamp you've used?
I've spent a lot of time with Krell pres and owned Pam 1 & 3, KRC-3 and KCT. However; my latest pre is a two box Classe CP-65 and I have to admit, it is dead quiet, more so than the Krells, although; they were quiet also. 
krell ksa 80 vs. krell ksa100s
I think the KSA 80 is a sweeter amp, as far as the extra wattage with the KSA 100, not much of a difference, if any. 
Dire Straits and Eagles XRCD worth $37?
I have both XRCDs and they are both worth the price of admission. The Brothers in Arms is the best sounding of all the editions, except for the vinyl. The Eagles is also very good and also worth the toll. 
Best digital cable to audition?
Balanced Stereovox HDVX2. 
10.000 post Upgrade from....
The SA-102 is definitely more delicate, I would not make the switch, I think you would be going backwards. 
Amp for Apogee Stage's
There is an amp on A'gon currently that is one of the best matches to Apogee speakers, it is the Classe DR-3. Don't worry about the 25 Watts, the DR-3 has enough current to drive anything. Sounds tubelike and a true Classic. 
Subwoofer Recommendations for Audiophile Monitors
Lanceo, I think your dealer's recommendation is right on the mark, However; if your room is normal size I think a Rel Strata 111 is more than enough. If you think your Harbeth speakers sound good now, adding the Rel will not only supply integrated... 
Need some advise on DAC's please....
Mang53, I had a Plantine Koetsu combination a few years back and know the sound your getting and don't think you will be satisfied with a lower cost Dac, as the Audio Mirror, Flatfish etc. I have heard both the Zanden and the Stax Dacs and found t... 
Should I pay a lot for a DAC?
Again, I think Krell Man has nailed it. My Krell KRC-3 up for sale and is in sale pending status. I had this pre for six years and it is still in perfect condition and still one of the best pres I've owned. I recently replaced the KRC-3 with a Cla... 
Should I pay a lot for a DAC?
I think Krell Man hit the nail on the head. In this hobby everything makes a difference. I've been an Audiophile for a long while and owned many Dacs and always tried to get the best sounding, I could afford. This way when upgrading another part o... 
How much does your system retail for?
Between 60k and 65k and loving it. 
Daisy chaining Line Conditioners
yes I do daisy chain them with the exception of the Symphony Pro. For the reduction of EMI/RFI, I think the Symphony pro is the way to go. 
General transport Question
I did not realize that a question was asked. Yes Jafox, I did listen to all those transports in relation to the Sony SCD-1. And after it was so apparent that the Sony was inferior to them, I sold the Sony. The only reason I used the Sony for the c... 
Quantum Resonance Technologies
Yes I have a Symphony Pro in my system and I just don't understand. Here at A'gon I've read Audiophiles in these pages wax on about this upgrade, and that mod, or this tweak usually costing thousands of dollars with little to no cost to performanc...