What does your system consist of and are you done? I have a kr audio va900 integrated amplifier.  Resonessence Mirus Pro Dac. Sony modwright CD player. Melco n1a server.  Gato FM6 speakers. Clarity Cable power cables and interconnects   Atlas mavros speaker cables. Very happy.   I’m out.  Got a baby and this hobby is too expensive game over. 30k. 10 year chase and I’m out. 
Now you can focus on your music library.
Hope your right Calvinj.  I'm pulling for ya. 
calvinj, wishing you the best and enjoy the music!
No one that's been bitten by the audio nirvana bug is ever completely satisfied. Temporarily yes, but never forever. There is always that "new" piece to try, that tweak everyone is raving about, that cable that touts ecstacy.  It never truly ends. Technology evolves and improves.
The best we can hope for is taming the bug and staying satisfied with what we have. Good luck and happy listening.
Gillatgh is right - - you best start avoiding all forums, magazines, etc. or the demon will rise up in you again!

It's great to have a system together that you clearly enjoy.  I am pretty much to that place now, too.......just need a couple of cable adjustments, get that turntable set up sussed out, decide on the phono preamp......just a few more details........
@calvinj If you're still reading this thread, you still have a problem. 
Congratulations! Every time I say I'm done, I'm not:). I think the only way I could possibly be done, is to stay off of the audio forums. My problem is I really like listening to different equipment and I like reading about different components.
I hear I hear all of you.  I just realize that you better enjoy it.  2 audio friend deaths last year.  These guys chased it for about 20 years each. I realize that changing stuff left and right only ensures that you get sucked deeper in. I’m listening to more new jazz releases and I’m gonna focus on content. Even though I would love to try those hidiamond6 speaker cables. It ain’t gonna happen.  I’m going off the needle. No longer gonna tap the vein! Lol. I got a 3 month old baby girl giving me goofy looks. That’s where I’m using my money. Not the next over priced cable or component 
Right On! calvinj

sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor and music library.
Happy Listening!
Best of luck to you Calvin.
Enjoy every moment, they pass way too quickly.
Stay off the juice.

Now a new drive ,which myself is just going to ,I avoided for years 
Put all music on,   seperste power supplies though s must .
Mojo Audio  Ben very knowledgeable  great digital but Analog sounding. Fine tunjng the systrm,then done.
@calvinj good news, congratulations!

Glad you found happiness and are riding off into the sunset
Famous last words:  "My audio system is complete!" 
Lol. Man I been to the top. I heard soulutions electronics with raidho d5 with all anzus top of the line cabling.  I almost flat lined.  But I realized when you die they sell all your stuff at a discount and your audio buddies call dibs on your stuff and it all over. So I will stop and enjoy what I got!
I’m pulling for you, Calvin!
I got to that point some years ago after picking up my Sophia 2's.  Now, it's just replacing things that break.  My Meridian 557 amps I loved, died, one by one, and aren't repairable (Meridian tried, but parts are obsolete).  Tried a number replacements then settled on a Meridian G55 I run bridged. Happy again! 

There are a lot better sounding systems out there, but retirement beckons, and they just aren't worth the money when I'm happy with what I have, and the ears are definitely not improving with age :-)

Calvin - You made a good move.  I failed to get together a good system before baby number 1, in 1987.  Not until 2000, after two more kids, did I realize I had both the time, the space and the spare change to build a modest system I could enjoy.  Now, I have a system I enjoy a great deal, and continue to accumulate music (there is so much good stuff out there, old and new).  Money is tight once again, so major upgrades are off the table.  But I am happy enough with my rig as it is that I don't really mind.  I might move to a better, more modern DAC at some point, and a higher quality server, like your Melco, is on my list of things to save for, but I enjoy every minute I can spend listening to my music on my current system.  That doesn't mean I think more money wouldn't get me even better sound; only that I can enjoy what I have without worrying about getting even better gear.  And that does not stop me from being active in on line forums or my local audio club.  This remains a fun hobby for me, rather than merely an obsession.  

I'm happy with the major components I have. I've only been making small changes at times by trying a few affordable power cords, and a few interconnects with-in my secondary system.
Calvin, children are very important, be involved in every facet of their life because they grow up and gone; on their own faster than one thinks ;-)
I see my daughter is 3 months and is running my life already.  Lol my new boss.  Look, I have decided to be happy with what I have.  My system costs good used luxury car.  I’m gonna quit chasing and enjoy.  Yup I would love that new soulutions integrated 330 but at what cost? A couple years of college. 5 vacations, a full redo of all the home electronics etc. etc?   I have a top Dac, a great CD player.  A server that punches above it weight.  A great integrated and speakers that only 5 or 10people in the whole United States have. Great cabling and I can stream tidal! Plus when I move I have heard this system in another room with carpet and when I get my dedicated room with carpet and some room dampening this system gives you goosebumps. I have to thank my buddy who died. He found most of the stuff and Charles Threatt was a crazy obessesive audio junkie! But I got to give it to him. I have audio joy now! Look equipment is only part of it. You have to allow yourself to get off the merry go around and enjoy
Calvin, Congratulations on the baby girl. Enjoy the time, it goes way too fast. Next week you will be walking her down the aisle.

That’s true acman3. I just spent all these years in this great hobby. This hobby was my baby until now. Most of you understand.  I just remember that I’m in it for the great music that I hear.  It brings us joy and debt if we are not careful. I want the joy I will let them keep the debt. 
I educated my daughter at a young age. She is now 31. When I buy a new piece of gear, she asks me if I used the rule  of 1/4th when mom asks me how much the new gear costs. That rule is If I buy something for $1000, I tell her it costs me $250. I don't get by with this very often. Lol.
@mr_m - I read on another thread that the audiophile's worst nightmare is that after he dies, his wife will sell all his gear for what he told her he paid for it!
Well  I know most of the audiophiles are not into streaming but I’m getting a great sound out of this Melco n1a and Resonessence Mirus Pro Dac and tidal combination. 
Feeling good sitting back enjoying my system. Sometimes we tweak so much we forget to enjoy! We spend so much time and money e forget what we actually got it for. 
Hi calvinj, Always believed high fidelity  cable's sounded thin and mechanical,  very good that you moved on to more satisfying cable's.  I will never forget that you told me that your friend that owned the audio store that past away owned the best system you ever listed to in your life time was a system out fitted with Tara Lab's cable's,  good luck ole friend, enjoy the new baby,  congratulations 🍺🍹🍸🍷🥃.
Actually going to get another hfc powercord to help with transparency on my Dac. The power cables from hfc are some of the best out! 
Also I think it was the 600k in equipment mainly making it sound good. 
Purchasing another cord equates to not being done:)
@ricred1 I’m not actually going to. Lol.  If you know audiolabryinth you know he just wanted to plug his Tara labs non sense. I’m fine with what I got. 
Speakers and components are making me very happy
Man the ride has been long and costly.  
Done spending.  Time to just listen that’s ehy we got it in the first place. 
Also  looking back. I enjoyed the equipment and cabling but seeing this Tara labs blather again reminds me of why I stopped chasing and started listening 
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It’s been a crazy run. High and lows. I just hate that two of my top audio listening friends are no longer with us. David Baskin of design audio video passed away and my friend Charles Threat. Those guys were obsessive and allowed me to hear and evaluate a lot of gear through the years. I’ve learned to be patient and enjoy what I have. I have learned a little discipline as well.  Allow yourself to listen and enjoy instead of trying to upgrade all,the time. 
what gear, including cabling, is in your system.
Happy Listening!
KR Audio va900 integrated amplifier. Resonessence Mirus Pro Dac, Gato FM6 speakers. Modwright Sony es5400 tube CD player. Melco N1A server. Atlas mavros speaker cables, clarity cable interconnects to the Mirus. Clarity power cables. Hi fidelity reveal ic and power cord on the CD player. Rel 212se subwoofer just added (couldn’t turn it down) 
@jafant will you be at axpona? I’m going
Are any of you going to axpona? 

I wish I could - calvinj

Have a fun trip.

Happy Listening!

@calvinj If you're going to Axpona are you really done? I realize you started this thread two entire months ago you must be dying for some new gear. :p
Going to listen. I got the rel sub on a cant miss deal.  I am done.  No more money in this one. Just like to hear everything I read about. 

Nice score! calvinj

Happy Listening!

I can't say I'll ever be done! I enjoy this "hobby" and like you I love hearing things I read about.
That's great that you found something you are happy with in only 10 years. I started almost 50 years ago now, but I am finished now.
You can check out my system at the above link in the Virtual Systems.
Good Listening,
Just going to dial it all in now!