Best Paradigm Fronts to complete system

I recently moved and split up my HT speaker system, taking the Paradigm Esprit Towers and PDR10 sub for the living room music.
For the basement HT I am keeping the CC-170, center, Atoms for the rears, and I got a used PS-1000 for the sub. What fronts would you recommend for this system? I am thinking Titans (I want bookshelf instead of towers due to space issues).

Thanks for your advice!
Check with paradigm and see what model will voice match your center the best. Voice matching is especially crucial acroos the front to left.
The Titans would work nicely but the mini mkiii can be had used and sound much better and are not large at all (monitor) I once had both and can say with confidence the mini mkiii is a better choice but the Titans are not bad either for a smallish room. Cheers!
Big thumbs-up on Theo's suggestion to timbre-match the fronts and the center. This is *crucial* for good HT sound.