Speaker cables if your amp isn't between your speakers

Hi, I'm hoping for some advice on upgrading my speaker cables. My amp (and the rest of my equipment) sits to one side of my speakers. This means one  speaker is about four feet from the amp, and the other is 10-12 feet. I'm thinking of upgrading my speaker cables and it seems I either need to buy a set of cables 10-12 feet long or buy cables that can be ordered to length.  Buying a matching pair will obviously cost more and will be less tidy. Ordering specific lengths seems to decrease the choice significantly (at least in Australia where I live). I'm interested in what others have done in this situation. Spend the extra and deal with the mess, or go custom. My speakers are Wilson Audio Duette series 1 and my amp is a Plinius integrated. My current cables are the base model anticables   Thanks in advance. 
there are many great cables that are not too stiff and are easy to place the extra length
Daniel Cerious cables might fit your need cables n needs but shipping might cost a lot...
I have the same type of setup. I bought a matching set of cables with the ease of resale in mind. 
If you buy different cable lengths, it's not going to be a major saving in the long run.
for Wilsons, I'd do it right - buy some quality monoblocks - use short speaker cables & run balanced lines to the monoblocks
" for Wilsons, I'd do it right - buy some quality monoblocks - use short speaker cables & run balanced lines to the monoblocks "

That may make it necessary to replace his whole system. All that to save a few feet of cables? I have a 12ft run of speaker cables (Tara 2's) on my Wilson's and they work fine.
A few feet differences in length is not go To make a difference in sound quality so don't let that influence your purchasing new wire 
For years I had the amp off to the side. Bought equal length cables. I figured that if I ever wanted to sell the cables, equal length was the way to go
Go custom -- buy some 12 AWG copper wire and banana plugs and make your own cables. It will cost you just a few dollars.

Cables don't matter. Save your money for something really important.
Hi all, there are some great suggestions here that have given me plenty to think about. I must say I find speaker cable selection to be one of the hardest parts of this hobby to make sense of! Thanks to all who responded. 
A few feet of difference will not make a sound difference. In my rig I have 8 feet on one side and 15 feet on the other. No issue at all with sound quality. Just purchase some bulk Duelund stranded 16 gauge cable in cotton from Parts Connextion. Do not terminate and use the bare tinned wire for best sound quality. It will sound amazing and cost you very little.   This wire beats speaker cables costing more than $2000 a set. Many of us seasoned and experienced Aphiles are onto this secret! Great wire! 
Hey @grannyring on your recommendation I've ordered some Duelund cable.  I went for the 12 AWG. Figured it's worth a try and I've got very little to lose. 
Good for you. Be sure to twist the positive and negative runs as you make up your cables. The twist should be about every 1.75- 2 inches or so. Use heat shrink on the ends to keep the cable twisted.

Carefully strip the ends without nicking any of the thin strands. Clean the stripped ends with isopropyl alcohol as there will be some dry oil residue on the surface....just a little. Since the wire is tinned no need for any connectors.

They will take some 100 hours to burn in and sound more relaxed and open.

I think your speakers are biwire. If so, rather than making jumpers simply strip enough of the cotton sleeve off to thread through both sets of posts in a continuous run.
The other option is to place a custom order with your local audio dealer. I got custom Audioquest cables ordered through my dealer.  
 What cables did you get? I am using a set of Rockefellers, but Johnny said I should move up the line. I forgot which series he recommended.
Cables matter, no question about it.  I affirm the sonic delight of the Dueland cables if you want to twist them up yourself ,and either their 16 or 12 ga. wire would be wonderful and is very affordable.   Another excellent and affordable cabel is Supra wire.  I re-cabled my main system with the Supra Ply 3.4 wire and it was a vast improvement over my Mogami cables.   There are a coupe of iterations up the food chain in the Supra line of cables from the Ply 3.4 that might better suit the finesse of your fine speakers.  Just my take.  Whitestix
I saw on PCX , they have Duelund hook up wires of "silver foil & silk / oil "(version 1,2 and 3 ) also . Do you think they will be worth to go for compared to " copper &cotton / oil "  , assuming additional cost is within budget ?  In short , will they bring additional benefits ? 
If they are foil type , will it be a problem in hooking them to the binding posts ? 
Another really terrific speaker cable is the Audio-Envy NV-SP5.  Very reasonable price and notably improved the sound of my system.  The owner (Captain) is very easy to work with and has a I believe 45-day return policy if not happy with them.  They are very flexible and you can coil up the extra for your closer channel.  I'd recommend getting them the same length.  Happy Listening ! 
This is the third time that I have given my own speaker wire solution on Audiogon.  First I connect a one foot pair of MG Audio D esign top of the line speaker wires to my Martin/Logan SL-3 speakers.  These are the very same speaker wires tht Arnie Nudell and Pul McGowan personally use on their own audio systems.  A one foot pairgoes for $900.  Nordhost offers their own .6 meter pair for $16,999.  As my audio system sits to the right of my chair, I require a long pair of overall speaker wires.  OK, beterrrn the one foot MG Audio Design speaker wires attached to my speakers and my amplifier, I am using 3, instead of only one, 18 gage Jenna Lab's 18 gage hook up wires from the MG audio Design wires and my amplifier.  That is 6 total, 17 foot length's of the Jenna Lab's 18 gage hook up wires for my left speaker, and 6, 10 foot lengths for the right speaker.  That is 162 feet total of the Jenna Lab's wires.  Oh yes, they go for $6 a foot.  That is it.  Total cost under $1900.  And it works.  It really works.  Actually for over 30 yesrs now I have been experimenting with difrent wire combinations to attempt to create a really top of the line speaker wire for a modest cost.  I first learned about how the internal wiring of a speaker can affect audio reproduction from a Ken Mavrick who used to run a audio shop in West Hollywood California in the mid 1980's.  He was using Randall Researcj hook up wires at thr time.  He next went to Cardas, next Kimber and then Purist Audio Design hook up wires.  About 10 years ago I got back in touch with Ken and learned about Jenna Lab's 18 gage hook up wires.  About 10 years ago I was able to get a one foot pair of Shunyata's then top of the line speaker wires for free.  I began experimenting using them and Jenna Lab's hook up wires in combination.  Then I learned about MG Audio Design spesker wires, and that they were avaliable for a modest cost.  The rest is history.  All I know is that my present wire combination really works.  Not having the top of the line speaker wires to compare them to, still it is readily apparent that my solution works.  Actually, having both a Day/Sequerra FM Studio tuner, as well as a McIntosh MR74 tuner, they are all I need to prove my point.  Living in Boulder Colorado with KGNU and KUVO, plus two exceptional rock stations on the right side of the dial-I do not even require a so called high resolution audio source to prove my point..  I am retired and home most always.  Anyone wishing to check it out, give me a call at (720) 550-6908.  It is very easy to demonstrate.  By the way, it only takes minutes to put the whole speaker wire combination together.  It is so simple.  Overall, I cannot imagine any other speaker wire, or speaker wire combination that can come close to my presrent srtup-for the money.  It is as simple as that.  
Cables don't matter.

Ouch @mmrkaic - that's quite a statement! LOL

Personally, I've never understood the layout that sees the amps sitting between the speakers - talk about vibration central. I built a custom rack that actually sits right underneath the listening room and ran high quality speaker cables up. Sound is blissful. Vibration can really suck the life out of your system.
Get some Canare 4S11 and roll your own. Make them the length you need for each side, it will not effect the sound. Good luck.
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