Recommendations on Integrated Tube Amp around $5k

I'm in the process of downsizing my system due to a move into a smaller space.  I've worked hard over the last year to put together what I feel is a spectacular sounding system (Magnepan 3.7's, Bryton 7B3 Monoblocks, Bryston BP-26 Pre) but it just won't work in my new space.  

Rather than cry, I'm having fun with the idea of building a more intimate sounding system.  I purchased Devore Gibbon 3XL's and I have to say I'm extremely impressed.  For their size they cast a very nice sounds stage and sound much bigger than the floor space they occupy.  With a more efficient speaker in the Devore's I thought I would go the tube route for amplification in hopes of expanding the sound stage even further.   I've been looking at several options including Line Magnetic's 845ia, Prima Luna Evo 400, Conrad Johnson CAV45-S2 and the Raven Blackhawk.  

I'm also fine with looking at used options to increase the value for the money at around $5k.  A used Jadis DA60 caught my eye but I'd really like to have a remote volume control (which I don't believe the Jadis offers) as my DAC (Audio Mirror Tubadour III) doesn't have a volume control.  

Appreciate any insight on the above mentioned amps or any additional recommendations you care to share.  

Why do people buy low sensitivity speakers? Oh well, 90 is not the end of the world. Since you want intimate and are not concerned with head banging volume you already have the amp on your list- the Raven Blackhawk. Cannot be beat, especially not for what you are doing.

But next time, please, nothing under 92. And 95+ is even better.
I have listened to LM 508IA (not the 845ia though), PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP, and Raven Blackhawk MKIII. To be honest, they all sound more similar than different. You’d be hard pressed to tell them apart if you were blindfolded.

I went with Raven because I like the idea of owning a US-made product. I also happen to own an Audio Mirror Tubadour III, and it mates very well with the Blackhawk. Also, this amp responds quite well to tube rolling, i.e. the differences are easy to hear. If you’re based in the US, no reason to give your money to a company that builds its products in another country.

For your specified budget, consider Raven Osprey as well. The extra power will future proof your purchase.
Audio Research is going to soon release a new integrated amp 50 wpc msrp $5k. I think it is called i/50
This is a bit more, but would be well worth it .
Outstanding piece of equipment. For sale now on Audiogon.

Audio Research VSi75 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier High Definition
Sold by:

I have the Line Magnetic 518IA which is the predecessor of the 845IA , same tube compliment, I believe the 845IA may have some parts upgrades. Based upon my experience with rolling in NOS 6L6GCs, 12ax7s and 5ARA4 in the 518IA I would expect that the sound of the 845IA will be positively impacted by doing the same. I won’t say that the 518IA sounds better than the other amps on your list, nor make the claim that it can’t be beat as I have not heard the others. I use the 518IA to drive Daedalus Audio Argos V2s.

Good luck with whatever you choose
I heard the 845IA driving a pair of Devore O/93s. Very detailed, dynamic and sweet presentation.  Like facten, I can't compare to the others on your list or to those recommended.
Without question Ayon Spirit , it uses the best transformers and chokes you will find at this pric3 and above Lundahl which is world class , and the only microprocessor controlled biased amplifier 
it biases each tube individually not just auto bias which just takes an average. The only shuts down if a tube goes bad and tells you which output tube it is . 
I’d get a pair of Williston 800i amps and run them in bridge mode; giving you a total of 46 RMS WPC. 
I would stick with the solid state ampliication instead of a tube amp on the devore fidelity speakers  because you can not get drive capability back with a tube amp.
Hi Mike,
You’ve been given some very nice amplifier suggestions. I believe that the Line Magnetic 845ia and certainly the 508ia (805 output tube driven by a 300b, 45 watts) are excellent class A powered amplifiers to pair with your Devore speakers. The 845 and 805 are high voltage transmission tubes that do generate heat into a room.

In well implemented amplifier designs these type tubes produce beautiful sound quality. IMO better sounding than ’most’ (I’d never say all) class AB push-pull amplifiers that populate the marketplace.  I understand the attraction  to Jadis, their push-pull amplifiers just make beautiful music .YMMV.
Best of luck,
PrimaLuna EVO 400...not only does it sound great, but it offers a healthy amount for power for a tube amp.
I would second recommendations for Rogue and Raven.  Both companies are run by great people and they make fine products. The Rogue is a more common KT120 design and will be at its best in triode at 50w.  The Raven is a 6L6 which has a reputation for great imaging.  

I had a Rogue Cronus Magnum at one time, to my ears it was solid state sounding no matter the tubes swapped in
A little late to this thread but in my house I have had the Rogue CM, PrimaLuna Dialogue HP (or whatever the precursor to the Evo300 was), and LM 805ia. As @facten states, the Rogue has a very "solid-state" sound and didn't offer enough differentiation over a good SS amp to make it worthwhile. The PL was certainly much more "tubey" if that's what you want but suffers for the very same reason.
I own the LM805ia and it is in another league. Class A SET magic and you can tune/tube roll to your hearts content. (be forewarned that it's a huge rabbit hole, but a fun one).
"I own the LM805ia and it is in another league"

I don't find your listening results at all surprising.  It's good you were able to  perform direct amplifier comparisons in your own system.
Try a hybrid like a Pathos InPol Classic Remix.

blows Raven, LM, ARC away. 
Or go SS with Moon340ix 
$5k. A used Jadis DA60 caught my eye but I'd really like to have a remote volume control (which I don't believe the Jadis offers

Any of the jadis Intergrateds  Thinbs up, except the I50, not sure about the KT150 performance, which the I50 requires.
They get snaped up in 1 week, so grab it when you see one offered.

 Cayin's larger size KT88 intergrateds. Not often on the used market and go FAST.
There are plenty of excellent intergrateds now on the market, such as LM labs. 
A remote?

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